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Bachmann on Meet The Press by SKS

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This video is painful.  Rep. Bachmann keeps harping on about how:

“…we discovered that secretly,unbeknownst to members of Congress,over $105 billion was hidden in the Obamacare legislation to fund the implementation of Obamacare.”

This gets repeated seven more times by Michele Bachmann in an attempt to deflect David Gregory‘s questions.  I am very much a skeptic but at this point I’m willing to explore unconventional answers to the perplexing and downright bizarre interviews Michele Bachmann gives.  As Chris Matthews inquired,has she been hypnotized?  Alien mind-control maybe?  Has some clandestine group been slipping extra fluoride in her water?  WTF Ms. Bachmann?!

The most worrying aspect of the interview (for me at least) is that Ms. Bachmann is a tax law attorney and has had the bill for a almost a year now.  She was a Minnesota State Senator for six years and has been a member of the United States House of Representatives since 2007.  Did The Honorable Michele Marie Bachmann really need a Congressional Research Service to “uncover”this money that was hidden and squirreled away in the bill(s).  She has been railing against this health care reform bill from the beginning.  Are we to believe she had no idea funds would be appropriated for the overhauling of health care?

A little later on Gregory asked her whether she believes that Gadhafi needs to be removed from power:

I think that it’s been troubling the way that the president has responded…We need to send very strong signals.  I’m concerned about the signals that the president has sent.  They seem to be signals of weakness,not strong signals in the Middle East.

Then when asked again if Gadhafi needs to be removed from power:

“…we need to be very careful about putting an army on the ground in the Middle East.”

Well,wtf is it Michele?  Seriously.  You literally just said nothing.  NOTHING!  It was just another cheap shot at the Obama administration.  She then refuses to step back previous accusations about Obama’s “anti-American views”and his “gangster government.”Near the end Bachmann says:

“I think that there have been actions that have been taken by this government that I think are corrupt,thoroughly corrupt.”

Finally,something U.S. House of Representatives member Michele Bachmann (hence,part of “this”government) and I agree on.  End the corruption now and resign immediately.

(Oh,and so-called “news”shows- stop taking Michele Bachmann seriously.  Please.)

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