whaddup juggalos? I'm back up in this piece after having put in my share of hours at CCS and what not...60 hrs. a week average this past couple of weeks and what-not. I've been doing a shit load of drunken skateboarding and subsequent bleeding so y'all light a candle and say a prayer for jugalinko and I as we do the tilted sidewalk surfing. I've got two quick points to make: ONE) I'm pissed as hell because I wasn't able to go to the Twiztid show...but I'm all up in the ICP show in Ventura on the 20th; and I expect you juggalos to be there kicking it at the bar with me trying to act like an alcoholic superstar. TWO) softcoremike has been with a man before. peace, mcl and much love.
MOOSE 11/27
Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with anyone, I'm poor, and not worth suing, AKA, I'm not with the WWF, WcW or ECW or anybody like that so FUCK OFF with the legal shit bitch! What up Juggalos and Ninjas, it's MOOSE back up in this bitch once again to crack your punk ass open then steal your faygo. I know I've been gone for a while, I'm sorry yo, I was in a car accident this past Wednesday and it fucked me up pretty good. So i'm gonna give you a few posts over the next 48 hours or so. Tonight, I have the newest wrestling update for you muthafuckos so let's do this shit. WWF News and Rumors: Starting with the Royal Rumble. Now if you were either to cheap, couldn't afford the scrambler, OR were with MOOSE in Hartford Connecticut at the Webster Theater at the B/B concert taking a bath in Faygo here's a basic rundow of the PPV. Edge and Christian (c) vs. The Dudley Boyz tag title match.. Winner and NEW tag team champions The Dudley Boyz via 3-D. Drew Carey is introduced to a few WWF superstars such as his friend Triple H. Later he's suckered into the Royal Rumble by Vince and Trish (he'd elimanate himself after Kane would attempt to Choke Slam him, he was saved by Juggalo warrior RAVEN.) WWF IC Title Lader Match. Chris Benoit (c) vs. Chris Jericho. Winner and New Champ. Y2J via throwing Benoit from the ladder and climbing it and grabbin' the belt. WWF Women's title: RTC's Ivory (c) vs. Chyna. Winner and still champ. Ivory after Chyna "Passed out" taking time off to promo her book and shit. WWF's gonna try and sell this for a while. WWF World Title Match HHH w/ Steph vs. Kurt Angle (c) w/ Trish. Winner and STILL champ. Kurt Angle after help from a well timed Stone Cold Stunner. Trish and Stephanie catfight! Here's the way the Royal Rumble participants entered.
#1 Jeff Hardy #2 RTC's Bull Buchanan #3 Matt Hardy #4 APA Faarooq #5 Comedian DREW CAREY #6 Kane #7 Raven #8 Al Snow #9 Saturn #10 Steve Blackman #11 G.M.S. of Too Cool #12 The Honky Tonk Man (legend) #13 The Rock #14 RTC's GoodFather #15 Tazz #16 APA Bradshaw #17 Albert #18 Hardcore Holly #19 K-Kwik #20 RTC's Val Venis #21 William Regal #22 Test #23 The Big Show (returns) #24 Crash Holly #25 Undertaker #26 Scotty2Hotty TooCool #27 Stone Cold Steve Austin #28 The One Billy Gunn #29 Haku (better known as wcw's Meng) #30 Rikishi
Winner STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN. Eliminating KANE after nailing him w/3 chair shots and a clothesline. Now @ WrestleMania X-Seven When the match goes down between SCSA and Kurt Angle look for possible Triple H interference. Dave Scherer has just reported that eter Polaco better known as Justin Credible to ECW Fans has just signed a WWF contract this past wednesday. Also its said that Rhino has met with WWF about a contract. Paul Heyman is said to be rather happy about the meetings basically meaning ECW is closer to closing up Lita and Tazz's official websites have been updated. Look for an all Samoan stable to form, The Rock could pull a heel turn and possibly lead his family members. WWF was rather impressed with Kame's preformance at the R.R. expect the deadman'd little brother to get a push. Don't look for Ken Shamrock to return till possibly sometime next year. WCW NEWS... WCW's Revenge ppv card looks like this so far: World Title fight Scott Stiener (c) vs.Kevin Nash. Grudge match: DDP vs. Double J. Jeff Jarrett. Cruiser weight title fight: Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. Expect more matches to develop soon. Road Warrior Animal's bio has been put up on WCW.com Glacier RETURNS, his new look is up on WCW.com its a revamped new millenium version of his old look. AND FINALLY ECW NEWS (very very little, sorry) ECW has NO SHOWS, ZERO planned for February, Paul Heyman is trying to rescue his dying company. Steve Corino's wrestling school is now taking new applicants. And Finally... RVD, Chris Chetti and Missy Hyatt's guest appearances at ECW's last ppv Were all one night only deals, Chetti and Van Dam are still open for other offers. Well my Wrestling Freeks MOOSE shall return later with his B/B concert report. its like 3 am and i'm ass tired. In my next Post i will explain about my being in a car accident and how badly i was fucked up and shit. MCL and MML to all you muthafackos. Whut up to all my new homiez and to Ded, Dogbeats, and Jugalinko, If i didn't mention ya i either haven't gotten to meet you yet or i forgot. Sorry yo. MOOSE Out this bitch like Clear Pepsi and Hammer pants. Peace out yo.
Milenko500 ENFORCERjanuary, 27 2001
[Mail] [Photo] [Info]
whats juggalin motherfukers!! Ive been silent for a couple days due to bein "under the weather" but as always I'm back..............
the magazine pics: in my last update were sent to me by dranged and they were taken from the march issue of alternative Press. It's j and shaggs in there hockey jerseys all decked out in hockey gear along with an article.......
ESHAM TONIGHT AT ST.ANDREWS HALL: wish I knew of this sooner but esham played a show last night at st.andrews hall and he is again tonight so if ya missed it last night get your ass there and check that shit tonight.... plus bedlam will be opening for him so its gonna be just str8 up wicked......
MurderDog freshness: click here to read this phat article all about detroit.... the past.... the present..... and the future of the wicked shit and detroit! theres a lotta cool info in this article juggalos dont miss out!! and phat props to Horrorcore.com for that good shit!!
FCW: sorry juggalos due to bad timing and bullshit with the pogram used to run the efed........ I will in no way at this time be able to run it. thanx to everyone of you who signed up..... your emails will be kept incase I decide to do it again someday...... sorry juggalos didnt mean to waste your time like that........
Opening acts: if ya havent seen the new opeining bands on icp tour yet heres some shit to help ya get to know them better
Insoloence: go to www.insolence.com and search on napster for them cause they gott a lotta shit on there
marz: go to www.marztribe.com and check this interview by spleen from horrorcore.com with marz and thats all for today juggalos..... sheena if you read this please dont stay too far away from me and I hope you feel better.
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
Milenko500 Hitman D3dBdyM4n 1/27/2k1 rants What up juggalos. This is an update for ya'll in case you didn't know ICP is releasing JCW Vol.2 on VHS and DVD on February 20th.Expect a sooner or later date depending on what happens on the home front. As well I have added a new section to us. It's called RANTS. I do a random rant every update on some bullshit. Todays rant is on women. ALso Check out the Milenko500.com chat. That shit is bouncing like a baby needing belched after a beer. It's under hte pic of tom dubb on your right it says ICP Chat. It's well worth yer time. Until then I'm out like Big Pun.MCL-D3dBdyM4n
M500 GOD FATHER1/24/01
Off to the Twiztid Show. See you west coast juggalos up in the Club. Da Key Club.
Big Ass Juggalo Jason S from NY sent the Milenko500 23 High Quality Big pictures from the ICP Show last Thursday, I hope you agree when you see these pictures that this show is looking good, the pics are so good you can almost feel the dark carnival and feel like your there. CLICK HERE FOR LIVE ICP PICS
Da Enforcer, 24th 2001 [Mail] [Photo] [Info
Juggalos Im sick as hell, and tired as all fuck. So check these pics out below and Tell me what you think. HEadcase

Milenko500 Hitman D3dBdyM4n 1/24/2k1 What up juggalos! D3dBdyM4n in the haugh. back to hit ya'll up with some flavor. What is going on with Nemesis? Wasn't this an idea that uhm M500 came up with? For real? I mean come on guys get with the program! As u can tell ICP has the tour dates up and I saw them on headcases update. Now for all u juggalos going to the twiztid concert in Cinci. I'll most likely be there depends on if I gotz the skrilla for it or not. As well March 7th D3d will be at the Louisville concert chillin with the mutha fuckin juggalos handing out mad flyers. I'm gonna design some special mad M500 Bizaar Bizzar Flyers for ya'll. Something noone has seen before. When I'm done with it it'll be mad fresh. In other news. The Insaneclownposse.com chat has been moved to Milenko500.com. That's right the old ICP.com chat is now on Milenko500. So visit it. You'll get to talk to the greats of the chat. D3former, D3dBdyM4n, Headcase, Missy from Big Money Hustlas. Everyone is in that bitch. Just bust out! with it. F0 Shizzay. It's under new management new operators, new shit. It's sweet so visit the new Milenko500 chat. It's the best chat around. Now I'm gonna be working on a rants page soon for you all to read my feelings on certain things such as politics, Nakid bitches, Nakid animals, Abortion. You name it I'll prolly cover it. It isnt' affiliated with this site in any way. But I'm gonna be working it. Everytime I do an update on here there will be a new rant. Now our homies at Rydas need some loot to help keep their site so buy up their raffle tickets for some g ass shit. Until then I'm out like headcases virginity... FUCK! That means I gotta still update.-MCL MTSKL D3dBdyM4n

Clown E. Love 01 23 01
Yo i uploaded another Hotline that Ry RY 2 slow of the psychojuggalos along with Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse and Tom Dubb JCW Superstar did together on the milenko500's psychojuggalos hotline. Exclusive Babby what! Hit that up HERE. Peace and FUCK OFF!

Milenko500 ENFORCERjanuary, 23rd 2001 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]

waz uppp!!! aight here the freshness for today juggalos!!
SAVE RYDAS.COM!!!: Juggalos!! Our homies at rydas.com need your help now!! they need money To pay there bitchy ass server so they can keep bringing you that rydas flavor!! PLEASE CLICK HERE NOW!!! and start Buying some raffle tickets for some FRESH AS HELL merch!! plus other great fukin prizes! Remember the more raffel tickets you buy the better your chances on winning! Please help them out juggalos..... Ive got madd love for rydas and I know all of you juggalos do too....... lets help keep that shit runnin cause it would suck without them........ str8 up!
new icp tour dates: thats right juggalos New ICP tour dates!!
March 6, 2001 Indianapolis, IN Egyptian Room
March 7, 2001 Louisville, KY Paroquet Springs Conference Center
March 9, 2001 Old Bridge, NJ Birch Hill Niteclub
March 11, 2001 Boston, MA Avalon Ballroom
March 12, 2001 Providence, RI Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
March 14, 2001 Syracuse, NY Lost Horizons
March 16, 2001 Toledo, Ohio Toledo Sports Arena

NEMESIS:Nemesis is the psychopathic Project started to promote the carnival world wide!! so click here check that freshness out and show your support!!! and other than that shit there aint shit......... so I'm out like ya never saw me. like stealth...like a ninja motherfuko00!!

-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
Dogbeats86- 01/23/01
Hey juggalos, I want all of you juggalos to call up my toll-free voice mail and leave me some messages. Ill give shoutouts on the site for y'all. Heres where to call: Call 1800-my-yahoo (1800-699-2466) When the menu comes on, leave a message for mailbox number: 406-862-3642 Ill check that bitch often and post some shoutouts on this bitch. Alright, Thats it. Peace ninjas.
D3FoRMeR 1-22-2K1 MORE convention dates
Sup juggalos, OK I will make this shit quick. I got some more upcomming convention dates so with out delay here they are: New York, NY @ The Big Apple Toy Show on March 9, 12 PM-8 PM and March 10, 10 AM -7 PM in The Saint Paul Church Auditorium, 9th and 60th Street
Erie, PA @ The Erie Comic Convention on March 11, 10 AM-4 PM in The Erie PA Quality Inn, 8040 Perry Highway - I-90 exit 7
Tucson, AZ @ The 13th Annual Collectible Toy Show on March 18, 9 AM-3 PM on The Pima County Fairgrounds, 11300 S. Houghton Rd.
Columbus, OH @ The Space Comics Expo on March 21, 9 AM-4 PM in The Rhodes Center at Ohio Expo Center, 17th Ave. 1 mile from Ohio State Campus
I wanna thank insaneclownposse.com for that info. Check there if you need more information on the convention dates. Thats gonna do it for today, peace.
Milenko500 ENFORCERjanuary, 22 2001
[Mail] [Photo] [Info]
what up juggalos....
monoxide arrested: apparently monoxide child was arrested in Portland, Oregon for purchasing some illegal substances(weed). when more info on this is avaible you will for shure be getting it str8 from milenko500. and thanx to our homies at RJ and a fresh juggalette named abbie for that info
Bizzar/Bizaar set list: thanx to deadpumpkin for this set list from the icp show........*note* they started with "take me away" and finished with "down with the clown"*note*
01: Take Me Away
02: Hokus Pokus
03: Fuck The World
04: Southwest Voodoo
05: Terriable
06: Tilt-A-Whirl
07: Please Dont Hate Me
08: Chicken Huntin
09: great Milenko
10: Whut
11: Rainbows and Stuff
12: Assiassns
13: Behind The Paint
14: Toy Box
15: Mr.Happy
16: My Axe
17: Lets Go All The Way
18: crystal ball
19: Aint Nothing But A Bitch Thang
20: down with the clown
*note* this is not in the exact order as the performance *note*
Milenko500 E-fed: I am starting a new E-fed ran by milenko500.com........called "freekshow championshit wrestling" if ya dont know what an E-fed is well i'll fukin tell you then.. its simulated professional wrestling. its kinda like fantasy football except its wrestling. and there will be a roleplay board up where you can talk shit to other wrestlers like they do in prfessional wrestlings.... your roleplays will determine how well your character does. basically you createa character..... and talk shit. and I being the president decide your victories and your defeats based on the quality of your character. be creative with roleplays.... describe whats going on. visualize your characters surroundings and describe it. the more creative the more you will advance. but this will be stranglemania will all kinds of different death matches. axes.. heads getting chopped and all kinds of crazy shit so if ya wanna sign up..... emailthis info to me asap
character name:
finisher description:
entrance music:
character description:
and if ya want a tag team just include all that info for both characters in the tag team........ and i will be having events every friday ........ so sign up now!!
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
The Milenko500's MicroPigment Engineered D3dBdyM4n 1/22/2k1 What up juggalos. Just thought I'd drop a few lines. Psychopathic is now selling Dickies Work Shirts and if yer a big dickies fan like me you'll be sporting that shit 24/7. Now as for our store. I ordered some stuff from it not too long ago and the shit got put on back order. After Christmas Jugalinko sent all the back-ordered shit out and Yesterday my shit finally came in and let me tell you. The ninja sent some love if you smell what I'm cooking. It's great. Jugalinko is the best person. Now that he said orders are full and there's left over shit and orders will be within 2-3 days he's right. That shit will be there without a Shadow of a Doubt. He had that shit packed and stacked up nice and neat. Thanks Jugalinko. Now There's a new addition to the Milenko500. The brand spanking new java chat. Now you'll recognize it as the Old Insaneclownposse.com chat. Well we at m500 took that bitch over it's ours now ICP.com is working on another chat I guess so they dropped that ! one that me and JamesReno spent a shitload of hours workign on and fine tuning. Also check out Juggalos4-life.com it's a tight sight and the kid is working on it. So order our shit go the new chat and check out the site. Until then I'm out like the back of SKS's trunk MCL ONE LUV-D3dBdyM4n
Clown E. Love 01 22 01
Whuts Juggalin muthafackos!! This be Clown E up on this bitch....make sure and call up tha Psycho Juggalos Hotline or give a listen on our page here on Milenko500 to tha latest update. None other than my homie Ry Ry is on that bitch!! Oh yea and Violent J and Tom Dub are on it too. HAHAH.....yea u heard me, J and tha Giant KiLLa are guest hosting with Ry Ry on tha Psycho Juggalos Hotline so peep it out. Aight ...Cali juggalos....we got 4 muthafuckin dizzays (days) before we get sum Twiztid serial killin flava ova here on the West Coast here in LA. I will be there along with mah homiez Fear and Spiderman.....theres gonna be madd juggaloz there and we are gonna be hookin up with tha Milenko500 crew, namely Jugalinko, Softcore Mike, Serial Killa Scott and anyone else who rolls with em. When u see us there make sure u come up us and say wazzzzup..cuz i love meeting new ninjaz and i wanna get to know all tha juggalos who are here in Cali. Plus im a camera buff and i'll be lookin for some juggalettes to be flashin their titties and whut not so i can put you up on this site representin for tha West Coast Juggalettes. Plus i love seeing boobies....damn i jes said boobies im all 4th grade and shit.....anywayz hit me up on tha email tip as always and lemme know your coming to tha show...you can find our email link on our page. Also dont forget next month we're getting some ICP flava ova here...make sure you get your ticktes...for sure imma be at tha Anaheim show!! Aight thats it 4 now.....MCL to all tha serial killaz out there......im out like whut?!?....baby Whut?
Dogbeats86- 01/22/01
Hey Juggalos, I was sitting down and thinking,"The juggalos done really know much about me". SO, I thought id let you know a little more about the young ninja they call Dogbeats86. I am 14, almost 15, years old. I have been donw since Milenko and my parents have hated it ever since. My name to the rest of the world is Nick Ferrington. I have quite a few friends, but most of em hate ICP. I started liking ICP from a friend that I met last year. That was pretty fresh. I am a freshman in High School, and I live in Whitefish, MT. Also, I have been working on a site set for launch next month called "Juggalo Domain". So, look out for that. Well, thats about it for right now. Now for news: I was watching that MTV's 20 Most Outrageous Moments last night and on number 16, they played Lets Go All The Way in the background. I think it was number 16.....It was the one where the guy from the real world slapped the girl from the real world. So, that was pretty fresh. Im still waiting to see if they put a Missoula date on the B/B tour, so, I hope they do. Alright ninjas. Thats it. PEace.
The Don SoFtCoReMiKe® 01/19/01
YO WHAT UO NINJA'S??!!ok i want to appologize to wiqid carl for ruining the trunk of his car, ok it's like this, yesturday me, carl, SKS, ed the shusterbater an jugalinko went to see croutching tiger fighting dragon at 10:30, so we show up with all the rum, jack, coke , an beer we could possible stuff into our pants an walk all gympy to the theater an HELL YEA we're the only ones in there, so we pick our seats an start pounding as much as we can before the movies start'd. so 10 min later when the lights dimmed we're all on our way to a great night. so after the first fight scene i think a drinking game an say, " ok a hit to the body is a shot, a hit to the face is 2 shots an a block is a swig of beer." so after the next fight scence we're drunk an outta control. we all took turns pissing on the front row seats an carl started climbing the curtain, it broke an he fell halfway up an almost broke his neck, now ed being 1/2 chinese decides he's gotta reprezent for the aisan comunity and starts kicking all of us an doing som ninja shit, we i ain't havein that so we all go lucha libre an start wreastling a yelling an being loud, unfortunately this brought the manager in who said the people in the next screening where complaining, then he saw the tore down curtain, the broken bottles an said he was callin the cops, so we all took off out the fire exits an head to carls car an before we got in, everyone handed me there half empty bottles an said told me to hurry up an finish um, me not likeing to waste a drink, i do as i'm told, that was the last thing i remeber, sean (jugalinko) told me i kept throwing the empty bottles into the back of carls car and broke one, and when i turnd around to clean it up i puke in his car, ( at least that's what they told me but it's probebly true since i woke up in the feild behind my house cover'd in shaveing cream and babypowder, they usually don't do that unless i made an ass out of myself. so SORRY CARL
one more thing, even though i didn't need um, i want to thank all the people who gave me b/b cd's for ray day, except d3dbdym4n who sent me bootlegs which i'm pretty sure don't count. Jk Homie.
Peep out these Juggalo Flask and Wicked Clown Hard Alchol Flask im Auctioning off on ebay. These are a rare one of a kind. Brand new.
Juggalo Flask
Wicked Clown Flask
D3FoRMeR 1-19-2K1 Hella News
Aight juggalos D3former back up in this bitch. First off all I wanna give a shout out to Mike E. Clark your the shit for chilling with the juggalos last night. Even though I know I answered all those questions before anyone your still the shit. Now onto the news.....
First of all we got a new Comic Book convention date for St. Louis on March 4th. Heres the Address:
CD and Record Show
American Czech Hall
4690 Landsdown
You will defiantly see me buying up everything in stock. So make sure you come out and show some love. Also here are the new Freekshow tour dates.
1-29 Colorado Springs, CO @ Colorado Music Hall
1-30 Boulder, CO @ Fox Theatre
2-1 Wichita, KS @ Rita's Little Uptown
2-2 Dallas, TX Deep @ Ellum Live
2-3 Springfield, MO @ Juke Joint
2-4 Columbia, MO @ Blue Note
2-6 Antioch, TN @ The Palladium
2-8 Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian Room
2-9 Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart's
2-10 Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre
Also to all you Chicago juggalos I got some bad news for you guys. Chicago is being taken out of running for the gathering of juggalos. This pisses me of just as much cause I voted for Chicago if St. Louis can't have the Gathering. The reason is the I.S.A.C. (Illinois State Athletic Commision) will not allow JCW. So Psychopathic figured the Gathering won't be the same with out it.
Lastly all you juggalos that chill in insaneclownposse.com chat you may have noticed that it runs on a new java script. Well, not only does it run on a new java script it runs on a different server. What that means is all your old buddies might still be using the old chat while your on the new. To connect to the old serverclick this link . Aight, that's gonnado it for today, till next time peace.
M500 GOD FATHER1/16/01
Well Mike E. Clark was on line all night talking to ninjas and doing a quiz. It was off the hook. Mike was getting drunk as hell and smokin weed the whole knigt. He posted some web cam pics durring the chat, interview with him and ther funny action. Mike shows his ass HERE. Mike is with his HO Liz HERE. and mike shooting his Load on her Hair with some dudes foot bout to kick her face in HERE. I think mike and that other dude went 3 way with liz. Thats hear say though.

In other news m500 got supplied today. New Dazzle basket ball jersys in stock with tones of new stuff. From now on everthing you get from m500 is from our own stock on hand. No More Back orders. You will see 2-3 day shipping and free gifts. You will also see tons of Price Drops and we will be serving you with great service as usual. Phat Props to Headcase for his LockDown News reports and freshness he brings m500. Shouts too, Violent Helm, Evil Twin, Clown E, Jesse, Spiderman, and Ry RY 2 slow, see ya in Hollwood NExt Week FOr TWIZTID! Once agin EVERY ONE BE SURE TO HIT UP CLOWN E LOVE FOR FREE DRINKS!
D3dBdyM4n 1/18/2k1
What up juggalos D3dBdyM4n in the haugh as you've heard Mission successful. Now I want to turn your attention to a website real quick that gave us mad props. www.juggalos-4life.com They gave us some sorta award which is mad fresh. Thank you SikKlown for that. Now here's the dealio. I watched for the first time Born Twiztid. Which was the shit. I laughed my fucking ass off. It was great. Now I got a care package in about 2 weeks ago from someone really cool. Missy from Big Money Hustlas. She hooked me up with her autograph on a photo. She's a down ass juggalette. I'm gonna be paying attention to the billboards to see if B/b pops up on it again. So go out and buy Born Twiztid if you can find it. As for this massive plans send me those e-mails for the 6 songs u want on this promo that we're all ( you and me juggalos) gonna give out to homeless people, army guys, chefs, fat people, skinny people. Shit like that. Until then ! I'm out. And remember, No Rules, No Censors, No Bullshit just the greatest juggalos bringing you the best we can. Milenko500! MCL One Luv-D3dBdyM4n
Milenko500 ENFORCERjanuary, 17h 2001 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
juggalos thanx to all of you who bought cds for rayday and all of you who supported ray day over all!! B/B just went Gold!! thats right theyve been certified GOLD!!! your all the shit!!!
go to


for more on that good shit!!
New merch for comic conventions: all kinds of discontinued and rare shit for the comic conventions!! a ton of fresh merch.. so click here to see when psychopathic is comin to a comic convention near you!!
MikeClarK: Ninjas get your ass to Mikeclark.com and get in that fukin chatroom.. god damn everytime I go in there nobody is fukin in there!! you can leave mike questions on the messageboard and he actually answers you...... so get the fuck in there. god damn it!!
Milenko500 and the gathering: aight according to speculation theres three places in the lead for the gathering..... California, colorado, and michigan....... personally I say keep it in Michigan!! and if and when the gathering happens expect some fukin milenko500 freshness ... check this our booth is gonna be like this.... were gona play backstage sluts on a vcr on a 32 inch T.V in the back right of the booth and on another 32 in tv on the back right there will be insane clown pussy(carnival orientated porno) Plus all kinds of merch. fukin juggalogear!! fukin webbroadcasts... and you will prolly see jugalinko, milenko500 DON SOFTCOREMIKE, me, and d3D runnin that bitch... its gonna be the shit!! the shit only Milenko500 can bring to the juggalos!! other than that shit there aint shit so again I'm gone...... and ya never fukin saw me!! and check D3ds update for some freshness he has to help the carnival even further!!
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
D3dBdyM4n 1/172k1 AIight Juggalos this is D3d here to hit u up with an update. Check it out. I was Scheeming last night. I came up with a plan that will cost u a little bit of flow if u got the means. I have no name for this operation but I know for a fact it will blow rayday outta the fucking water by far. Now I know u juggalos pirate music everyday with yer mp3's and shit. Well here's a plan for all u internet ready cd burning f00'z. I need all juggalos to e-mail me 6 songs they want on this promo that ya'll are gonna do for me. They gotta be off of Bizaar Bizzar. After the 6 are e-mailed we then have all juggalos with CD-R's Burn these 6 songs as a promo. And give them out to people on the streets. In the back of cars. Movies, Drive ins, Tattoo parlors, Nursing Homes ECT. See people have a small brain span so if they hear phat raps and horror music and they like at least 1 song off of B/B they will go out and buy the cd's just to hear the one song. Then they'll listen to the rest of ! the cd and catch the message. So juggalos e-mail me and headcase 6 songs u like that should be on this CD-R for the rest of the world to enjoy. This will most definately make Work. I haven't a name for the project yet BUT it should work. Yes it's pirating but yer not doing nothing but giving 6 measly songs away and turning it into a sale. Until then I'm out like headcases momma trying to fit through a doorway-No Rules, No Censors, No Editors, No Fat chicks either They scare me-D3dBdyM4n
1/16/01 Rehab Official Site
Ok ninja's i spent all day shipping and every one should be very happy soon. But i wanted to let you all know this: I just talked to psychopathic today and there sending me the Very Last Small Psychopathic Charms ever to be produced agin. Thats right there DISCONTINUEING THE SMALL CHARM FOR EVER. Milenko 500 has been given the privlage of distributing the last ones to the general public. So if you want one GET ONE NOW. Ill have them in stock this thur. Ready to go out.
Also 3 new items comming in 1 week. #1.Juggalette Navy Blue Hoodies #2. Black Juggalette Baby T's #3.Hatchet Men Boxers. january, 13th 2001, eat shit str8 out of a diseaed monkeys crab infested ass.... and tell your freinds about juggalopromotions.com! [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
twiztid in MILWAUKEE review: ALRIGHT heres how it went down..... first lavel(mr.realist) took the stage and he had the place jumpin..... well kinda..... I didnt like his shit but whatever it just aint my deal. then MASTAMIND took stage and again I was in nap mode..... but again his style isnt too my liking.... but a lotta juggalos seem to dig his shit. then shuvel came on and thats when the insanity began and the place went fukin nuts..... and THEY SELL PIPES!! at there merch booth for all of ya pothead juggalos out there. then it was time for twiztid, they opened up with "Mutant X" then they went right into "we dont die" and it was on!! blaze showed up for "hounddogs" and "maniac Killa" along with anybody killa........ twiztid had some old school flavor going on in that set list..... with shit like "2nd hand smoke", "murder murder murder", "how does it feel", and "Die Muthafukla die"........ then they finished the show off with " I'm alright" after doing some songs with anybody and blaze and they thanked all the juggalos for showin up and that was it....... it was the shit. I guess jamie madrox showed up in the back by the bus later on signing autographs or whatever... and that was that.
headcase in review: click here to read my review on issues that have been really pissing me off lately..... or click here if you dont care
Juggalopromotions.com: www.Juggalopromotions.com is now open and ready for you juggalos with bands and juggalos that rap and even juggalos that wrestle. get your ass over there and sign up.. its totally free and we bust our ass so you dont have to.... the idea is to "promote" your talent..... and the site also works as a gallery of talented juggalos for other juggalos to check out. Also if anyone knows how they can be of help to the site...... your welcome to email us and tell us how you can help the juggalos!!
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
Dogbeats86- 12/10
Sup Juggalos? Not much here. Im kind of in a dilemna. I spent damn near a half hour to an hour trying to figure out the phone number to the quiz in the "bizzar" cd booklet. Since im lazy, can someone who figured it out e-mail it to me at dogbeats86@hotmail.com . Help a juggalo out, ninjas. Also, I hope everyone voted since today was Ray Day. Lets see what Psychopathic says tommorow. Peace ninjas. Dogbeats86
milk1 / 13 / 01 kind of off the edge..waiting for feb 1st so i can go see icp.Also my girlfriend wont stop trying to jump in my pants..god Dominique stop!
Wuzzah jestah's!¿! nothing much my way..bored off my ass and waiting for some cash to fall into my lap. Anyways! Let's see what i can pull out my ass ooooohhhh yea hey hey...Ray Day is now officially started..I'm sure it was the biggest fucking success of the juggalo nation ever..any mission they put out wont beat this.None. MCL for anyone who participated.. I got my cd's...Did u?

Click here to check out some more tours dates at icp.com, also another thizang.. theres this thing called umm mike clark dot com needs to be seen if u haven't gone. If you come here...that means your going to mike clark dot com ok, now for some other shiznit.

I saw Icp on mtv2 today and they were talking about femi-fucking-nem again. ²that saying is ²copyrighted² Mtv asked what led to the disses each had going on back and forth and Violent J started out "He's just jealous that we have the flavor. See, when we diss on him, it hurts. Matter of fact he used to come to all of our shows...with a sign and clown make-up just singing-a-long to our songs and head-bangin with the rest of the fakes he was with."
Shaggy added "Yea the dinglenut used to be the first one in line screaming whenever he saw us...front row wearing clown makeup and what not..." .. alrighty..to me..that was fuckin funny..ok? That was just to damn funny. Also Juggalos hittin up the Icp Concert in St. Petersburg, Fl at the Jannus Landing watch out for me giving out flyers -n- shiznit .. and some other stuff ;D ill be wearing a ringmaster jersey, hatchet man beanie and hopefully by then a gold buffed psychopathic man charm. The free stuff im giving out is killer so watch out for me... peace out jestah's...peace, cornbread, and milk

-jugg-a-milk hahhahaha
Ape Boy 1/13/2k1 What up ninjas. Well peep this out ninjaz. D3dBdyM4n has disappeared from the Milenko500 scene as well as it seems life itself. This is his boy Ape. Now there is some speculation going around that D3dBdyM4n is Dead. Noone Knows What the fuck happened. He could have been kidnapped by eminem fans and held for ransom. But I doubt that happened. I heard that a tribe of pigmi's straight FUCKED him up on his trip to Africa. More speculation was that He and KweenJuggalette got it on and he fell in. I seriously doubt that too. He left me a note on my morning bananas saying "Take over my updates till I get back" So I don't think he's dead. I think he's just disappeared He's like FUCK THE WORLD and Straight bounced. He left one night dead ass tired and sick as fuck and hasn't been back since. Now here's the dealio ninjas. Today is RAY DAY!! That's right pick up Bizzar Bizaar and keep your receipts and mail that shit in to psychopathic. If you got wrestling skillz (The little pie! ce of paper that says yer an actual wrestler) then sign up for JCW. They are looking for more Ninjeez. I was looking at Http://www.circusmagazine.com and we're straight FUCKING Limp Bizkit and Slipknot up. It's pretty mad fresh. Keep voting and shit. Now I was reading and I was wondering who the fuck was Milk? What's next Tea? Sugar? Crisco. Ninjas out there. I have a quest for you all. I personally am Looking for a foodstamp from all 50 states. YES FOOD STAMPS. I wanna have a foodstamp from every single state so hook me up!! E-mail me and I'll give u my name and address. Until then I'm out ninjas. MCL-Ape Boy
1/11/01 Rehab Official Site
I dont meen to be keep mentioning but REHAB is phat as fuck. I have posted there songs More Like You mp3 3,551k + Storm Chaser mp3 3,351k + Drinking Problem MP3mp3 3,351k in mp3 and in real player we got + Gimmie my Money + Life is Bloody + Crazy People
and I know you dig this action, but let me tell you this. Every song on there new album is the caliber of these. THERE THE SHIT!. There a more "rap" than "core" band, Rehab takes an old school, low-fi approach to the hybrid genre dominating modern music. Concentrating on the lows people reach when in the throws of addiction (something these two men know a thing or two about), or the prison of a "nothing" life, Rehab offers their music, not necessarily in the spirit of their namesake, but as simple relief with classic B Boy rhythms and the self confidence to not shy away from the tough topics: "Our music can be considered somewhat dark. That's what we know so that's what we write about." Hailing from Atlanta, Danny Boone and Brooks deliver their obvious influences (Run DMC, the Beasties and Slick Rick) in what is now called the hip hop of the "dirty south." Be sure to check out Rehab as HOB.com presents this 24-Hour Audio Webcast recorded at the House of Blues Orlando on September 16, 2000.

Internet Concert

Be sure to check out Rehab as HOB.com presents this 24-Hour Audio Webcast recorded at the House of Blues Orlando on September 16, 2000. Log on Saturday January 13 beginning at 12PM (PST) / 3PM (EST) to watch Rehab! Remember

Also Rude Boy has Updated the Psycho Juggalos Hotline today for Clown E Love and Ry Ry 2 Slow. Giving them a lil vacation from the hotline. Peep it with Real Audio here or call 310 842 5005 and peep it there.

I just bought a hand gun. Its a .40 cal. Glock 27 Sub Compact. Im awaiting the 10 day California waiting period before i can pick it up, but if your gona get a Cap Peela id recomend the GLOCK as its the best weapon ever invented. Small Compact and Powerful this gun will peel your cap back.

D3FoRMeR 1-12-2K1 More B/B Tour Dates
Aight juggalos just got some more tour dates from insaneclownposse.com so with out delay here they are:

2-2-2001 Boynton Beach, FL @ Orbit Buy
2-4-2001 Nashville, TN @ 328 Performance Hall
2-5-2001 Birmingham, AL @ Five Points South Music Hall
2-7-2001 Memphis, TN @ New Daisy Theater
2-9-2001 Houston, TX @ Fitzgeralds
2-10-2001 Dallas, TX @ Deep Ellum Live
2-12-2001 Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater
2-13-2001 Tempe, AZ @ Club Rio
2-15-2001 Las Vegas, NV @ Huntridge Theatre
2-17-2001 San Diego, CA @ Canes
2-18-2001 Anaheim, CA @ The Sun Theatre
2-20-2001 Ventura, CA @ Ventura Theatre
2-21-2001 San Francisco, CA @ Maritime Hall
2-23-2001 Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
2-26-2001 Salt Lake City, UT @ Bricks
3-1-2001 Kansas City, KS @ Memorial Hall
3-3-2001 Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave Ballroom

Aight thats all i got for now peace ninjas.
Mîlk "Mail me bish" 1·12·01 sup guys im new and got a big fuckin headache..aint life wonder-fuckin-ful?
Wazzah Juggalos! My name is milk. That's right...no it didnt hit your ear crooked..just milk. I know it's plain but hey what u gonna do? Bitch? no..ok wellz I'm the new Guy and I'm kickin it with the news peepy peepz here at milenko500. So far it's a treat. Any-mothafuckin-ways I'm here to tell you some damn nizzy news.
First off
Icp concert
Like headcase and every other muthafucker said in the world...if you buy both bizzar/bizaar cd's on January 12th! "Ray Day" and you make sure u get those reciepts, then u get a fat ass fresh "juggalo thank-you prize" You have two ways of obtaining this filly phat prize.

1. Show ya damn reciepts to the merch. people at the bizzar/bizaar concert.
2. Send them into psychopathic Records and they will hook you up.

Also! for all you juggalos wondering "What the hell are they gonna sing at the concert?" ...I'ma tell you. If you wanna be suprised then scroll the fizuck down. Here we go. P. muthafuckin S. They aren't in order and these aren't all the songs.

Take me away, Chickin huntin, Piggie Pie, Toy Box, Fuck the world, Hokus Pokus, Southwest voodoo, Halls of illusions, Down with the clown, Terrible, Mr. Happy, Another Love song, Nothin but a bitch thang[off they website], My axe, Lets go all the way , crystal ball, Rainbows & stuff, santas a fat bitch, 50 bucks, please dont hate me, whut, tilt a whirl.. and some more i couldn't catch.

Second off
Mike Clark dot com!

Aiigtz, for all you juggalos who haven't seen this website yet...your missin some damn shit! Listen when you visit read the first page that comes up after the flash is done. It has a tips page...Read and copy those tips...they are gonna come in handy sooner or later. Also visit the message boards, chat rooms, and Mmost of all check the cd he's coming out with March 1st called "Don't be scared" Check it all out.

Last but not least

Icp Lookin for wrestla's!

Ok oK The Rude Boy is lookin for some juggalos who can wrestle for the upcoming spring "Juggalo Championship Wrestling" fed. Click here for more info

Aightz juggalos I'm out for nizow. Peace, cornbread, and milk for your crazy asses.
The milenko 500 finaly got a sign out front. On the busy street of down town. If your in S.L.O. califorina and your driving around and see a big white hatchet man vinyl sticker with the word MILENKO and the word 500 below that, well thats the home office of The Milenko 500 and its staff. Its where its going down and where its at. Any juggalos going to see Twiztid on the 25th of this month in LA on the SUNSET STRIP OF HOLLYWOOD well see ya there! Look for Clown E. Love and Ry Ry to slow as they are the O.G.'s of the Key Club and can hook your ass up on Drinks. If you want to get your F-ed up on then hit up the Psycho Juggalos. But if you see Clown E. Love with 2 or more Juggalette's on his arm or jock then he ask you refrain from hounding for drink.

january, 9th 2001corporate avenger interview!! [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
what the fuck is up Juggalos!! another day and another update. First off I d like to start by thanking www.taxesarestealing.com for being the shit!!
ray day:Juggalos!! this is very Important............... Instead of bringing your receipts from buying B/B for ray day to the shows for a free gift.... send your receipts along with your name and address to:
Psychopathic Records
Attention: Give me my Ray Day prize, bitch!
P.O. Box 332
Royal Oak, MI, 48068-0332"
NEW Letter From Violent J!!:check out the new letter just in today from Violent J to the juggalos concerning Kid Cock, Blaze, and lavel by clicking here now!!!
here is a letter we recieved concerining someones health:

hello this is Max's, I mean Lokie's girlfriend. He wanted me to write you on his e-mail and tell you that he is ok and that he is feeling a little bit better. He just didnt want you guys to think he was dead so he told me to tell you to say he's almost all better now and will be back on his feet soon. He also sais to tell everyone hey and thats about it.

and thats all I gots today juggalos check again tommorow for more flavor

-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
D3FoRMeR 1-9-2K1 Location of 2001 Gathering
WHAT UP NINJAS, aight juggalos quick but MAD IMPORTANT UPDATE. This is straight from insaneclownposse.com. Aight well as many of you may have already known the Gathering of the Juggalos for 2001 WAS supposed to be held in Chicago. Well ninjas, that may all change. Psychopathic Records has decided that they are going to have us juggalos vote on that shit much like we did last year when mad juggalos got pissed when it was put in St. Louis. So juggalos send your votes and comments to vote@insaneclownposse.com. D3FoRMeR out this bitch.
Clown E Love 1/9/2001
Whuts Juggalin muthafackoz?!?! Yea im starting a new trend...instead of sayin whuts up, ninjaz gotta start saying Whuts Juggalin muthafacko?!? Hahaha ok enuff of that. CALIFORNIA juggaloZ....why you laggin and not getting your ticket for Twiztid @ the KEY CLUB in HollyWood on January 25?!?!?! Oh...you did get ur ticket ? Ok my bad Send me an email...lemme know your going....theres gonna be MADD ninjaz going...i have a small posse going with me and meeting me there...which includes the Milenko500 ninjaz. Also....dont forget juggaloz nationwide call tha Psycho Juggalos hotline...get noticed and represent who you are and where you're callin from. We got Phat of Whack selectionz where u ninjaz pick non-ICP or Twiztid songs that you listen to and they get voted on too see if ninjaz like it or not. Plus we got tha JRL Selection where u guyz request ICP or Twiztid songs to start off tha hotline with. Me and my homie Ry Ry 2 Slow skool tha hotline for you ninjaz cuz we're ninjaz jes like you..itz all for tha Juggaloz!! Wooo Woooo.....finally a hotline by juggalos 4 juggalos....and we even have contests where ninjaz can win shit....it may take several years before u get ur prize but hey at least u know u won tha muthafacko!! Thats it for now juggaloz.....make sure to hit up tha Milenko500 store and get ur juggalette Tees b4 they sell out!! Juggaloz dont forget those sexy as FUCK Juggalettes out there!! Aight im out like whut?!?! Baby Whut!? MCL
Dj Dogbeats86- 01/09
Hey Juggalos, Ray day is coming. Pick up your cds. LETS ROCK THIS BITCH!!! Ive seen Lets Go All The Way quite a few times on the late night slot (about 11 in the last week and a half) I even saw it twice in one night. SO whatever you juggalos are doing, keep it up. I saw ICP on a ultrasound on MTV from awhile back. Nothing big, just talking about the issue with spin way back. Another thing....I am adding a new feature to my updates,. Its kinda what they do on the Twiztid site, but who the fuck copyrighted it right? Ok, its called, "The Milenko500 Horrer Flick Pick Of The Month" OK, what I will do is tell you guys about a fresh movie that either I, or one of you juggalos saw that sounds or IS fresh. So send me your ideas. Ok, here is the first one of the year 2000::: January 2001 Milenko500 Horrer Flick Pick: "From Dusk Till Dawn" OK, this movie is about these 2 outlaws that killed a bunch of people trying to get to Mexico. They take this family as hostages to help get them across the border. When they get across the border, they go to this bar called,"The Titty Twister"....HAHA!!! Anyways, it all seems normal at first, but then they find out that every employee at the."Titty Twister", is nonhuman. SO, if you wanna find out what the fuck everybody in the bar is, rent the fucking flick. It was directed by Quentin Tarrentino. FRESH ASS MOVIE JUGGALOS!!! Aight, Thats it, Dogbeats86
january, 8th 2001corporate avenger interview!! [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
wad up just some quick news for ya!
Mike Clark: www.mikeclark.com is NOW OPEN!!! so get your ass there and check that good shit!! and hit me up in the chatroom cause I'm always chillin in there.

-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
What up all you Twiztid Serial Killin Juggalo's! Im back from Las Vegas where I blew mad Cash and Drank angry amounts of 7 and 7'ns. BOttom line is im not gona bore you with details but lay it all down. "LAS VEGAS FUCKIN ROCKS!" its the adults disney land and the Happyiest most drunken place on earth. Check this pic from Mike he sent it in to me off his web tv. Thanx mike.
Any one who ordered a Charm 60 of them were just sent to me along with 50 small ones. So check your mail in bout a week or so. I also orded alot of extra stuff aprox 16,000.00 worth of psychopathic merchindise in Stock (no joke) starting when it arrives to me in 5 days. This means shipping times of less than a week. Any ways here is the pic of ICP on VH1 from Mike, where J talks shit bout Eminem.

MOOSE 01/08
Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with anyone, I'm poor, and not worth suing, AKA, I'm not with the WWF, WcW or ECW or anybody like that so FUCK OFF with the legal shit bitch! > Whut up Juggalos and Ninjas, it's MOOSE back up in this bitch once again, HAPPY 'FUCKIN' New Year. This is A VERY happy New Year for MOOSE simply because MOOSE graduates HighSchool this year and goes on to....Community College haha. > Yeah I know, like I said I'm poor what did you expect me to say, Harvard? Anyway, Tonight I'm just gonna shoot off my mouth because I want to. Welp, MOOSE is still alone, which basically means (I AIN'T GETTING ANY ASS!) January (21, its the mass or conn concert i forgot) I believe, MOOSE attends his FIRST ICP concert (yeah i know I'm late, I never had the cash before) I'm a concert virgin, so I'm hoping the date i'm taking with me will let me hit some skins. I talked to a few ninjas I go to school with one Juggalo his name is Pat, he's one of my main homies and has been to a few concerts at the Tsongas Arena and the ones in Boston. Anyway he was telling me to expect one helluva chill time, there's gonna be a mosh pit that will kick my ass. Basically get ready to take a swing at everyone. And get ready to take a shower in Faygo. I'm all excited and shit cuz I'm still trying to decide if I should pay homage to my favorite psyho Juggalo Vampiro OR if I should go with the old school Violent J. look, he's a phat bastard, and so am I dammit, haha call either one of us that and we'll beat your ass. SO if anyone sees a 6'3" 300lb juggalo with short slicked back strawberry blonde hair with a 5'3" blonde juggalette on my side come say whaaazzzaaaaappp (Yeah I know the budweiser guys are the shit!) OH YEAH...if someone scores ORANGE Faygo Hook me up cuz I've always wanted to try it! > Question to my homies @ M500 Guys what should I expect other than what I was told?> Oh yeaahh, Expect a MOOSE exclusive from the concert and (the hotel room, cuz the juggalette I'm going with and I are gonna stay at one) Yo If you see a Happy MOOSE you saw a Ninja who got some NEDEN! AIGHT FREEKS, MOOSE up out this bitch.... MCL to EVERY Mutahfacko that luv me and oh yeah BE SURE to send me ideas as to who i should paint up like and what to expect and shit...(and if i do get some neden any fuckin' positions i could hit it from) AIGHT FREEKS, MOOSE has just fucked with your head and is gonna go take a shit. Peace the fuck out. MCL and MML to every mutahfacko from the underground.> OH YEAH one more thing before I jet, I'm on MSN instant messenger. so if you have MSN my email address is Roaddogg_Jr@webtv.net just add me to your buddylist and give me a shout out or what ever. Peace Out yo!
january, 7th 2001corporate avenger interview!! [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
Twiztid in chicago:wad up juggalos!! the twiztid show in chicago was off the fukin hook!! I missed most of the opening acts due to some people searching and difficulties but when twiztid got on stage all eyes were on that shit. blaze was there and performed with twiztid with an afro wig on, violent J was there on stage for a few songs as well..... along with rudeboy and anybody killa also making appearences on stage. I dont wanna give the whole show away. but just trust me its the shit!
shout outs: I gottta give a juggalo shouout to crystal, abbie, sarah, rudeboy and of course my wife pinky as well as my freind Tony. your all the shit and I had a really good time.
corporate avenger Interview: thats right! Ive been tellin ya about coporate avenger and now I have managed to get an exclusive interview with the corporate avenger for the juggalos..... hes gotta lot to say to you the juggalos!! he has mad respect for yall... so make shure ya check the interview out By clicking here. and I wanna thank corporate avenger for taking the time to answer my questions. thats the shit man. one love!
also, my homie cactusjeckel made some phat customized psychopathic calenders. there not for sale only for ya to download , view, and let him know what ya think of them. So click here to check them out.
and other than that shit, there aint shit........ so I'm out and shit......... mcl juggalos and MMFCL to PINKy cause your the shit!!
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
D3dBdyM4n 1/7/2k1 My head hurts. What up juggalos. This is D3dBdyM4n Straight up back from the Twiztid Freekshow Concert to report on how that shit was. Man on a scale from 1-10 I'd rate that mother fucker at an 11. It was the mutha fucking shit. MY GOD! It was Super fresh. So fresh you wouldn't get any closer to that shit. It started out when Me, Trish (PsychoNutt) Rob (The Punisher), Eric (Lazy E), Felix (Dawg Nutz) and Jeremy (J) showed up at the crib. We all had a few rattlesnakes. Straihgt up got a bit toastie and went to Meijers to pick of some mutha fucking Faygo. Well we got to Meijers and I was video taping everything and the fucking old bitch that always sits out front of the place was straight bitching at me saying I couldn't have a camera in the place cuz of some shit or another. So I left the camera outside. We got some faygo and jetted to Headliners. I got there and started to tape everything with the video camera. As soon as I figure out how to put that shit in the computer and run it o! ff the internet I will. Anyways We all handed out 240 Milenko500.com Flyers. I met up with Hardcore Mike from Realjuggalos gave him some daps and straight split. The juggalos were mad hyped about this concert. Some Guy I have no clue got on stage and hyped the crowd up. THen MastaMind Rocked the crowd a bit. I was in the middle of the crowd and got straight nailed in the side of the ear. I got fucked up. I have a concussion from it but I got over it. Me, PsychoNutt, The Punisher, Big Vic, DawgNutz, J, and Lazy E got straight seperated. There were juggalettes flashing they titties and nedens all over the place. Security was rough. There was a press area where I saw mike at. I had no clue how to get a press pass so I didn't fuck with it. Besides I wanted to be a part of the concert not down in the "pussies" hole. J came to the concert wearing slippers and ended up crowd surfing and lost them. It was pretty funny. He found them at the end of the show. Anyways. A cool ass band cal! led Shovel came up after Mastamind. They ROCKED the fucking crowd. It was great. They were all up crowd surfing and shit with the juggalos. It was mad fresh. THe juggalos loved them. Finally a rock band that the juggalos had mad respect for. Then Twiztid HIT. And they hit HARD. THey started out with The Freekshow Intro, then Mutant X then We Don't die. The Juggalos were straight hyped. Juggalos crowd surfing. Juggalettes getting they shirts ripped off. This one juggalette lost her whole shirt. One of the security guards hooked her up. It was super dooper cashflow fresh. Well then all of a sudden Hound Doggs hit. And out came BLAZE Y0 DEAD HOMIE sporting an Afro Wig dressed up straight G'd out. So there's still life in Blaze. Then ANybody KIlla came out Straight ripped shit up with Twiztid and Blaze. THey hit the last song and it was bad assed. Twiztid then gave a speach before we left. Then I got outside and went around to Shovels Tour Bus and me and Big Vic hung with them for! about 15 minutes. They were all fresh ass ninjas who had mad ass Psychopathic love. There were some shovel fans dissing Twiztid and I had to control myself cuz I was gonna straight FUCK them up but it didn't happen I calmed down. Plus My head is hurting like a freshly popped Neden. Then I went back to the Twiztid tour bus and hung with the rest of the crew and taped them hounding the fuck outta everyone. J didn't show up to the show he must have went home. But this concert was totally on point. I stayed near the barricade for the most part and we popped a juggalos Psychopathic Concert Cherry. It was great. Well that's my review. We didnt' get any pics cuz we got seperated and the camera got Confiscated. No L33t Ninja skillz. Until then Ninjas I'm out like my left ear. All fucked up and shit. MCL-D3dBdyM4n
01/06/01 corporate avenger!! [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
Tick fukin Tock some fukin news on the clock!! thats right My man Aftamath hooked me up with some str8 up phat news and pointed me to the ninja with the proof. this motherfuKa with the shit to fill ya heads with!! goes by the name PUG, ninja! your the shit for hookin up some exclusive news!!
and here it is....
Blaze Our dead hime: back from the dead! ya thought he was gone from the tour but apparently he was reportedly seen performing hounddogs with twiztid at the metropol in pittsburgh, PA. so juggalos I dont know how much longer he'll be hangin on the tour. but it looks like ya might see him for the next couple of dates.
Chicago twiztid show: yes me and a few will be attending the twiztid show in chicago today..... if you wanna say whats up click here for a pick of me so ya know what I look like....... If I see anyone handin out our flyer I will have to give ya props on the site. so hopefully I'll see some of ya tommorow. peace and mcl juggalos!
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
D3dBdyM4n 1/5/2k1 Disclaimer: AXE MURDERS! WE DON'T DIE! SERIAL KILLAZ WE DON'T DIE! FREEKS OF THE NIGHT WE DON'T DIE! MILENKO500! WE DON'T DIE! What up juggalos. Well the news dropped so I'm gonna basically lay it down on you in a short and sweet thing. Ray Day. You buy the cd keep the receipt they hook u up with some new shit. Totally fresh. They Invaded Mexico over the holidays and whipped that fucking ass. Pretty great. Vampiro was in a plane accident but he's alright just a little shaken up. I was searching ebay earlier to check out what some ninjas who were hard up like me were auctioning off. I found the people who make the Psychopathic Records Charms Auctioning off Charms. I went to the direct site which is the following Http://www.floridajewelryad.com So peep that shit out. THey have some new charms out The bloody hatchet it's mad fucking crazy. It's fresh so is the new jewelry they are releasing to the public soon. So peep that out. Now I won't be online for probably a few days or so cuz I've got the concert in Louisville I'm going to and I'm still in the ! midsts of moving. Thanks to Trish vic and Rob for giving me a helping hand on that. I'll hit ya'll back. But uhm I'll be there in Louisville on Sunday. I'll be wearing My Dazzle Jersey and faygo beanie, so if you want to come up and say wussup chill or hang wit me that would be mad fresh. I'm not a very shy guy so I'll be there. I'll probably be with Juggalo_Chick, Hardcore_Mike, FxckFace, Big Vic, PsychoNutt and The PUnisher during the show if I can find them mafakaz.So don't be shy juggalos I'll be there in the flesh hooking u ninjas up with some fresh news and if I can get some printed Flyers. Until then I'm out like that wrestlers teeth that spat on Violent J. Oh and by the way. If you go to thesixth first you'll prolly see my update on there. I didn't plagerize. MCL
01/04/00 corporate avenger!! [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
wad up juggalos. Ive got a whole shitload of news for ya!!! first of all violent J has again addressed the juggalos with some good news and some almost bad news so click here to check that shit out
New merch:6 New items. 1.big money hustlas DVD!! 2. JCW 2 on VHS and DVD 3.Brand new album!! 4.The pendelum comic #7! 5. ICP basement cuts on CD! 6.ICP interview CD
go to www.insanclownposse.com for details on all that shit.
joe and Joey records:thats right the new underground label joe and joey records brings you "Bloody Louie Borhieves" and "Bloody Larry Borhieves" the "Borhieve Brothers". The first relaese will be entitled "YE OL’ BARN"and its gonna be the wicked shit times ten....... thats right this is gonna be hellafukinwicked!!! they wear old ripped up hillbilly like overalls, slpattered blood and crazy masks. they carry some sharp ass farmtools, this is the kinda shit that will give wes craven nightmares!! as soon there is more known about this I will let ya know........ next...
Rayday: when ya purchase B/B cds for rayday make shure to save your receipts. show your receits to the merch guy at the B/B shows and you will get hooked up phat with some suprise shit!
Milenko500 flyer: aight juggalos! all the juggalos down with our shit, all of you reading this right now... I made up a tight ass flyer for our site and if your down it would be madd appreciated if you made copys and handed them out at upcoming B/B shows and freekshow tour shows. I made two versions of it.. so click here and click here to check em out....... just right click and select "save image as" to save it to your hard drive. ThanX!!YouR thE sHiT!! peace and mcl juggalos!!
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
D3dBdyM4n 1/4/2k1 Disclaimer: If you don't like what I gotta say skip this update. I've got alot to say and if your are the slightest offended by it read headcases shit or go visit thesixth for one of their updates they stole from RJ or us. W0000 Cuz I'm in an apesuit and that means I don't give a FUCK! What up Juggalos. This is D3dBdyM4n here. I'm awaiting what you all are too. I have no clue what's going on with the Main site but there's some big news gonna happen. I was watching the news and was like in awe that fucking Eminem was nomitated for a Grammy. I sat there and thought for a second. I then thought wait. I know what's going on! He's using our hate against us. We bitch and moan and complain about him and he uses that against us. It's pretty wack I know but he's gonna win a grammy cuz we diss him. Noone likes him and we diss him and so people give his sites hits and shit. People like the badguys. So if we ignore him like the plague he'll fade out like Milli Vanilli. I wanna give a shout out to the 2 juggalos I saw on Raw is War! That was great. I saw a couple of signs and a fat guy in a riddlebox shirt. During the Rock/Kane Match. Well I'm off to see myself buttnakid with My axe. Remember if miss any of our updates they will most likely be on thesixth cuz the! y jack our shit anyways. Until then I'm out MCL.-D3dBdyM4n
Ninja's, juggalos and Juggalette's. Ill be with my crew at the 2001 Consumer Electronics Show (C.E.S. 2001) in the City That never sleeps Las Vegas Nevada. Were rolling 6 deep and were staying at the Excalibur Hotel And Casino. Any of you Vegas Juggalos should show up at the Excaliber and look for the Psychopathic Baseball jerseys and you will find my crew. From the 4-7th will be there, just parting 24-7. Remember juggalos, theres always clown love in every citi, you just got to find it.
Juggalos there have been a few Fake ICP stores That have POPed up Here and There trying to Steel your $. Dont fall for that shit you might see a lil cheeper prices but you wont ever get your merchindise, thats the bottom line. Be weary of any one not accecepting Personal Checks and Credit cards. Just a Lil advice from Jug.
01/02/01 taxes are stealing [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
what up juggalos!! welcome to the new year!! 2001 year of the lotus!!! aight sorry I havent been updating lately Ive just been here and there with other shit......... but here it goes
new merch: as in lunchboxes yes!! motherfukin lunchboxes! twiztid lunchboxes and Big money hustlers lunch box........... so all you juggalos with kids in school and shit get them these fukin juggalo lunchboxes.
Tour news: twiztid is now back on the road without blaze and relative ash and now with mastermind... and shovel. violent J will be at the twiztid show in chicago this saturday which I will hopefully be attending depending on the weather.
Juggalettes: Come on juggalettes if you havent already bought one. ya gotta get one of those juggalette baby tees cause there the shit and so are you... all juggalettes are.
corporate avenger: I just downloaded a coperate avenger song called "taxes are stealing" and its the shit! so go to his site which is linked above and Download some shit if ya havent heard his shit yet!!!!! just thought Id throw that in there.
ICP Publicity: And as you prolly heard some big magazine u.s. weekly or someshit.... rated B/B the #2 worst album(s) of the year. theres no such thing as bad publicity. if anything, thats only gonna gain album sales.... its called "free add space" but anyway..
feminem: our enema enemy feminem is lookin at some court dates in april........ and seeing how he likes to have sex with fat black guys (dr.dre) he should have a comfortable stay in jail. BOBO will show him around and take good care of him.... treat him nice and shit.
Rayday: RAYDAY is appraoching juggalos its a week from this friday so make shure ya get some B/B cds for that shit............. and click on "help fund ray day" over on the right if you havent yet
FM STORM: it seems that the FM storm thing has slowy disapeared but never fear cause headcase is here MUHAHAHAHA!!! I noticed that juggalo joe from Rj.com has taken the time himself to find radio stations everywhere and thats the shit ya gotta give him props for that!!! this task will be taken on by myself as well and I'm asking all of yall to do the same. just gather emails and mass email the stations saying hay!! play our shit!
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
Dj Dogbeats86- 12/10
Dogbeats86-December 31 2000- MY picture
Hey juggalos, Happy new years eve!!! I got Born Twiztid, and juggalos, THAT SHIT IS FRESH!!! Definately worth 20 bucks. Also, my picture is up now at www.milenko500.com/dogbeats86.jpg . Headcase hooked me up with the shirt in that pic while he was at the gathering . THANKS AGAIN NINJA!!! I saw enema-em on Saturday Night Live last night, he was doing a gay dance during the weekend update segment. SPEAKING OF THE LITTLE BITCH, it turns out that he will not be able to get out of the charges for the assault on Dougie Doug, so that little fag will suffer for fucking wit da dark carnival. ON A FINAL NOTE, have a good new years eve and hopefully the world wont die.PEACE!!!
D3dBdyM4n 1/2/2k1 Disclaimer:Not one single complaint today. What up juggalos Happy New Years and shit Juggalos. Hopefully this year will be more exciting and well alot better then last years shitty year. I'm gonna do a small year in review. January-June: All juggalos await the gathering and the Second Wing of WCFOS Tour as well as Big Money Hustlas. D3dBdyM4n Falls in love with his ex. July-September. BIg Money Hustlas is released Fans find the name of the two new cd's as well as the gathering. D3dBdyM4n Moves and Loses his Ex. October-December: Bizzar Bizaar are released as well as Twiztid Freekshow. ICP goes on MTV, ICP goes on B/b Tour while Twiztid goes with Blaze on the Freekshow Tour. Blaze Drops from Psychopathic. Operation Lienda Flops on MTV. Operation Ray Day goes in part. D3dBdyM4n joins Milenko500. Loses Job, Finds new juggalos and hangs with them. January 1st-??? 2001 D3dBdyM4n is still standing. Now that was my year in review so what I might have left out a few things but that's the most part of it. Now I'd like t! o plug a quick site that is actually in full operations Http://www.juggalo-nation.org it's ran by a few of my homies Fl4wed and Sir2Dope. It's pretty nice look forward to it in the future. I did an update for them on there to give them some more hits. Keep them on your book mark cuz these boys have spent a long ass time working on it and have been busting their asses to do it. Now I want to point out on a certain "Seeds" site that pretty much put a diss on ICP. Yes it's true that ICP did make the 2nd worst cd according to USA today or whatever fucking major newspaper it was. But a certain fucking website posted that shit as it was a joke. "What we got beat my Kathy Lee Gifford for the worst?" Now that's some bullshit and let me guarantee if I EVER see you in person I'm gonna fucking slap your face off. You are supposed to help our cause but instead you're being a fucking bitch about it. You make a joke outta something you are suppose! d to be working for? That's not helping it that's hindering OUR cause as juggalos so next negative thing that comes out your mouth you juggalos won't have to worry about mine and Delusionals wrestling match at the gathering. Cuz I'm gonna find the little 16 year old faggot who said that and beat his fucking face in. Straight up. Cuz I'm in an Ape Suit and that means I dont' give a FUCK. And Next time you diss our site faggot I'm gonna personally come to your house and straight FUCK YOU UP! And you know who I'm talking about. And if I ever see mine, Headcases, D3formers, or anyone elses news pasted on your fucking site I again WIll come over and curb your punk ass. Until then I'm out like this mafakas site will be bunch of busta ass punks.-D3dBdyM4n
D3dBdyM4n 1/1/2k1 Disclaimer: What up ya'll back again if you don't like this update eat a fat dick. Wussup juggalos this is D3dBdyM4n back to hit ya'll up with something or another. I'm chillin at a New Years party and I want ya'll juggalos to know Give operation Ray Day some props and help. I wanna address some shit. All juggalos out there who go the insaneclownposse.com chat I'm sorry for the misunderstanding and shit everything is fixed. Another thing is New Years Resolutions. My New Years Resolution is to make this site as tight as possible. I'm gonna learn some flash for you juggalos. Well Until then I'm outtie MCL ONE LUV-D3dBdyM4n
12/29/00 headcase@mp3.com [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
what the fuck is up juggaloz!!! aight i got some quick news and shit for ya......... first off this ninja Phunxy@hotmail.com has gone even deeper into that mysterious image in the Bizzar/Bizaar spiral on the cd covers... you really gotta see what he uncovered..... so click here to check that shit out !! also some t0ur news brought to my attention by deadpumpkin@hotmail.com AIM name IlHazordlI....... albany, NY juggalos if you were expecting an albany show.... it aint happening but according to ticketmaster they are playing in Clifton Park, NY at the "northerm Lights" venue on the 20th of januFUCKINary!! tickets are now on sale so go get that shit.... and hit up IlHazordlI on aol Instant messanger if you wanna hook up with another juggalo at the show....... or email him at the addy above. aight juggalos thats it for now and I'll be back..... oh yea for all of you calling blaze a sellout or callin him weak for leaving psychopathic..... try to get your shit str8 before you talk.......... hes gotta do whats best for him... you dont own icp you dont own twiztid and you dont own blaze these are all artist tryin to make it in there game........ of course there gonna do whats best for them. that dont mean they dont got love for you..... cause they do and if youve got love for them you'd wanna see them succeed no matter where or how they do it. bottom line!!! peace and mcl juggalos have a great fukin juggalo new years and shit...
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
D3FoRMeR12/29 JCW matches & I.C.P. Awards
These are the matches for the upcomming JCW vol. 2 that will hit shelves on Feb. 6 2001:

Chris Hero vs. High Zaha
Dick Nipple vs Billy bill
Tom "The Scrub" Dub vs. Fat Fuck Barrelboy
Rude boy vs. Abdullah the Butcher (Cage Match)
Fat Fuck Mail Boy vs. Mad Man Brando (thumb tack, broken glass, barb wired match)
Insane Clown Posse and Esham and Evil Dead vs. The Rainbow Coalishion (Main Event)

Also, the shaggy shows are supposed to hit stores sometime around march on VHS and DVD. Lastly, on the hotline today Violent J gave out the 2000 I.C.P. awards here they are:
Best Group of The Year: Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid
Worst Group of the Year: dynamite hack
Best Album of 2000: Bizzar, Bizaar, and Freakshow
Worst Album of 2000: Marshall Mathers LP
Best Event of 2000: The Gathering of the Juggalos
Worst JCW Show: Ohmaha Nebraska
Best Tour Date: Phoniex Arizona Wicked Clowns From Outerspace Tour
Worst Tour Date: Oklahoma City's canceled shows
Biggest Clown Town: Chicago Illionois
Smallest Clown Town: Fargo North Dakota
Concert of the Year: Hallowicked
Craziest Crowd: both nites in pittsburgh on Wicked Clowns From Outerspace Tour
Meanest Crowd: Kansas City Missouri on Wicked Clowns From Outerspace Tour
Loudest Crowd: Virginia beach on wWicked Clowns From Outerspace Tour
Best JCW Crowd: Denver Colorado
Best JCW Wrestler: Cash Flow
Biggest Crowd: Kansas City Radio Festival with 12,000 people
Biggest Where Did All The Juggalos go town: Dallas Texas
Biggest Where Did All The Juggalos Come From place: Australlia
Best Web Sites: All the seeds of lotus pages (not us)
Best I.C.P. Hotline: Thesixth.com hotline
Best Rumor: Violent J beat up 2 radio DJs in St. Louis
Worst Rumor: Emienem shot ICP
Well there you have it juggalos. The 2000 Awards from Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. You can check out the unoffical awards on the I.C.P. hotline on option 1.

12/27/00 headcase@mp3.com [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
what up juggalos!! just droppin in to tell you to help out Ray Day by clicking here and enter your email twice into the yellow box and check your mail for further instructions. Juggalos please take the time to do this. for them charities and for our favorite juggaloz. violent J and shaggy 2 dope!! and have a juggalo new years and all that good shit.......... I'm out. and stay tuned for a ton of freshness happebning after the first of the year!!
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
D3dBdyM4n 12/27/00 Disclaimer:FUCK YA'll BITCHES. I'm gettin Payed!!!!!!! What up juggalos. Nothing on the news front. My boy Big Vic was telling me that a local radio station had an ICP weekend. That's right most of the weekend they was playing some ICP. Had contests giving out ICP merchandise and shit. It was fresh. He said that they were Playing Radio Stars Edited. The name of the radio station full of bad ass ninjas is 100.5 the fox. They own as it is. They diss other radio stations for being bitches. Their website is Http://www.foxrocks.com. Well ninjas I'm outtie. I've got some moving to do. MCL ONE LUV-D3dBdyM4n

Click the Pictures Above to Get an Enlargement of the Baby T's

There finaly done Ladies. The Juggalett Baby T's. This Is a One Size Fits all Baby T. This is made by High Quality ClassicGirl by American Apparel. This is shipped 3 day fast Priority mail. Juggalos Be sure to hook your girl up with one of these. Even if she hates ICP she will love this Baby T as it just plain looks GOOD.
D3dBdyM4n 12/23/00 Disclaimer: AHHH SHIT IT'S BACK AGAIN! OK IF YOU HAVE EVER READ MY UPDATES. D3dBdyM4n HAS NEVER CALLED ANYONE A BITCH UNLESS IT WAS EMINEM. He got an e-mail today from someone saying he called this person a bitch on one of his updates. NO HE DID NOT. So if yer reading this person who e-mailed him. I never called u a bitch in an update. That's stupid to point allegations or to read my updates into it too deep. You know who you are you asked me to not put u in my updates anymore. But to be honest I wouldn't want to call u a bitch if I'm trying to fix our friendship. End of Disclaimer.... What up juggalos everyones favorite STUPID ASS is back. D3dBdyM4n in the haugh WHUT UP JUGGALOS!!!! Back from my 3 man drinking binge to tell u that I'm in the haugh. 13 rattlesnakes, 2 tequilla sunrises, 3 hits of aftershock, and half a rum and coke and I'm still alive from it. My liver is asking why?! Anyways. For all u ninjas who know me Shouts out to ya. News now. There is some speculation that NoodleNugget is dead. Now this is true the name did die but the person is very well alive. He's just on a brief Haitus. He'll be returning in the near future. Another thing I must address is that our homey from Rydas.com HeavyClown wrote a damn good letter to the juggalos on their site. It's mad deep makes you almost want to cry like a little baby bitch butterfly. Now there are other speculations going around on why Blaze quit psychopathic. To be honest. I have noooo clue on why he left the business. But good luck to ya blaze. Hope to hear your new shit in the future. Now an! other thing I fucked up on was the e-mail address I gave u for Http://www.rave2000.tv's managers e-mail for them to change the 12-4 format to ICP and other Wicked shit for the juggalos. The e-mail address is this Cj@rave2000.com. I was a bit lurid that night and rave and wave looked like the same word to me. So my appologies to them for that big mix up. Also I want u ninjas to peep out a fresh site ran and own by 1 person. Http://www.psychopathic-underground.com Ran by everyone favorite Kunt. Kuntagious. It's mad fresh and she keeps that bitch updated. Well juggalos until then I'm outtie. MCL-D3dBdyM4n
MOOSE 12/22/2K
Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with anyone, I'm poor, and not worth suing, AKA, I'm not with the WWF, WcW or ECW or anybody like that so FUCK OFF with the legal shit bitch! What up Juggalos and Ninjas, it's MOOSE, Yeah I know I've been late with my news and yo, i'm sorry aight, Subway of all places has been givin' me shit and School as well as X-Mas hasn't been any easier either. But to appologize to my Wrestling Freeks Here is MOOSE's XXX-Mas edition of the wrestling column.
WWF News and Rumors:
-Road Dogg was indefinately suspended. It's under good authority to assu the D-O-double G went back to an old enemy...his old drug problem.
-William Regal (that british bitchboy) may very well take over Mick Foley's Commishioner's spot.
-Speaking of the former Commish. Mick's wife Collette is pregnant with their 3rd child, That's why he's been written out of WWF tv for a while, so he can be with Family. ---Congrats Cactus Sac!
-Juggalo warrior Raven (who is the topic of question to D3dbdyM4n) is looking to get a nice push at the hardcore title, if Smackdown was any indications of this, look for a Blackman/Raven mini fued to boil from their battles for the title. Raven as we all know is still fueding with Hardcore Holly and now...Al Snow.
-Going back to Regal for a second, Look for further involvement by Stone Cold as their feud continues to escalate.
-(from WWF.com) As a tribute to D-Generation X, http://www.wwfdx.com has been updated from the dx story till now.
-And on a final note...ANTI-Juggalos Limp Nutz err (Limp Bizkit) was asked by he Undertaker to come up with a theme for his new "DEADMAN INC." gimmic, That's why he's been coming out to 'Rollin' instead of American Bad Ass which WWF chose not to reserve the right to continue using it.
WCW News and Rumors:
-Goldberg was featured in this month's issue of Playboy Magazine (which MOOSE picked up, God Damn I wanna bang out Gabby Reece's neden, what a sexy bitch!) The article gives clips of his book "I'm NEXT" which his brother Steve helped co-write.
-"Syn" WCW's next PPV takes the place of the former WCW/nWo ppv SOULED OUT. The card is in the final phases as the card is being worked out.
-Diamond Dallas Page & Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner, got into a real life backstage brawl @ last monday's nitro as Steiner cut an impromptu shoot promo about Dallas Page and how he'd need a sex change to be a man justto fight him and how he can take anyone from the trailor park and make them big. (referring to DDP's wife Kimberly)
-And finally in the WCW catagory...With Crowbar's latest preformance VS. Terry Funk (drunk Terry Flunk, for those who watched strangle fuckin' mania) at WCW's last PPV, Crowbar is being considdered for another title shot at the next ppv.
ECW News and Rumors (not alot this time sorry, yo)
-IF you haven't heard by now, ECW Wrestler and Superstar NEW JACK, announced his retiremen after working one last match for the Jersey Pro-Wrestling promotion at the ECW arena on 2/3/01.
-Another name is added to the list of WWF's wish list of ECW stars they'd like to sign, "The Buzz Saw" Yoshiro Tajiri is next behind RVD and Jerry Lynn. WWF likes Tajiri's gimmic and work ethic and believe he has potential.
Yo that's the news, I've been so busy lately I can't wait till next week's over, OH YEAH D3dbdyM4n this one's for you...
(The answer to my question was Savio Vega, -who was the man who beat SCSA when he was the ringmaster in a strapmatch)
To answer your last question of who was "The ShockMaster" and why'd he flop was simple, I had sit back and think that one over the answer is TugBoat or Typhoon, how ever you knew him as in WWF, he was supposed to be a super human dude like KANE is now, but because when he burst the fake wall he tripped and fell on his ass, his voice was dubbed and it was nothing more than a joke. He was dropped not long after that.
My new question to you is this...
Question: IN Raven's first on camra promo in WCW, what was the first word he said? (props to ftw63ecw@webtv.net for the question)
D3FoRMeR12-22I.C.P. Hotline
What's up ninjas? Just got done calling the hotline and right off the motha fucking bat I wanna give MAD props to Rude Boy for doing the hotline while he is on his X-mas vaction that's the shit Rude Boy. Well on the hotline today Rude Boy gave out props to people. One of the main props he was giving out was to our very own Clown E. Love and RyRy 2 Slow. Rude Boy also talked about the release of JCW Volume 2 will be out Feb. 5, 2001. Lastly in case u missed it last night keep you eyes out for a show called Feuds of 2000 on VH1. It has I.C.P. and Twiztid on that shit talking about Slim Anus so peep that shit. That's about it going on with psychopathic peace.

D3FoRMeR 12/21 I.C.P. vs Feminem on VH1
Sup ninjas, just wanted to drop some news on that ass real fast. I was just watching VH1 and they had this show on there called Feuds 2000. Well I.C.P. was on that shit and so was Twiztid in the background. It looked like it was pretty recient stuff. They were talking about the feud between them and femienem. Well I just found out that the show is comming back on again at 12:00 est. It really doesn't talk about I.C.P. and Feminem fued till about 30 min. into it so check it out at about 12:30 est. to catch just the I.C.P. part. Thats all for now juggalos, peace MCL.

Clown E Love 12/21/2000
Merry Fuckin X-Mas from the Psycho Juggalos Click Here
New Hotline UP! Click Here to View IT!
12/21/00 headcase@mp3.com [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
WHAT UP JUGGALOS!! aight get your ass to Insanclownposse.com right now and check out all the fresh flavor!! theres tons of shit for ya there. an on a sadder note....... Theres speculation that blaze our dead homie is walking away from psychopathic........ either way hes still the shit but I 'd rather see him be the shit on psychopathic. whatever but anyway I made some updates on the Milenko500 juggalo Promotions page. So check out new juggalo promotions artists DjLoke and Kronyk. show these juggalos some fukin love. get your ears on that phat shit and tell your freinds. its all about juggalos!! peace and mcl I'm out dis bitch
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
12/20/00 headcase@mp3.com
[Mail] [Photo] [Info]
WHAT UP JUGGALOS!! ive been waiting on this fresh ass news that was supposed to drop on icp.com today but it doesnt look like it will be up today. but i still got some freshness of my own for ya........... aight some news for ya. click here for some new Bizzar Bizaar tour dates. and click here for a damn good review on the bigballers xmas party by my wife pinky. tons of flavor going on there. also make shure to check me out at Mp3.com by clickin here download my shit and let me know what ya think. plus tommorow there will be major updates on the juggalo promotions page. and I gotta give a shoutout to my homie Dysfunction. he just recently turned pro in wrestling and thats the shit so congradulations man!! peace and mcl juggaloz
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
D3dBdyM4n 12/21/00 What up ninjas this is everyones favorite homie D3dBdyM4n here to hit you up with some mad fucking freshness. It's approximately 4:28AM and I'm a bit fucking drunk. Here's the dealio Http://www.rave2000.tv is this Thing sorta like MTV but for the internet. Well it seems that if they get enough e-mails from YOU juggalos they will change their 12-4AM format to ICP, Twiztid, Esham, KMK, and other wicked shit. Now alot of you juggalos are wondering WTF? Well peep this. These guys are ninjas at night and they don't give a fuck. It's ran by a friend of mine named Kumba. He's fresh as hell and he just dont' give a fuck. They are full interactive with the juggalos. THey play Videos, Mp3's mpegs whatever the fuck they can get their hands on. IT's mad fresh and it means they don't give a fuck. This new years they are gonna dress like ICP and do the show. During the daytime it's all Mainstreem rap, country and other music whatever the Cyber Jo! ckeys can play. But at night.... They Transform into Twiztid Serial Killin Juggalos out for blood. So e-mail them at Cj@wave2000.com and tell them u want an ICP hour or two of nothing but serial killin flavor for u juggalos. In other news our dear homie NoodleNugget has passed away. He drunk too much Nyquil and fell through a fucking pinball table during the big baller xmas party. RIP NOODLE. MCL BABY You'll be remembered. But remember AXE MURDERERS WE DON'T DIE, SERIAL KILLAZ, WE DONT' DIE, FREAKS OF THE NIGHT WE DON'T DIE, WE GET HIGH, WE DON'T DIE. We don't know what was so important that had to be updated on. Well I'm outtie MCL.-D3dBdyM4n
Rat 12/21:
What up juggalos? Nadda much here, just back from tha hospital cuz I was in a truck accident but it wasnt my fault! Its a pretty long story... actually, its really short, I spun out, hit another car, and woke up in a hospital room. It was pretty cool cuz right when I woke up, I heard thing long ass beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep and when I looked at the heart monitor, the mother fucker said I was all flat-lining and shit! I was like, WTF?! It was funny cuz I was just all like, "um, shit doc, help!" I dunno, that shit was whack, I had to piss in a pan cuz they wouldnt let me fuckin get up to piss... cock suckers!
Anyways, the new Bizzar/bizaar tour dates for 2k1 are up so peep those out at the offical Insane Clown Posse page. Also, on the ICP page, theres some freshness posted up, Im not sure what it is but keep checkin the pages for that shit. Ok, well thats it , I need to get some muckin sleep! Late ninjas
Clown E Love - 12/20/2000 Juggaloz whut the fuck iz up? Im back like a vertabrae up on this bitch. Madd props to mah homiez Twiztid on skoolin tha fuck outa their documentary Born Twiztid Beyond tha Freekshow which is now in stores! All juggaloz dont forget to let me know if you're going to tha Kottonmouth Kings show next wednesday at the Key Club in Hollywood. Imma be there representing as a juggalo and i know some other ninjaz that are gonna be there as well. Also check out tha Psycho Juggalos Hotline (310)842-5005...im holding down tha front with tha JRL...Juggalo Request Live...cuz fuck Mtv they're never gonna play our shit so i take requests of ICP or Twiztid jams to start off tha hotline with..and theres also tha Phat or Whack section where all you ninjaz with varied tastes can suggest bands and songs that arent ICP or Twiztid that you dig, and it can be anything i dont give a fuck..and i play them on tha hotline and u ninjaz cant vote either phat or whack on them....itz jes a way to fuckin get to know whut else ninjaz listen to. So itz all good...right now tha Phat or Whack Selection iz a band by tha name of Doomsday Productions with a song called "4 minute Murda" requested by a juggalo in San Diego CA...and i think itz tha shit......aight ninjaz imma get up off here....any questions hit me up on tha email tip. Oh yea one last thing........im desparately seeking a juggalette....if ur a juggalette with a lot of personality and u dont look like a crack ho from Taxi Cab confessions ...email me and tell me about urself. Ok back to watchin porn.. now where did i put that box of tissues...... MCL
D3dBdyM4n 12/20/00 Well back again to report for you mafakaz. Been shitty weather and shit in Kentucky after all it's snow and shit. Well I'm back to plug a few sites made for juggalos by juggalos. Hit these ninjas up at Http://www.psychopathicuniverse.com. Now back to the lecture at hand. D3dBdyM4n as u know is still fucking single. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT?! Some juggalette out there take me home with you. I haven't had an update in a while because well I've been a bit down plus I've been on Insaneclownposse.com chat. GO THERE AND CHAT MUTHA FACKOZ's it's fresh as fuck. Now for some more news. The twiztid video came out today (in some places) so keep a look out for it ok? Uhm Yesterday was the big baller xmas party that I didn't get to go to cuz I'm fucking broke as a joke. 5 more days till Christmas. There is gonna be some major shit happening Today and I'll keep you guys posted. As well our store is having a sell on well Everyt! hing. So Buy our shit cuz it's cheap (not like breakable cheap) and keep our pockets fat. Well Jugalinkos pocket I don't get payed but in sour water and fishheads. Now there's somethings I'd like to address the juggalos on that's kinda pissing me the fuck off. Perpetraiting. let me go get my Websters Dictionary and look up the fucking name real quick. here we go Found the sombitch The Juggalo Word of the day is Perpetrate: Verb To Perform; To Commit; TO be guilty petration, perpetrator. Noun.
That's the word that I'm using because well some ninjas think it's cool to be me. A ninja messaged SoftcoreMike and was like Look I'm D3dBdym4n. I'm the guy that works with you on M500.com. Well let me tell u that bullshit is ending now. Then some kid got on Kuntagious message board trying to be like ME! HAHA that's a fucking joke. FUCK YOU PERPS EAT MY NUTS AND CHOKE ON THEM. Another thing is ever since the song Hound Doggs. Every fucking juggalo in the world cause every other juggalo a juggaho or a hound dogg. Now let me tell u juggalos this. If you ever called me or any juggalo a juggaho in person. You'd prolly get your fucking neck bone punched in. That's no lie. So quit with the fucking hate. You don't call yer brother or sister a little bastard or son of a bitch do you unless yer pissed at them. You don't fucking hate on yer grandma do you? FUCK NAW. So it's the same ethics. SO don't fucking do it. It's straight up fucked up that our own fucking kind are fucking fighting! and hating on each other. That's why J got all depressed cuz it got expressed towards him. So erase the mutha fuckin hate. You can hate on me all u want cuz I'll get back at ya. I don't give a fuck. I'm here to stay. So fuck your mothers. Now to get into myself. Cuz noone has any fucking clue who I am. My Name is Rick or Ricky. I'm from Kentucky. I'm a depressed fucking guy right now cuz my ex left me for another man. My hobbies are computers. running the fucking chat room for you guys. Dungeons and Dragons (yes mafakas fuck you I'm a nerd.) Collecting Magic Cards, Serial Killing, Getting Tattooed, Slapping Skins whenever I can get em, Running around breaking random objects with faygo bottles, uhm. I'm a libra and I stab people. I'm 21 so I can drink Softcore Mike under the table. Well that's all about me. HIT ME UP Radio Station e-mail addresses that might bump ICP around you. Till Then Stay down Much Clown Luv. ONE LUV-D3dBdyM4n
D3FoRMeR 12/19/00 Topic
Sup ninjas, just a quick update for that ass. I was just checking out Insaneclownposse.com and they got an update about some flavor they will be dropping on Wednesday. This update is definatly going to be fresh so check back here when the information comes available. On another note this was brought to my attention by The juggla that Sunday night at the Twiztid show in Newport that some juggaho was trying to front that he was me. Don't know what he exactly said or done but that is mad wack. If that juggaho is reading this shit I just wanna give him a big FUCK OFF!Thats all for now peace juggalos.
12/18/00 Theres no such thing as santa clause [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
WhuT The fuck is up juggaloZ!! aight I got some shit to fill your heads with........ some quick news. First off The speculation that eminem died in some car accident is completely false. so get off it. it was just a stupid prank. anyway onto other news......... The X (105.7-FM) is hosting a show in Lancaster, PA at the Chameleon Club on January 13, 2001 which will feature ICp and a bunch of other bands as well.... and that show is 21 and over only. If you want free tickets call them bitches up @ 1-800-332-1057 or hit up there website by clickin here
If you have never been to www.mikeclark.com and signed up for his mailing list heres an email all of us who did sign up for it got recently........

Hey Juggalos! Mike E. Clark has just put up a limited edition EP called "Dont Be Scarred" on MP3.com for a short time . if you missed out on the "October 99"& "Novermber 99" EP then you don't want to miss out on this. its mad fresh! and its only $5.99! so dont be a cheep ass and go buy that shit before you can't. - Heywood Jablome FunHouse Studio
click here for mike clark on mp3.com

and thats all juggalos... peace and much clown love........
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
12/16 Psychopathic Records Direct
I Wanted to drop this Fresh New LIMITED ITEM. These are Psychopahtic Records Special Made Crew Hoodies. Once these are gone there gone. The only people to have these are the people who get em now. The good thing is that they are shipped the day you order them 3 day mail. So if you need a fast x mas present HOOK IT up! This Hoodie is just like a Jersey. Has the same patch on the Front as the Psychopathic Records Hockey or Football jersey. If you want one before there all gone just Go to the Milenko500.com Official Psychopathic Records Store and Hook it up! Any Juggalos who are going to KMK email Clown E and say sup!

D3dBdyM4n 12/16/00 Disclaimer: FUCK YOU AND YOUR BITCH ASS MOMMA. THIS GOES OUT TO ALL THE BITCHES OUT THEIR WHO'VE EVER BROKEN A JUGGALOS HEART. SUCKA FAT DICK AND DIE MUTHA FACKO! What the hell is up juggalos. Back from the dead once more again fucking up the flow again fuck it here we go again. Now as I was last leaving u ninjas with my busy shit and the fact that I'm sicker the most of the RJ Staff for fucking Delusionals momma. But after popping comtrex like fucking candy I'm feel mighty dandy if you smell what the d3d is cooking. Now according to some online stores Born Twiztid is slated to come out tomorrow on the 17th. Now either that's speculation cuz I don't know anyone who would release a tape on a sunday or it's the truth. Now From what I've been told It's prolly gonna be this week when it comes out. So look for it in your local Wal-Mart or something. Next on my Agenda. Operation FM Storm. The Radio storming program. I need more e-mails of Radio statios e-mails. We can't do this without them. So give me your local radio stations e-mail that bumps some ICP or MIGHT bump ICP. And fucking send it to me. Now I'm pretty much gonna leave you! with some words of wisdom. If first you don't succeed break the shit. When in doubt piss all over yourself. When time grabs you by the hand punch that mafaka in the face. When a bitch breaks your heart after 8 long months of good wholesome love, fuck her find a new bitch. And last but not least, NEVER EVER TAKE 4 COMTREX IN A ROW THEY WILL KNOCK YOU THE FUCK OUT. Speaking of out. I'm out like my dick in allisa malanos neden. Wo0t-D3dBdyM4n
12/16/00 Santa has a drinking problem!!
[Mail] [Photo] [Info]
what up juggalos.......... I got some small news about the twiztid tour. relative ash dropped off and as far as I know there still looking for someone else to replace them. I need you juggaloz with the band shit going on to send your shit for the milenko500 juggalo Promotions page I will be adding another group within the next week .. A really PH fukin phat group outta Cinncinati called "slaughtahouze" click here to visit there site and click here to check there shit on mp3.com! also check out juggalo promotions artist Defekts new christmas song on mp3.com by clickin here its the shit... but thats enough fukin clickin for today I'll be back tommorow peace and mcl
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
D3FoRMeR 12/16 No St. Louis Show
Alright St. Louis Juggalos I got some bad news for you guys. The St. Louis show for Sunday has been canceled.Many of you may have read over at Insaneclownposse.com that it was just moved across the river to Pops. Well I called up Pops and asked about the show they said,"...the show has been canceled." Then I called up Ticketmaster they also said that shit has been canceled. So, it looks like we are gonna get the bone. No information on a reschedule yet. For information on ticket refunding call up ticketmasterat (314)421-4400. Peace Juggalos.

Headcase's Wife P|ÑK¥© 12/16/00
What up ninjas this is pinky a.k.a headcases hot wife as most of you know me and headcase got married a few weeks ago in Wisconsin, I am from Detroit Michigan. We met online and talked for awhile and decided hey what the fuck lets gets married so here we are, the wedding pictures will be back to me in a few weeks they are at the studio as of now. Well if none of yhall no me my names ~PiNkY- most of you know me some of you know im 17 years old (yes I know im young) and I live in Michigan as soon as Michigan's shitty ass weather gets over ill be going to Wisconsin to move some of my shit over there. But as of now I'm not going anywhere in metro detroits weather right now were fucking snowed in ninjas this is the worst ive seen in forever we got fuckin 3 ft of snow up in this bitch they shut down our highways our malls schools for the rest of the week. So the clowns and twiztid should be happy bout being on tour cept rude boy he was bitching how cold Minn was but wait till he see's Michigan again it's all fuckered up hehe J well imm out this bitch. Yhall be sure to get your tickets to the next gathering in Chicago Il next year were they will be auctioning off the hollowicked boxes so if you didn't get one at hollowicked cuz of tickets selling out heres your second chance. Well im outtie ninjas
~M~C~L~ all
SoFtCoReMiKe® 12/15 StreetScience
My New Pics #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 My Movie Promo

WHAT UP NINJA'S!! Ok dec 9th was my 23rd b-day an here's how it went, ok i wake up to diana ( juss some random hoe) knockin on my door wantin to take me shopping for my b-day. so i take a shower an we have some screw drivers juss to start the day out right. SO about 2 hours later i've bin to express, wet seal, afterthoughts, an every other bitch store in the city an startin to think i might not even get a blowjob for my trouble, so i tell her i'm goin to bulls ( local bar) for my b-day drink an to get me when she's done. 4 long islands later she gets me an we take off to what looks like the sheriff station so i start trippen but we ended up at the animal shelter right next door, an she like " I'ma get you a puppy for your present" i told her i don't wanna puppy but she wasn't takin no for an answer so we're in there lookin at these filthy disease bags, when some old lady ask's if i needed help. i said " yea i'm looking for a tough dog, the kind that can really take a beating" an she gave me this scared look an is like " excuse me?!" so i said " yea i got a temper problem so i need a dog i can really lay my fists into." so now i'm kicked out an diana's all pissed at me. so we get to her house an she starts modeling victoria secret panties for me an after 10 minutes of begging i finnaly get the head gig i've bin wanting all morning, so she takes off to work so i head back home mix up a few an wait for fools to call me, so after drunk talkin my way threw my mom an my grandma's happy birthday phone calls, jugalinko calls me up an tells me to stay put cuz sks is on his way to get pick my ass up. so i'm at ninja central ( jugs crib) an mad people start showing up with bottles untill i realizes there havein a party for me ( i was pretty tore back so it took awhile to sink in) so after some shit talkin an being loud ( yall know me) a stripper show's up an it's heidi ( some hoe we all went to high skool with) an she's bin drinkin with us so it's hella kool. so she does her thing an it's aight but not outstanding so carl yell'd " HELL NAW GET NASTY!" so she starts playing with a vibrator, this is kool but we've seen it before, so sks is like " YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!" so she pours half a budwieser up her nedden an squirts it in sks's face, that was tight but i wanted my mind blown so we all pitched in an gave her an extra $30 an told her not to hold back, so she thinks for a minute, pulls 3 alka-seltzers outta her purse, shuves um up her nedden, pour in the other half of the beer, then puts the vibrator up her ass to mix things up inside, about 10 seconds later he nedden EXPLODED in foam, it look'd like a huge rabid oyster an she gave me the most hardcore lap dance possible and it was worth every penny. no moral this tyme juss happy birthday to me. THANX TO THE WHOLE M500 CREW FOR LOOKIN OUT. aight i'm out MCL
The SoFtCoReMiKe® Interview (Video) Get Free REAL PLAYER 8 CLICK HERE
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Video Shot By Jugalinko
Clown E Love 12/15/2000 Whuts up ninjaazzzz. First off i wanna give madd props to Softcore Mike and his autistic bride on their new addition to the collective. Im sure little Ormand will soon be the first hybrid to lead tha campaign to bring back Crystal Pepsi. Anywayz ...West Coast LA juggalos...me and a some homies are rollin down to tha 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica....hit me up on tha hotline (310)842-5005 or email me and let me know if ur down to meet us there tonite! Also...don't forget to get ur KMK tickets for the 27th @ the Key Club as well as Twiztid on January 25 @ the Key Club. I got both my tickets today so im all set like a muthafucker. I hope to meet hella juggalos at both these shows so let me know if u ninjaz are going. Aight im out for now......congrats to SKS Scott on his new job....now he can afford to buy me a christmas present!! Yeaaaa!! MCL to all you serial killaz out there!! Im out like whut?!? BabY Whut?!??!?
Ass Sex with the golden girls!! 12/15/00
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aight whats up juggaloz!! just a quick update to remind you that if you havent yet ya better reserve your copy of the new twiztid documentary "Born Twiztid" this video is gonna be phat..... taking you back to the oldschool HOK days and shit.... so go get that shit and also the pendelum comic #7 will not have that 20 minute rap..... its gonna be Three new rydas song. so make shure ya get that as well when it hits stores in january. peace and mcl
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
D3FoRMeR 12/15 I.C.P. Comic Books
Sup juggalos, Noodle Nugget updated insaneclownposse.com. He talks a little bit about the next Pendulum comic and the 3 songs that are going to come with that bitch. Also, he asks for you to your opinion on the comic series so far, and what you would like to see happen to the Preist or Killnoir. So, check that shit out. Also, I should have the dates for the second half of B/B tour up on this bitch this evening or friday so check back here for that later.
These are upcomming Comic Book Conventions that Rude Boy said today on the I.C.P. hotline that they will have Psychopathic products for sale:
1-5 Cinncinatti Ohio Cd & Records Show @ Preston Hotel
1-6 Viana Virginia Toy & Comic Book Show @ Tysons Corner Holiday Inn
1-7 Cleveland Ohio Comic Book Convention @ 9th Party Center in Knights of Columbus Hall on Uklad Avenue
Thats all for now juggalos peace.

Rat 12/15:

What up juggalos? Ok, I forgot one small detail for the mission: The damn lists of radio stations! So here they are:

Canadian Juggalos, vote for ICP on Much-Music at ondemand@muchmusic.com, as well as at loud@muchmusic.com. If you know of any fresh ass radio stations that are playing Insane Clown Posse, let us know, and we will add them to this list! Email JellyNuts@insaneclownposse.com or Noodle@insaneclownposse.com with the name, number, and web address of the station. Or email your mama and ask her why you are so ugly!
WRIF/Detroit, MI 313-298-WRIF
WBCN/Boston, MA 617-536-8000
WMRQ/Hartford, CT 860-723-6040
WCYY/Portland, ME 207-774-6364
WXDX/Pittsburgh, PA 412-333-WXDX
WRRV/Newburgh, NY 914-343-0092
WEEO/Hagerstown, MD 717-709-0800
WXSR/Tallahassee, FL 850-386-3101
WARQ/Columbia, SC 803-695-9935
WSFM/Wilmington, NC 910-251-1075
WEND/Charlotte, NC 704-570-1065
WJBX/Ft. Myers, FL 941-275-4999
WZZI/Roanoke, VA 540-344-1101 or 866-344-1101 WWVV/Savannah, GA 404-741-0997
WMAD/Madison, WI 608-281-0291
WWDX/Lansing, MI 517-363-2921
WEJE/Ft. Wayne, IN 219-747-7711
WIXO/Peoria, IL 309-346-2134
WEDJ/Indianapolis, IN 317-239-1071
WAQZ/Cincinnati, OH 513-621-9326
WNFZ/Knoxville, TN 856-656-5943
WZPC/Nashville, TN 615-399-1029
KLEC/Little Rock, AR 501-433-1065
KMYZ/Tulsa, OK 918-460-1045
KFMA/Tucson, AZ 520-880-KFMA
KRAD/Corpus Christi, TX 361-560-5105
KTEG/Albuquerque, NM 505-338-3343
KQRX/Odessa, TX 915-563-9500
KRZQ/Reno, NV 775-793-1009
KBPI/Denver, CO 303-534-5274
KXRK/Salt Lake, UT 801-570-9696
KQXR/Boise, ID 208-344-5575
KMBY/Monterey, CA 877-700-5529
KWOD/Sacramento, CA 916-448-1065
KFRR/Fresno, CA 559-255-3687
KFNK/Seattle, WA
thats it , juggalos! peace out
12.14.00 What's up J to the U to the double G + "ALOS?" I got three rapid fire points to make:
I just got a job at CCS in the warehouse...it's seasonal, but hopefully if I bust my ass and crank out the shipments I'll be kept on after the holidays. The phattest thing about this job is the discounts on the merchandise. I guess there's mad OT too... which always helps to pay the bills. I also got my window fixed...so jugalinko can't poop on my backseat through the gapping hole in my car; he'll have to actually open the door to do it now. phat props to one individual who's waited far too long to get a video he ordered from me: Kai Dessecker. If someone made me wait as long as you did to get that vid, I'd probably have bashed in my other panel window. Congratulations to Softcoremike (Princess) on the birth of his baby boy= Ormand Chulito High-menez. Ormand looks like a spitting image of softcore; for which I am deeply sorry. I'd give props to the little woman too, but she's autistic. Email Softcore and congratulate/pay your respects. Peace and what-not.

12/14/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
hay hay hay! Juggalos wad Up!! its like fukin 3:30 a.m. and shit........ so good mourning or whatever....... we have a new a addition to the milenko500 news crew so check out his good shit below, hes got some new twiztid tour dates for you. and on to my flavor .. ya definatley have to CLICK HERE NOW for the getmusic.com interview with ICP... twiztid is sitting in the interview but they do not speak. just thought Id point that out.... cause I can I guess. aight next up on the news this mourning feminem was crying because people are covering his yard with M&M wrappers and swimming in his pool...... I thought that was funny as hell.... and on to other related T.V. news some redneck from detroit was on springer..... he was cheating on his fat toothless redneck hoe with another fat redneck hoe from alabama but this bitch had teeth. probally dentures but anyway it was funny as well. and for all you michigan juggalos and juggalos willing to travel to michigan ya gotta hit this shit..... brought to you by prozak of the group bedlam

The First annual "ProZaK WicKeD StoCK" st.andrews hall Feb 2nd... tickets went on sale on the 9th and I'm sure theres plenty left.... there will be ten wicked groups tearin shit up at st.andrews hall that night. as soon as I can get a list of groups I'll post that immediatley.... and just too help put an end these stupid rumors..... NO! bedlam did not break up and NO! bedlam does not hate on juggalos!
and other than that shit there aint shit...... so~I'm~out~like~you~never~saw~me......... ~Stealth~
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
D3FoRMeR 12/14 Twiztid Hotline
Sup juggalos I'm the new member of M500 and for my first update I got same flavor for that ass. Jamie Madrox updated the hotline today saying the Twiztid Documentary hits the shelves this mother fucking Tuesday juggalos. So, make sure all you juggalos put that shit on your christmas list. Secondly he annouced some preliminary dates for the second leg of theTwiztid Freakshow tour. They are as follows:
1-5 Pittsburgh, PA @ Metro poll
1-6 Chicago, IL @ Metro
1-7 Louisville, KY @ Headliners
1-9 Grand Rapids, MI @ Orbit room
1-11 Milwaukee, WI @ Big Rave
1-12 Minneapolis, MN @ Quest
1-13 Lawrence, KS @ Granada
1-14 Denver, CO @ Ogden
1-16 Colorado Springs, CO @ Music Hall
1-19 Seattle, WA @ Show Box
1-20 Portland, OR @ Roseland
1-23 San Francisco, CA @ Slims
1-25 West Hollywood, CA @ Key Club
1-26 Mesa, AZ @ Nile Theater
1-27 Las Vegas, NV @ Sanctuary
The Grand Rapids show is not the Detroit show they will have that show at a later date. Also, the Las Vegas show may be two shows it depends. That's all the flavor I got for now Peace.
D3dBdyM4n 12/13/00 The Answer to your question Moose is The Great Milenko For real I don't know that answer.Good Question though. What up juggalos. It's me again returning from a small Haitus of Mental Instanity and Dimensia. Ok here's the fucking dealio. Operation FM Storm needs YOUR help. Yes. Alot of juggalos were like LET ME IN ON THIS LET ME IN ON THIS. So I'm gonna let you in. I NEED E-Mail Addresses and fucking Names of Radio Stations that bump ICP or have the potential to bump ICP in your area. The plan is to create a program in which floods their e-mails up with PLAY ICP messages and sorts. That's the plan and we're sticking to it. This will get the Air Wave Media's attention on ICP and well if that happens when you turn your car radio on you just might hear the Dark Carnivals Message. I've been plugging the fuck outta it. Now it's time to do it. E-mail ME and Headcase these e-mail addresses and we'll send them in and get the program done. Now my turn Moose since I didn't quite get the last question. When the Shockmaster was introduced to the WCW. He was supposed to be the Unstoppable fo! rce against The Taskmaster and the Dungeon of Doom on Hogan and Stings Side. What Former WWF Star was he? And why did that Angle flop like a donkeys dick? Until then Juggalos MCL-D3dBdyM4n
Dj Dogbeats86- 12/13
Hello juggalos. I have two pieces of news for ya. FIRST OF...I am changing my name from DJ dogbeats86 to just simpley, dogbeats86. So, refer to me as that now muthfackos. and 2ND.. I just called MTV confirming the reports that you juggalos have called up. I asked the guy if juggalos have been calling up and he said that he wasnt exactly sure what to say and that the calls were being rotated, whatever the hell that means??????? Peace ninjas
12/13 Psychopathic Records Direct
I just want to stress the fact that REHAB kick ass. There shit is off the hook. I want to also say sinse I own this site I can promote other bands. All you cali Juggalos Understand Clown E aint Jokin cause the 27th at the Key Club is gona be some fun. Let me remind you that REHAB opens up with 2 stripers wearing Nurse Suits that are WAY WAY too small. They show it all babby and its not an over 21 show for all you kiddies! If any one needs FREE DRINKS and your underage Hit Up Clown E Love as he's a Big Baller and Know's the Bar Tender. Clown E will be the One with the Psychopathic Gear and Afro. Big Pimpin Psycho Juggalos Style.
I added a new Rehab Song to check out in MP3 Format so you can realy hear it. And its a trip but Violent J has taken over the 2nd place bumping Shaggy down to the 3rd best rapper? This is amazing folks, so lets leave this up a lil bit and see how it ends up after 1000 diffrent folks vote.

Drinking Problem MP3

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12/13/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
aight whats up juggaloz!! check this...... I need to clear this up quick. in my pervious update I mention That the Fmstorm thing was an idea I gave to delusional........ but it turns out someone from the seeds was already planning this..... and it was just a big coincidence that I happen to have gave delusional the same idea the night before..... buts its all good and shit. Operation FMstorm is gonna go down and I can only hope that it is as effective as I expect it to be. I know theres thousands of juggalos out there you still havent heard icp on the radio..... but OPeration Fmstorm's goal is to get the stations already playing icp to play them more..... hopefully we can get your stations playin ICP soon too. but I belive that will be a whole nother assault. but any check www.insaneclownposse.com for more info on that shit!~and~I'm~out~like~you~never~saw~me......... ~Stealth~
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
MOOSE 12/13
Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with anyone, I'm poor, and not worth suing, AKA, I'm not with the WWF, WcW or ECW or anybody like that so FUCK Yourself with the legal shit bitch! What up Juggalos and Ninjas, it's MOOSE back up in this bitch once again. Sorry Ninja's because Subway's been working me like a $2.00 whore I've been late and that's usually not like me to forget my freeks. Welp its a somewhat slow news day BUT I do have the Armageddon PPV results for ya and I will on either Thursday or Friday *only 2 days I have off* will come up with some new news. Here is the results. WWF ARMAGEDDON 12/10/00 The Radicalz vs The Hardyz and Lita in a 6 person intergender tag match. The Radicalz win as the match comes down to Lita and Dean Malenko. Malenko tossed Lita around and finished her off with the Texas Cloverleaf. Steven Regal defeats Hardcore Holly with an assist from Raven who hits an EvenFlow DDT causing Regal to get the pin. RTC's Val Venis defeats Chyna with help from Ivory. Val uses the fisherman's suplex to get the pin. Y2J Chris Jericho defeats Kane in a Last Man Standing Match, this match went all over the place with Y2J getting the win by pushing a huge oil drum prop ontop of Kane to get the 10 count win. WWF 4 Way Tag Team Title Match: The Dudley Boyz vs. Road Dogg and K-Kwik vs. RTC(c) (Bull and GoodFather) vs. Edge and Christian. Edge and Christian get the win and become NEW tag team champions after Christian hit The Impaler on D-Von Dudley causing Edge to get the pin. WWF Intercontinental Title Match: "The One" Billy Gunn(c) vs The Crippler Chris Benoit. A Technically sound match, Benoit and Gunn were both on their game, but Billy possibly reinjured his opporated on shoulder giving Benoit a weak spot to work on. Benoit wins via The Crippler CrossFace and becomes the NEW Intercontinental Champion. Triple Threat Womens Title Match: RTC's Ivory vs. Molly Holly vs. Trish of T&A Ivory wins stealing a pin from Molly who hit a Holly Powerbomb. Ivory still Champ. End of the match was pretty cool, T&A tried to attack Molly when Crash tried to save his cousin when the T&ApA turned and nailed Crash, just then the APA's theme kicks and here come Faarooq and Bradshaw come out and a brawl ensues and they beat T&A's asses and declare APA's back in business and walk out helping Molly and Crash. Finally... The 6 Man Hell in a Cell Match for the WWF World Title: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Triple H vs. Rikishi vs. The Rock vs. The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle(c) The match was one of the BLOODIEST I'd ever seen, it was the shit, the match went outside of the cage when Vince and a construction crew tried to rip the cage down only to be stopped by Mick Foley. Angle went on to get the win via stealing the win after Austin hit the Stunner. Coolest part of the night in Cell was when The Undertaker who was up ontop of the cage Choke Slammed Rikishi off the top and onto the back of a flat bed construction truck (there was gerbal cedar shit lining the bed so he didn't get hurt) After Angle won, Austin got back up and gave the champion a victory Stunner. Still Champion: Kurt Angle. I'll have more news for you freeks on either thursday or friday its the only days off i have for now so MOOSE will return to bash your fuckin' brains in with the news. MCL To everyone that's down AND to D3dbdyM4n a Wrestling question (the show down has begun) an easy question to start off with... When Stone Cold Steve Austin was still The RingMaster *phresh name* WHO DID Austin job to that is now a WWF trainer in a 4 corners match? *where you have to touch all 4 ring post corners* (FANS PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THE ANSWER, THIS IS A GAME BETWEEN MYSELF AND D3DbdyM4N, BUT if you would like to send me questions or him questions to ask eachother we'll give you props and shit if we use your question. aight. peace out, MOOSE UP OUT THIS BITCH?!
Rat 12/13:
What up juggalos? Notta much here. Your good ole' ninja Rat aint doin so hot right now. He be havin some of the worst women problems that would make the average ass-hole kill him-self but hes holdin through for his friends... Wow, I really am goin nuts, Im fuckin talkin about my-self as if Im not even me! Well, Lienda did not fail and thats a good thing but MTV made the whole damn thing blow up in our faces to make it look like we failed and they succeded! Yeah, they did that cuz that faggot Carson had a bet on his job that they wouldnt make it up there on the countdown. So for all the juggalos that supported Lienda, I praise you but in my opinion, I say it's done. We should just give up on the entire ICP on radio/mtv/vh1/bet shit cuz it shouldnt even happen like that. Christ, didnt we try this shit durring the days of Jeckel? That whole album, according to J, was a little bit of everything for everyone of new audiences to come and join us but why would we want that? All that is left are hard core Limp fans and Emina fans, why the hell would we want them jumpin from their wagon to ours? Violent J even said, and I quote, "We dont need any more fans, Im happy with the juggalos we got". What the hell happened? Did he suddanly get sick of us? FUCK NO, why would he go and do that?! But why would he go and want more juggalos when he gots us? Im sure that alot of you juggalos feel the same but if ya dont, tell me why cuz Id really like to know! Aiight, well there aint much for me to say cuz I aint got shit else so I'll just be headin up outtie here. Peace Juggalos
Clown E Love 12/12/2000 Whut up ninjaz...much clown luv to all tha ninjaz that emailed me regarding the Seeds of Lotus thing. We here at m500 appreciate you ninjaz who got our backs. Aight im up on here for a brief note to all WEST COAST juggalos in Cali. This friday imma buy my ticket to tha KottonMouth Kings concert @ the Key Club on Dec. 27. I want madd juggalos to show up like last time on Halloween. Everyone who is down to go email me and let me know so all of us can hook up.... Hotline@milenko500.com One love to all tha juggalos that call our hotline and madd props to tha don here @ m500 Jugalinko for puttin in madd work on this site and making our page look tight as fuck. Aight im out like whut?? Baby Whut?!?!?
12/12/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
wad up juggaloz!! aight there isnt a lot of icp news goin on now right now but I want you to know that there is some freshness thats gonna be goin down really soon. a whole new assult on the media and on the streets..... aight about two nights go I had a really good conversation with fxckface and delsuional from rj and the seeds. it started off on the wrong foot but then it turned into something cool. I gave them two ideas that they as the seeds can do to help promote icp and there new cds. one of them being tHis "operation FMstorm" thing...... I said we should do to the radio stations what we did with mtv and fllood them bitches with requests and show that spinning ICP would be in there best interests..... the other idea I had will be known hopefully very soon. its like this........... I came up with these ideas in the respect of helping out are favorite juggalos violent J and shaggy 2 dope..... and for the money to those charitys. cause I couldnt even tell you how much the dark carnival means to me. and how hard I am willing to work to spread its message. and yes I would like to be known for that........ As every juggalo should be credited for what theyve done as well and most have been. so send those radio staion emails in and lets get this shit going. for our favorite psychopathic clowns and for them charitys..... I'm out for now but ya know I'll be back tommorow with some news for real..... peace and mcl and all that good happy shit !
-HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
D3dBdyM4n 12/11/00 Disclaimer : IMPORTANT IMPORTANTE! IMPORTANT UHM MUTHA FUCKIN IMPORTANT GODDAMN THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! What up ninjas it's D3dBdym4n back again to bring you another important update. Well if you've heard the hotline you can pretty much hear that J is very very depressed in fact so depressed he's thinking about quitting. Now I dont' think he will. It's due to all the hate mail he gets and such. Now we at milenko500.com are very used to that shit. In fact.. I get more hate mail in a day then anyone else on the site. But He'll be ok I hope. Every person has their ins and outs. J get better. Now onto a more important matter at hand. We have a bigger better plan. So this is Important. I need every single one of you juggalos to e-mail me the names and e-mail addresses of every radio station in your area that bumps ICP. E-mails only not phone numbers radio hosts or anthing. Names and e-mail addresses so peep that shit out ok?. I myself just got done with an important online meeting about a new operation. Operation FM Storm. We'll clue you on the shit. So E-mail me these e-mail! addresses and Names to either d3dbdym4n@hotmail.com or d3dbdym4n@milenko500.com. And remember this is detrimental to Operation FM Storm. MCL and ONE LuV.-D3dBdyM4n
12/06 Psychopathic Records Direct
  • Hey Hey So-Cal, Vegas, Juggalos and all KMK Juggalos Peep out these phat tour dates. The most important one is the Key Club, Thats where ICP opened up there First Wicked Clowns From Space Tour, yes the same place where the "Big 3" was realesed (Rydas,Space, Strangle Mania 2). The Key Club is on the Sunset Strip the Main Drag In Hollywood California. Big Mother Fukin Pimpin with 2 full bars and and upstairs and downstairs. You can get chron in and toke it up and the Key Club to so lets hit that up. And KMK is touring with one of the Best New Rap Groups I personaly Have Ever Herd REHAB. Rehab currently has a cd out called "REHAB Southern Discomfort" 15 tracks of knarly "Twiztid Style" rap. I added a few samples of rehab and the KMK Dates and Info Below.
    Also the M500 Poll is staying up for a lil bit longer till we all decide who the real #2 rapper is. Sinse its realy obviouse that Jamie Madrox is the Best Rapper (skills of Fury) as Spot #1 on the Poll. The thing is that Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J are kneck and kneck for 2nd place. Just last week it was shaggy by a mile but J is slowly catching up. Maybe J is having the Psychopahtic Crew Vote? Props to Nathan At psychopathic records, for all his dedicated hard work, keeping the world click served. Power Boy'z all patched up and under the recomendation of Jugalinko and his arm, has decided to leave the tile business as it may cause too much pain to his car windows.
    Kotton Mouth Kings Tour Dates
    Fri 12/22/00 Pomona, CA Glass House
    Wed 12/27/00 West Hollywood, CA Key Club
    Sun 12/31/00 Las Vegas, NV Huntridge Theatre
    Storm Chaser mp3
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    Da M500's Loki Bates aka Rat (pic)

    Dj Dogbeats86- 12/10
    JUGGALOS!! You guys are commited. Thats is fresh. SO, since YOU requested it, Heres the number: (212)258-8000* CALL MTV AND TELL THEM WHAT YOU THINK!!! AND IF THIS BECOMES BIG, REMEMBER THE JUGGALOS STARTED IT. HELLS YEAH.
    Dj Dogbeats86- 12/10
    Hey Juggalos. This is your boy dj dogbeats86 with a plan. I have in my hand, the number for mtv studios. This is not the request number..IT IS THE ACTUAL STUDIO NUMBER. The thing I want to know is, is there a commitment to call up MTV and tell them that what they did on friday was NOT fresh. SO juggalos, if you are in..E-mail me at dogbeats86@hotmail.com and tell me.I found a link that allows you to see about 30-45 seconds of the "Let's Go All The Way" video. Here it is, just scroll down and click on "Lets Go All The Way": Also, you can go to mtv.com and click on "Find A Band G-O and scroll down to insane clown posse. KEEP VOTIN NINJAS> HAVE A RED CHRISTMAS!!! STAY DOWN...AND FUCK MTV!!!
    MOOSE 12/10
    Disclaimer: Fuck yourself, I'm nobody and nothing so if you don't like my column you can always eat a mouth full of dick. What up Ninja's MOOSE FINALLY get's a day off from Subway so First I wanna appologize for not having the Massacre on 34th Street results up. ECWWrestling.com has those so it's pointless for me to duece those up. Tonight as you know is WWF Armageddon, TONIGHT there will be results because I'm staying up once again till 2 am for my wicked wrestling freeks. But Right now MOOSE wants to duece up my part of the column where I go off on anything that pisses me off. Today I now understand what D3dbdym4n and Jugalinko are talking about with the dalnet bitches. Lemme set this shit for ya. Aight, MOOSE as you know is on WebTV aight. I figured out how I can escape from TALKCITY and get into DalNet, I wanted to see for myself what this whole Dal Net thing was. Aight so I get in there and the topic of the room was "MILENKO500.com and how much they suck in their jew gayness" Now they have officially pissed MOOSE off, For those who have forgotten MOOSE is 6'3" 328lbs and I pack one helluva punch too. Before saying anything I wanted to observe what was going on so I played it cool. A hata who *i forgot his name but it started with a D and had a Z in it, if anyone knows this hata MOOSE said he can fuck himself with an exhaust pipe* So he confronted me. "Hey you that MOOSE guy from Milenko500" Instead of giving a direct answer i stopped. "Depends are you going to jump down my throat for the wrong answer?" "Yeah" "Then yeah, I'm MOOSE, ya gota problem with it?" "Yeah Milenko500 sucks" Well ninjas MOOSE was only confronted with this jackass, I for over an hour defended the honor of M500. I eventually left up outta there because they are as Kevin Becon said ther a bunch of hatin' bitches. And if I knew how to attack people with mail bombs and shit I would. MOOSE takes offense when you cross him or his homies. ANYWHO I just wanted to share my experience with the hatas simply because they are all lifeless drones who get off on talkin' shit. Dumb muthafucks like them need to have the shit whip kicked out of them. (Usually I'm more violent and agressive when I'm pissed off but its like 10:02 am on sunday and I'm still tired. Yo, the results and the news will be written tonight. Peace out, MOOSE was up in this bitch. OH YEAH to that BITCHBOY who was ATTEMPTING to talk shit about me (you know who you are) GET BACK ON YOUR KNEES, YOUR DADDY WANTS TO SEND A LITTLE QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR ASS, oh yeah, you might wanna wipe that white shit off the side of your mouth. PEACE THE FUCK OUT!
    What the hell is wrong. I've updated more in the last two days than in the last two months. Seriously, something is wrong....OH I know what it is...I just quit my lame fucking job. Fuck breaking my back, knees and fingers for half of what I should be making. But on the 4real tip I wrote something the other night and I just thought i'd share it with you all. So, brew up a cup of herbal tea, pull up a chair next to a warm yule tide fire and enjoy the following exposition:
    This is a celebration; the possible farewell to the is mortal coil. Feast and intake of the liquid nectar which beareth the name "malt liquor." This is a praise flooded rite in recognition of the emperical sensation being a homo-sapien brings. Consciousness (while admittedly, being influenced by the unconscious) is a fleeting gift which one should salute through the guzzling of alcohol. Every night I worship existence. In drunken extremism I honor this life God has given me; all the while knowing fullwell that it can be stripped away from me any moment in battle. The conflict arises every morn ready to take my life; to murder and vanquish me outright. The engagement against insurmountable odds during the daylight hours has brought upon me a substantial love for life. Live fast die young- the saying holds true. So to this next breath I drink...and to the one after... for the cessation of awareness looms before me and every living being.
    Phat props to the whole M500 crew; especially to the two field medics known to us as jugalinko and Softcoremike. Peace Juggalos and Juggalettes. MCL.

    12.09.00 What up juggalos. I put my elbow through the driver's side rear window of my car last night; which fucking sucks because by doing so I ruined my Jake Jeckel (out of Jake and Jack, Jake is my favorite) vinyl sticker. I don't have much time to update because I gotta track down a new window, but I just wanted to drop some deeply intelectual and profound knowledge: G*ddamn, I need to update more so you fine juggalettes will send me pics of your beautiful boobies. Alright, I'm out, I'll have some cool pics of softcore, jugalinko and me from thanksgiving and what-not real soon. Peace Juggalos, Mad Cali Love.
    Clown E Love 12/08/2000
    The Psycho Juggalos Hotline Has Been Updated. The First one is a Brand New Candid Interview With Psychopathic's Own Ry Ry 2 Slow. The Second One is Todays Update. And Just to let you Peep some Flavor. Jamie Madrox Called us and Gave Us Props. SoFtCoReMiKe® Interview will be Tonight see check that out soon as he is one funny mexican.
    Hotline #49Dec 08
    Hotline #48Dec 02
    Ry Ry Interview
    Hotline #49Dec 08
    Hotline #48Dec 02
    Ry Ry Interview
    Call In Props
    Jamie Madrox New
    Rude Boy Past
    Violent J Past
    Alex Abbiss Past
    Jamie Madrox Props in Wav. Format.

    12/08/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]

    what up!! aight in this update what I got for you juggalos is some tittys,a headcase original remix, and of course some ICP News for that bitch ass!! aight I'm not sure how true this is but according to speculation the cops in NYC were making juggalos take off there face paint and masks....... which to me sounds like someone from MTV is paying them off to do so. Fuk them pigs.... go there everyday with face paint til they get sick of telling you take it of or till MTV goes broke and cant afford to pay the piggies off anymore. Or if youd rather not do that shit just go there with big ass ICP signs.......aight heres an IDEA


    we gotta keep pushing to get that fukin video on trl!! check out Deadbodymans update below for some more ways on how to go about this. aight onto some brighter news
    the pendelum #6 is now out and it comes with the song "aint nuthin but bitch thang" so go look for that shit. Tickets for the bigballers x-mas party go on sale tommorow mourning at 10:00 a.m. Plus New dates have been added to the twiztid freekshow tour check em out friday 01/05/00 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Metropol Saturday 01/06/01 - Chicago, IL @ The Metro Sunday 01/07/01 - Louisville, KY @ Shocker's

    other than that click herefor my remix and click here for them tittys!!
    take this poll too let me know what ya think of my remix too. peace and mcl!!
    phat or wack
    is my remix phat or wack?


    Current Results

    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    D3dBdyM4n 12/8/00 Disclaimer : FUCK THIS SHIT I'm PISSED. What the hell is up juggalos. Now if you haven't heard well get used to hearing it again. ICP did not make TRL at all. We have tried juggalos and I'm glad to hear you have. Thank you ninjas for trying on the computers, Squadron 58 and whatever the fuck else was tried. Now here's the dealio. We got fucked. Hard Long and painfully by MTV. I've noticed it and so has my ninja Fl4w3d. He was the one that actually made me think about it more. When is the video played? Well here's the answer I have seen the video twice between the hours of 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. and that's it never during the day! Now how the fuck do you expect us to get fans and following if yer playing the video at night? No americans see that shit unless your a fucking night owl. And how many juggalos stay up that late unless they are drunk to see that shit? First order we need to fucking tell MTV by e-mail or someshit calling to put the fucking video on the DAYTIME rotation that way the Western Hemisphere can! see that shit. Second notion that was brought up by Delusional from Rj.com. 300+ juggalos showed up to MTV TRL at Times Square and guess what? 300+ juggalos were told to take their faces off. In other words no facepaint was allowed at the times square. NOW WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT?! WHO THE FUCK SAID THAT SHIT?! When I go out in public on halloween or just any normal day with my facepaint on I am never ever ever told by any police to fucking take my facepaint off and I live in fucking Kentucky of all places where if you spit on the side walk you catch a Rodney King style beat down by some cops. A week ago ninjas had face paint on Ape boy showed up so did fucking the rest of the juggalo crew and now we're being suppressed by John Q law cuz we fucking represent?! That's fucking jacked as fuck. Never have I seen such a display of stupid shit in my life. and I'm not gonna speculate why the cops told them to take it off during the filming but you can. What do us juggalos do i! n a time of suppression? We flex our fucking muscles and show the world that we dont' give a fuck. That we take what we want. When the venue in Florida dicked all you juggalos outta a concert what did you do? You burnt that fucker down destroyed that shit. When it happened in Oklahoma City where Gimpie lives what happened? Not a goddamned thing. So it proves that when you flex your fucking muscles shit happens. In Cali Mike Wood showed up to give the juggalos love who got the bone during the Instore that our 4 ninjas couldn't show up to cuz of a family emergency. When the TX juggalos got pissed off cuz they got the bone cuz of woodstock what happened? A second Wing of the WCFOS tour happened and they showed up. So what do we need to do about MTV? Show them that we aint' fucking playing no more and we're tired of their whorish bitch trick ass games of putting our video up at night so noone can see it and it stays underground Locked within the vaults of MTV collecting dust on sh! elves. We need to e-mail them call them Tag the fucking building throw a faygo or two through that fucking window into carson daily's lap Tip some fucking cars over Let them mother fuckers no we ain't gonna take no dick from some old ass corporate mother fuckers saying ICP is not suitable for fucking people. Look at DMX that mother fucker raps about fucking hos and smoking pot. They let his ass up on the MTV. Look at slim anus he raps about fucking dr dre and having sex with his daughter they let him on MTV. Why can't the except the fact that ICP is here to stay put our shit on the day time shows. Juggalos in New York Fucking serial kill them mother fuckers hit the cameras with faygo say fuck the police and tell them to eat your nuts and suck on your shit because the wicked shit will never fucking die. Put on your masks and represent Serial Fuckin Killa Style Until them I'm out like fucking Ape Boy to the DDT. BOW! MCL ONE LOVE AND FUCK EVERYONE ELSE! UNDERGROUND FOR LIFE! UNE! DITED FOR LIFE! UNCENCORED TILL I FUCKING DIE! AND FUCK EVERYONE WHO HATES ME HAS BETRAYED ME AND ALL THAT SHIT. Oh and by the way. Here's the secret to Fe` Invictus. Fe`Invictus means in latin Suffering to the Conqueror. I've suffered long enough by means of methodical mental torture from someone dear to me. So when you see me don't expect me to be a great guy. Think of me as an awesome person. ONE LOVE YOU MUTHA FUCKIN JUGGALOS BIATCH!
    Rat 12/8:
    Yo, juggalos? Whuts goin down? Nadda much goin down here, just sittin at home cuz Im sick as fuck and I dont feel like goin to school for the next couple of days... or past the weekend, either. Well, shit, not much goin down in the underworld, but I'll tell ya all what Ive been doin to spread the word of ICP, K? Now, some of ya'll might get pissed, but I dont give two shits cuz I wasnt to happy with the entire ICP on MTV thing anyway! So, what I have been doin durrin most of my study halls and classes where I didnt do nothin for one reason or another, I have been scrollin through magazines, lookin for pictures of really famous actors, singers, actresses, etc, etc. So, what I did was draw face paint on people like Fred Durst, Jonathan Davis, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mark McGrath... you know, a bunch of main-streem bitches (I even did one of Eminem and put "Juggalo Wannna-Be" All over it). SO after I drew either J or Shaggy's paint up on their faces, I wrote on their chest , "Vote ICP's 'Let's Go All The Way' on MTV!! 1-800-dial-mtv" I had to put one up each hour cuz our faggot principle doesnt appriciate ICP so he rips them down, but the rest of the faculty found them extremely funny (seein people in clown make-up, they thought it was an ad for anti-cenitisum, whatever the fuck that means)! So, anyway, thats what I have been doin and a lot of people have been votin for them for what I have been askin. Well, still no ICP new years eve parties, so I aint got nuttin else to say so I'll be checkin out here! Later, ninjas
    Clown E Love 12/7/2000
    Ok first off i want to voice my opinion on this whole issue with Seeds of Lotus and us here at tha Milenko500... its true we were left out for whatever reason ..and while we do feel that we deserved to be included its not on us to start hating on tha sites that were included. Im not saying we here at m500 are hating..im saying that ninjaz have been tellin me personally that we should be pissed off that we got tha bone. But whut bone? We got props on every single copy of the Bizzar Bizzar albums, we operate as though we ARE part of Seeds of Lotus anyway...hasnt anyone noticed that we're also pushing for juggaloz to support ICP takin over Mtv? Itz all for juggalos....like in tha song "Juggalos Paradise" We're all one family and we operate as one. I would like to give props to all tha sites that are in Seeds of Lotus becuz this aint no competition...we're not out to be the biggest and the best site...we're not out to get famous....we're jes out to show our support for tha muthafuckin Dark Carnival and thats fuckin straight up. Aight thats all i have to say about that....now for all you Psycho Juggalos Hotline fans.....(all 4 of u) Me and my cousin Ry Ry have taken over the Psychopathic Tour Dates Hotline (734)913-9832. Mah homie and Lotus member Delusional has hooked us up with tha hotline and its tha fuckin shit. All you east coast juggalos now can rest a little easier cuz thats and east coast number for all u ninjaz that dont wanna call west coast Psycho Juggalos hotline. Main option is newz and whut not, option 1 is urs truly Clown E spittin out Bizzar Bizaar tour dates, option 2 is mah ninja Ry Ry 2 Slow spittin out Twiztid Freek Show tour dates from tha road cuz he's doing tha Freek Show promo tour, option 3 is gonna be tour merchandise info as well ass street dates for new merch. Me and Ry Ry are still gonna skool tha Psycho Juggalos Hotline and i have to apologize for not hookin up some more streamin updates on our page...i've been madd busy workin with Ry Ry trying to figure out how we were gonna do both hotlines but rest assured imma be hookin up some more hotlines for our Psycho Juggalos page real soon. Aight one last thing b4 im out this bitch.....madd props to ALL juggalos out there that have a website or hotline that are out there trying to do something positive instead of being a fake ass juggahoe hating on juggalos cuz they got nothing better to do. One love...down with tha clown 4 LIFE!!......im out like whut?!? Baby Whut?!? MCL
    D3dBdyM4n 12/6/00 Disclaimer: This interview below was obtained by me via rollingstone.com. Fuck them they can suck my balls if they dont' liek the fact tht I'm posting that shit. Well Ninjas I obtained a little tidbit of info from the rollingstones.com website. I want you to read below and tell me what you think. It's a fairly good interview if you smell what I'm cooking. Friday December 01 09:00 PM EST Violent J on ICP's Bizaar, Bizzar Ride "That's us -- the most hated band in the world," brags Insane Clown Posse's Violent J with a laugh. "And I'll proclaim that over any of these lameass bands out there. We own that title. We make USA Today's worst album every year. They don't really know much about music, but it's still great. It's great to be named the best at something . . . even if it's sucking." For the Motor City hip-hop clown duo, there's exists a contentment in that title that's been a long time coming. For years the group has been ridiculed, reviled, panned, slagged and just about any other derogatory verb you can imagine. With the release of their two new albums, Bizzar and Bizaar, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope have created a double fuck-off to their detractors, offering two bitter pills to swallow. It's the usual axe-wielding horror rap times two, but the guys in ICP have a sneaky trump card up their sleeves. Their cover of Eighties one-hit-wonder Sly Fox's "Let's Go All the Way" has found them creeping into MTV after a decade of being ignored by television and radio. Whether or not MTV can boost ICP into the sales stratosphere hardly matters. With a dedicated legion of Juggalos, the duo has a guaranteed audience that doesn't hinge on singles. "We don't need to be triple platinum or win any Grammy Awards," J says. "I used to think that one day we'd get the world t! o see things our way and see us as a band, but to be honest with you brother, I don't think that's ever gonna really happen." Nevertheless, with two discs and a worldwide tour kicking off this weekend with Nashville Pussy, Suicidal Tendencies and Chuck D's Confrontation Camp in tow for some dates, the bizaar, bizzar, bizarre ride continues. How'd the hell did you hook up with Nashville Pussy? I never heard their music. I have now, man . . . they're really different than us. They do southern rock almost, like Lynyrd Skynyrd sped up. I don't know how the juggalos are going to take to it. That remains to be seen. But any band that calls us and asks to be on our show, we're more than honored to have 'em as part of our show. And the first three bands that called us were Suicidal Tendencies, Confrontation Camp and Nash Pussy, and we welcomed all three with open arms. It's a pretty weird mix up there, but that's what the carnival is about. So who has the scarier rednecks, Georgia or Detroit? Oooh. I'm going to say Detroit has scarier rednecks, because Detroit rednecks are wolves in sheep's clothing. In Georgia, they're just wolves in wolf clothing. In Detroit you don't know who's a redneck until you go home and meet their parents. Which of you has the scarier fans? I don't know, we're about to find out. I think they're all in one. They just don't know it yet, but they're the same people. They're gonna meet each other and realize they're the same. Any story as to Confrontation Camp's presence on the tour? Chuck D shocked the hell out of me. When he came to Detroit two years ago he called us out of nowhere, and said, "I'm a giant fan, can you come down, I wanna meet you guys." We couldn't fucking believe it. He had all of our CDs, our videos. He said, "I'm a Juggalo, man." Your tour launched with a surprise, $2 show in Cleveland. Do those gigs set you back much? We pay the expenses in our merchandise. If you go $2 a head that's not going to cover the cost of a show. But we do a lot of merchandise. Listen to this, you can have an arena with other bands and they won't do the merchandise that we'll do in a small club. That's because our connection with our fans is so much more personal. It's more than a song on a radio. Our fans feel connected to us, us being kind of geeks and losers, that's what Insane Clown Posse is. But I got a wall with two platinum albums and three gold albums. And we did that with no radio, no nothing. The merchandising aspect seems as tight as that of the WWF. The WWF is a lot like us in a lot of ways, because those are characters in wrestling. You have a whole arena of blue-collar workers and their sons. And everybody knows what they're looking at is fake, but they're booing the bad guys and cheering the good guys having a good night away from reality. And that's what our concerts are. They're just having a good time. Yet some take you so seriously. 'Cause we do rap. And the thing about rap is keep it real. But here's the problem with that: we all live and breathe in a real world every day. Why does our music have to reflect that too? I want my music to take me out of real. I work and pay bills. I want my music to take me away on an adventure -- these two serial-killing clowns killing the bad guys of the earth, cutting redneck's heads off. Fuck keeping it real, let's keep it entertaining. That's what you buy a record for. Whatever your life is, rap about it. Well sometimes that's depressing. And that's the reason critics hate us, they haven't figured it out. There's not a kid in our audience who thinks we're axe-murdering serial killers. It's part of the play. And you're hardly novices in the axe-wielding clown genre. I've been doing this ten years. We have a documentary coming out in about two months that shows the entire journey so far. We have all this footage going back to 1991 of us dancing on stage with Kid Rock. I mean, I've had shows where I had every single kid in that audience singing every single word of a song with me and then get up the next morning in that very same town and read in the local paper that the show sucked. Who the hell was this? Obviously they didn't get it. It's just crazy for a guy to review Sting's album and then review our album. But I can talk to you all day and the fact is that we'll always be dissed. But it doesn't matter because as long as there are people out there listening, I'm gonna be in business. And I have a feeling I'm gonna be in business forever. There'll be plenty more albums in the future for people to dis. So come and get it. You mentioned Kid Rock, do you see him around any more? Without question he's a multi-trillionaire and he could live high and mighty but Kid Rock is the kind of guy who's gonna keep it like it was. I'm not good personal friends with him, though I've known him forever. I love the fact that he blew up, though, because that's a guy who paid some heavy dues. Seeing him on MTV, I know he wasn't a guy who was just created and blew up the next year. He was somebody who actually paid his dues. When we make fun of him on our record, that's just having fun. It's just fun to make fun of public figures. It's just us being clowns. I don't think he's concerned with what's on our records anyway. But he's deserving of everything he's got. Your Eminem parody, "Nuthin' But a Bitch Thang" was a little more pointed. Did you ever think about including it on "Bizaar" . . . or even "Bizzar"? I didn't want to spend a whole song dissing him on Bizarre/Bizaar. We still got at him, there's a song called "Please Don't Hate Me" where we kill Eminem at the end. I didn't just want to make it to where all we were singing and rapping about was Eminem because that gets boring real quick. It was just an answer to what he did to us on his album. Was there a beginning to that feud? There was a lot of his underground stuff of his from back in the day, "fuck ICP/buy my cd" that kind of thing where he's just going off on us. So on a radio show we did a parody of "My Name Is" and called it "Slim Anus." The following day Eminem did an interview on the same radio station and they played it for him. So his album came out and he dissed us back. But I guess we started it. But what Eminem's doing, we were doing in 1994. He grew up on our humor, it's all Juggalo style. But I think Detroit and I think Esham. I see Kid Rock, I see the Verve Pipe, I see Sponge. I see all these people and I don't see Eminem. I don't know where he came from. I remember the local scene, and Eminem was never on it. I think he is just one of those guys who started rapping and got lucky. But damn he's got a lot of talent. I will tell you this, I never listen to his albums, but from what I hear on TV and in interviews, if he and I weren't battling each other on records, [laughs] we'd be grea! t friends. Cause a lot of the things he says I agree with. I think he's awesome. I mean he fucking buried us on his album and the thing sold six million fucking copies. Whatever, it's rap history, rappers always battle each other. Speaking of battles, any preference: Gore vs. Bush? Completely, completely uneducated and uninterested in the whole thing. [Laughs] You have a preferred hangover remedy? More. That and Vicadin, which I'm hooked on anyway. What's the best city in which to get tattooed? Believe it or not, Spokane, Wash. Strangest fan request or comment? Well, I can tell you what the strangest thing I ever heard was. After a girl performed oral sex on me, she said, "If my boyfriend knew what I did, he'd never let me wash my mouth out." That was without a doubt the oddest thing I'd ever heard. She said, "He loves you guys so much." OK, last question, were you ever scared of clowns as a kid? No. That would mean me being scared of myself which would be a sort of paranoia that would require mental fixing. No, I scare others. ANDREW DANSBY (December 2, 2000) Well Juggalos that's the interview. Now on to something more important. Alot of you ninjas who are near me or on my icq/aim buddy list got a message last night from me. A latin word Called Fe` Invictus. Now right now I have lived by the meaning of that word for the past 3 months. Every juggalo should live by these 2 latin words. I will reveal them on the Later part of the day in case you want to know more. If you do e-mail me and say what the fuck are you talking about Rick? Until then Much Clown Love. FE` Invictus!
    12/07/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
    whats up juggalos!! welcome to my update and shit............. aight heres Wad Up On december seventh pearl harbor day or better know as My Birthday!!First what you must do is click here and read this Interview with Violent J!!
    there has been a new addition to our juggalo promotions page...........So click here to check that good shit out! remember juggalos juggalo Promotions is for any of you that have a band or rap or whatever it is, this is for you!! And before I go I gotta say WAD UP!! to my juggalette Bride PINKY!!! but thats it for today.............. so if your happy and ya know it smack your freind
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    12/06 Special Report
  • Vampiro has decided to drop off the ICP tour under doctors orders after experiencing headaches related to his concussions. The loud music at the concerts has apparently re-aggrivated his concussion problems. Vampiro was quoted as saying "I'm going to concentrate on getting better, and hopefully I'll eventually be able to return to wrestling". Vampiro leaves the tour on good terms with ICP. Thanx V.helm
    12/06/00 And

    Click To Enlarge pic

    MissY!! wo woo!!
    thanx for the pic missy. your the shit!!
    download this shit its funny as hell its a parody of the song stan...... done by that funny gay guy from kids in the hall, scott thompson

    Check out a Few Pics of the New Milenko 500 Home Office. Oh and thats not me in the Pics thats Partner Dylan. He owns the Bong Shop Cali Glass.

    New Sign Will Be Up Next Week It will of course say The Milenko 500.

    D3dBdyM4n 12/6/00 Disclaimer I ain't dead. Far from ninjas so don't speculate on me! What up ninjas what the hell is up. A few new tidbits of news for that ass. LIENDA! LIENDA! LIENDA! Kinda rhymes with my next door neighbor Linda. Anyways. The day is coming so crawl out from under the couch, gutter, bed sheets, and what nots and vote for ICP on TRL on the ending day. We cannot express enough on the voting. Vote via phone at least 5 times cuz that's what counts ninjas. As you know D3dBdyM4n has been busy lately with all this new hi tech shit. Also he's been down and out due to some shit going on in his love life aka gf left him possibly forever. But hell I'm gonna put that shit on the backburner and let it simmer for a month and get my ass in high gear. Also Slated December 19th which is the slated release date on some online stores BORN TWIZTID the biography of our favorite two newport wastin bud smokin Twiztid buddies. So be ready to grab that shit. Now on the topic of "We Get No Love". Our site is staying underground. We're not gonna go maintstreem ! like the other sites have. We're sticking to this theme so you wont' see M500 on the seeds of the lotus site. You wont' see any of our pictures on the seeds of the lotus picture page. We're keeping it that way and that's our promise to you juggalos. Under Links you'll only find us on 1 major site and that's Insaneclownposse.com. We're on there cuz well we're fresh. We're uncensored, Unedited, and fucking raw for that ass. Now I want to appologize to the ninjas who missed my fucking updates but it's been a really really bad week for D3dBdyM4n. Time to dabble a bit and tell a Softcore Mike Style story that begins this fucked up week. Me and my ninjette friend Trish a.k.a. PsychoNutt went to shoneys to grab some eats. So we order a steak hers was Well Done and mine was to be Medium Rare. I'm sorry but I like to poke my shit and hear it go MOOOO! So we order and we sit and talk about some psychopathic shit and then we talk about our personal lives and finally our food comes. Well.! .. the steaks are shitty cuz mine is well done and hers is medium well (still pink a bit). The fries taste like someone cooked them in Jerry Curl Juice. But I gives no fucks yes I'm upset but I'm so hungry I wif that shit down. Well the waitress made a big mistake by coming and asking me how the food was. I straight up told her that if need be I could go back there and show the cook how to cook a steak the correct way cuz well ours tasted like ass. She started laughing here I am in my Carnival Christmas shirt looking like a scrubb hitting on all the waitresses or at least checking them out bustin on Chef ISUCKATCOOKING. So she says Well I'm gonna go complain for you and I was like don't rip him to hard i mean it's a common mistake. hell everytime I go to denny's I have to go back there and show the cook how to cook an egg the correct way. So none the less we're sitting there enjoying our soup and salad bar when this fat light skinned black guy comes out. I was like hmm.. must! be the cook. So anyways this mafaka comes up on me saying "Would you like my job?" and I was like naw I wouldn't want your shitty job and he was like then don't tell me how to cook. I was like look man all I'm saying is my steak was DONE no red in it. He was like yah whatever what's your definition of Medium Rare and I was like brown on both sides red in the middle with lots of blood. He was like wrong that's rare I was like nope medium rare. He was like what are you some sorta cook and I was like yah you can say that. None the less I stood up fixing to punch this mafaka in the neck and throw his face in the boiling pans and school his ass on how to cook but I look down and see Psychonutts darling child and I'm like well bad idea. So this mafaka moves on saying some smart ass shit and I was like yah mutha facko talk your punk shit see if I don't come back to that kitchen and punch your fucking neck and cook your face medium rare. So then we got up and made a complaint to the! old ass manager who was reminising of nam. We ended up getting the meal free except for the drinks so we bounced. Then Yesterday after 2 fucking weeks of no e-mails from my ex I finally get one basically saying that we're over and we need to move on. Pretty much put me and bitchmode the whole day. Crying like a 2 year old and shit. So we had a talk and it seems like I have no motivation and if you ever meet me you'll be like damn he's pretty smart why isn't he working for like Microsoft of the US Govt or something. Well the fact is I'm fucking lazy. And because of this I lost my gf. So now I've gotta put all this shit on the backburner and try to start my life over aka get a better job put my car on the road yada yada yada. So the morale of the story is don't get up and cook my steak wrong or I'll punch you in the neck. And don't be lazy or your ex will diss you. Until then. Stay up juggalos. ONE LUV-D3dBdyM4n
    12/06/00 part 1 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]

    aight wad up juggalos!! check this.......... friday december 8th is another get ICP on trL day.. we need phone votes so call 1-800-dial-mtv and do that shit. on friday if ya can make it ya better get your ass to time square with your faces painted, some faygo, and some ICP signs!! cause rudeboy and jellynutz will be there handing out free shit again to the juggalos.......... but ya gotta get there early as fuck cause it will be first come first serve.

    aight heres another B/B tour show report from ThENecRoMasTeR3@aol.com

    hammerstien ball room in NYC, Dec.2nd 2000

    ok ICP opened up the tour last night with nashville pussy, and suisidel tendencies. confrontation camp or whoever was not there. nashville pussy just sucked. except for the chick in the band took her shirt off. than suisidal tendencies fucken rocked that shit. everyone was into it there were HUGE moshin in there. the juggalos accually liked it. during the ST set the suqurity people were puting up the AP promo poster. they put up like 100 of them yet they were bitching when we took them? than icp came out. they had this fucking moving set with clowns playing with a ball that was hypnotic and shit, they had a faygo convor belt and shit the set was by far the best set they ever had. i really dont remember the order of the songs but the played my axe,PT 1 and 2 of radio stars, they got old skool and played my toy box and than they played the juggla. they played nuthin but a bitch thang and had eminem lookalikes being retarded on stage. and please dont hate me same with the eminem look alikes. they did terrable,assasins,still stabin,whut,questions,we gives no fucks, and they ended with crystal ball. no one rushed the stage sucurity was just to damn tight. it was the best show i have seen ICP play. the only thing that posibley could have made it better would be if twiztid showed up. now the merchendise prices they had every jersey they got on the site for the same prices, they didnt have the interview cd yet, they had TOL XXX,fuck off for 20 bucks they had another love song for 5$,they had the new skool hoddie for 50$ it is hot, they have insanity shirts all jokerscards shirts snow hats 20$ bizzar bizaar flexfit hats for 25$,they didnt have any stickers or posters yet but they will or comics they dont got them yet. they had the zippos for 20$,murder dog mag for 5$ and they had some other stuff but i cant remember. o yeah the tour shirt and gathering shirts for 20$ and they had the super balls shirt and fuck off shirts for 50$. well there ya go all the important stuff that happened at hammerstien ball room in NYC last night,DEC 2

    and other than that......... I wanna thank jellynutz and noodlenugget from Insaneclownposse.com for hooking us up with the link!! MCL we appreciate your support. and tommorows my birthday........ I'm gonna be the big TWO OOOOHHHH 20 fukin yrs old. so feel free to send gifts and shit................................... peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. if ya havent yet........... download this shit


    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    12/05/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]


    Look at them TittYyZz!!!!

    wo! WOO!....... this juggalettes got big bouncin boobys

    whats up!! aight Juggalos!! I was gonna keep this on the DL but... fuk it..... The uGly dead is now a married man. the lucky lady goes by the name pinky online....... some of ya know her as sheena (being her first name)....... aight this is how it went down.... first off we started out with a long distance relationship. then on last saturday night she caught a flight to milwaukee and we just got married right away that sunday mourning... luckily my uncle is good freinds with a priest at this chapel my family has been going to for years. so he married us during the sunday services. it was great.... it just happened so fast......... but I'm happy with her. So yes the uglyest website juggalo in the world is now a married man.
    Onto some ICP news aight heres wad up..........Icp didnt get on TRL again........ but ya gotta keep voting!! apparently just voting online isnt enough........ we gotta be calling and voting as well so call 1-800-dial-mtv and do that shit

    aight check this B/B Tour Show review sent in to me by TiGRRlily24@aol.com

    well for their 1st show the juggalaz hooked it up phat the tix was 2 bux and the show was off the hizzie.vampiro was there an everything he even crowd surfed!!!!! their was a skit to the eminem dis song where patrick and rudeboy put on blond wigs actin like they was doin the bootie wop(hehehe) mad faygo nonstop and clowns in glitter suits and dancin 1/2 naked bitches it was coo i wish i could thank them personally and tellem truly mcl 4 Sho.

    Th3n I 3mailed her back asking for her best memory of the set list.... so ya juggalos can get an idea of what to expect.......... and this is what she said

    umm first i remember it started out w some funky broken record shit that was j jus repeatin the word bizzar over and over then they started w take me away.....every so often theyd mix the songs up w a little radio staer shit....im not sure what order they played the songs in. but ill tell you this...i remember my axe,southwest voodo, tilt a whirl,whut,mr happy,lets go all the way,questions, hocus pocus,and i remeber j doin please dont hate me it loked like some shit off mtv unplugged i broke out the lighter he was starin at my ass then winked heheheh and i remember they closed w crystal ball it was a tiiiight ass show. they didnt have much of a setup as far as for a background mostly just a big ass bizzar poster type backdrop, and the clowns dancin around was wearin the masks you see inside the cd cover from the gathering and was wearin sequined jumpsuits w the eyes and ???marks on them they also did assassins hehehe im a little foggy from that night its all coming back now (lmao) that is all i remember from that night
    mcl woooowooooooo

    ***if you havent taken the time to rewind and play the inrto on DO YOU REALLY KNOW? backwards to hear there message.... then I think its time ya click my sentence***
    and as always check back for more freshness right here tommorow.............. peace and mcl juggalos
    P.S. if ya havent yet........... download this shit


    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    D3dBdyM4n 12/2/00 Check out these tits. HERE
    Attention! Attention!
    What the hell is up my juggalos. Finally after many damn e-mail problems and troubles my missy interview finally came in. So now it's time to post that shit ninjas so READ IT AND ENJOY!!!!
  • How did you and ICP meet up?
    I received a letter in the mail via the Jerry Springer show from the producer of Big Money Hustla$. They stated that they thought I would be perfect for the part and if I was interested that I or my agent should contact them right away.
    Where are you from?
    I'm a creature from the Orion star system. Actually, I am mostly from California and New York.
    How long have you been down with the clown?
    Almost 2 years, but I have been down with the force that is now being called the Dark Carnival since I was a teenager.
    What do you do for a living?
    I am a model and an actress mostly in the adult entertainment industry. I also run a live interactive XXX website.
    Have you ever been to milenko500.com
    Yes. Since chatting with you D3dBdym4n in the ICP chatroom I now go there regularly.
    What is your favorite ICP song?
    Wow, there are so many great songs I could name: Halls of Illusion, Cotton Candy, Super Balls, Lets go all The Way, Mr. Happy, Another Love Song, and you want me to pick just one. Okay if I had to pick just one it would be...... shoot it's just too hard to pick just one.
    What is your favorite album?
    That question is just as hard to answer as the last one. I really like Tunnel of Love, but now all I play in the car is Bizar (the cover with the eyes on it), so it's a toss up.
    Would you like to do more movies with ICP?
    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I wish it were a tv series and we could do one a week.
    Do you have a web site?
    Yes, it is a live interactive XXX chat room. Thanks to my webmaster, I can now chat in the ICP chat room at the same time I am chatting with visitors to my web site.
    This has been fun. Let's do it again in a year or two. Much Clown Luv Missy Be who you are and not who some one else wants you to be.
    Now was that fresh as hell or what? Well ninjas not much has been going on in the ICP world but the votes and revotes at mtv.com on trl. As usual. I'd like to thank all the ninjas who e-mailed me and gave me their honest opinions I'm not gonna shout out yer names or anything cuz I don't want you hound dogged or what not. But thanks for the support. And I'd like to thank all the ninjas who visit this site Until then I'm out. MCL D3dBdyM4n
    MOOSE 12/04
    Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with anyone, I'm poor, and not worth suing, AKA, I'm not with the WWF, WcW or ECW or anybody like that so FUCK OFF with the legal shit bitch! What up Juggalos and Ninjas, it's MOOSE back up in this bitch once again to crack your punk ass open with a steel fuckin' chair to the dome. Tonight, I have the newest wrestling update for you muthafuckos so let's do this shit. WWF News and Rumors: -Today in England is the WWF's ppv "Rebellion" now we wont see this PPV unless yo ass lives across the pond. But yo, here's the card as it stands. 3 Way Tag Team Dance: The Dudley Boyz vs Edge and Christian vs T.&A. with Trish. Lita vs. Ivory with Steven Richards of RTC. William Regal vs. Crash Holly with Molly. Kane vs. Y2J Chris Jericho. The Hardy Boyz vs. RTC *The Goodfather and Bull* Undertaker vs. Chris Benoit. and the Main event for the night is a 4 way dance between: Stone Cold vs. The Rock vs. Rikishi vs. Kurt Angle (c) -Its under speculation that Stone Cold will walk away with the title. Federation officials want Austin to go in WM2k1 with the gold. -Vince McMahon will be featured in Playboy Magazine as it pretains to the XFL Football League. -Recently Released hot piece of ass Torrie WIlson *WcW* could possibly or is in talks with the WWF about a contract. she is currently weighing her options. And most likely resign with WcW. -The Rock's movie "The Mummy 2's" Trailer is being shown before the movie "Unbreakable" which I heard was the shit. WcW NEWS and Rumors: -The Goldberg vs Lex Luger match has been turned into a no holds barred match. AKA another Job Win for Goldberg who hates the idea of redoing his streak angle. -Major Gunns was getting some heat for missing a spot that should have helped Lance Storm on Monday. They called it an "Indy Mistake" -WcW is attempting to get ECW wrestlers to possibly jump ship but with WcW losing money dont look for that to happen any time soon. -Both Goldberg and Hulk Hogan are up for roles in new movies. Goldberg is trying for a role in "The Incredible Hulk" and Hogan is going as a role for a bad dude in the movie based on the videogame "Tomb Raider" Konnan is WcW's resident jobber, he hopes for a push but with WcW not having any future plans for him, his ass is shit out of luck! ECW News and Rumors: -The ECW show that will feature The Dudley Boyz *WWF* "One Night Only" appearance has been bumped up to 12/15 from its original date of 12/21. -Tonight is ECW's PPV "Massacre on 34th Street" Here is a run down of the card. -3 Way Dance for the World title: Steve Corino (c) vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible with Francine. -T.V. Title Match: Spike Dudley vs. RHINO (c) -ECW Tag Titles vs The Future of a Tag Team. (IF Doring and RoadKill lose this match, they will NEVER team up again in ECW, ECW does not back down from its word) Doring and Roadkill vs The FBI (c) -Extreme Grudge Match: C.W. Anderson vs. Tommy Dreamer *his first match back on PPV* PLUS more matches to be announced the night of the card. THAT Muthafuckos is the news. I'll give you an ECW PPV and a WWF Rebellion update tomorrow night. MOOSE up out this bitch. MCL to everybody who is down with milenko500 and my fuckin column. and if you don't like it....fuck yourself and leave me alone!
    Rat 12/3:
    What up jugga-lugga-loes?! Not much goin on as usualy, but if ya check the official ICP page, they got some news on the new pendulum that will be out in stores January which consist of a cd single (as always, stupid ass!) with one small minor difference: 3 BRAND GIRLIE-SPANKIN NEW SONGS! One (which is suposed to be another eminem diss in one way or another if you ask me) is called Public Broadcast Announcement and it is a 15 minute long rap song that is boud to be fresh as fuck! The other two are psychopathic rydas songs. One was supposed to be on the Rydas but never was, then was gonna be on bizaar/bizzar but Im not sure if that rumor was true but anway, the song is called I dont Wanna Die and the other is What Rydas Do For Money; All of which are going to be phat as fuck and I am anticpating this very much as well as you should be!

    Im sure all ya'll no but ICP's challenge to Emina and if ya dont, now ya do! ICP (well, wrather Shaggy) has challenged bitch ass feminem to a boxing match on MTV. Who knows if MTV will put it up but if they do, it will mark another day in juggalo history. If they do, you best beleive Shaggy will be preparing him-self just as hard as Sugar Bear was when readying (is that even a word? My english teacher uses it, thus it must!) him-self for the battle against Big Baby Sweets. Off of that, get your ass to these 3 places on the web and do this shit:
    1: go to circus magazine and vote for ICP to be the next band of the week. Last time I checked, ICP was in second with 14 percent of the votes which aint alot, but Distrubed has them beat by at least 600 votes, no shittin! So it might sound like a waste of time to some of ya'll, but to me, its just another situation in which the juggalos will come up on top, if shits done correctly!
    2: Go to mtv: home of the butt-buddy-boys and vote for ICP to be on TRL and get those fundraisers goin! ICP , as we all know, hasnt been on TRL and if ICP wants on TRL, then damn it, ICP gets on TRL! WHY? WHY? Think about it, how much have they done for us? Even though alot of us hate that fucking show, ICP has made it obvious that they want to help these people that they are raising money for and if TRL is the only way to get them that money, than so fuckin be it! ICP has done so much for the juggalos, this is the LEAST OF THE LEAST we could do for them. Shit, id fuckin tear down New York City with my bare fuckin hands if ICP asked me to as a small favor.
    3: Last but not least, get your ass to Rolling Stone Magazine and check out the article with Violent J, talking about Bizzar, Bizaar, Eminem, and all sorts of shit (actually, only bout a pages worth of readin, but its still good). SO there you have it, 3 simple things for ya'll to do! Vote, Vote again, and Read. No problem unless you are blind, stupid, retarded, or cant read, right? Ok, then, check all ya'll ninjas later, got to get to my boys party fore' the kegs cracked and im left drinkless! Peace Out!!
    12/03/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
    Now where itz goin down, now where its at HOMEBOY!! hay hay hay what up der juggalos......... aight heres the DeaL. This ninja I know that goes by the name Sabreguy In the insaneclownposse.com chatroom has created a windows based application to automate voteing when your away from the pc..... in other words.... he created a program to thats a lot like the Downforlife.com one, but for use when your away from the computer(because everytime it votes, the browser makes its self on top over anything your doing). your prolly asking why? why would I use this when I can just use the downforlife one when I'm away. I'll tell you why. He took what they did and improved on it. #1 it has a list of over 3000 diffrent random names...... #2 creates a unique email for each name. #3 where the other vote scripts went through a buncah steps, which included a security check if any were done... this skips past all of them, and goes directly to the last step. So there ya go! thats why! so download this shit and tell your freinds. when youve dowloaded the zip file just unzip the files into the same dir, read the README.TXT, then click the exe. leave that shit on all night tonight till trl starts tommorow......... I have a really good feeling that ICP will be on trl tommorow. so other than that there aint shit! so i'm out this bitch......... peace

    if ya have any questions email sabreguy for the answers.....


    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    12/02/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
    wad Up Juggalos!! first off click here to vote for icp for band of the week for circus magazine........

    aiGht now its time for you to check out this updates Juggalette so get your keyboard condoms out and check out pinky. click here and here for that good shit!.

    aight Milenko500.com Juggalo promotions is now up..... I'm doing this for you juggalos out there that are just trying to get your shit heard. so check out the page and please send me that info. remeber "for juggalos by juggalos"....... I wanna see that page blow up!! if you are in a band or rap or wrestle or whatever it is please send me a bio, a pic, and a link to your site. so click here to check that!!. but other than that shit there aint shit, so i'm out like ya never saw me. oh yea if any of ya juggalos see any of the upcoming ICP B/B shows feel free to send me a review to be posted on the site. I should be getting some pics for ya sometime soon........ so check for that. AiGht I'm really out now. Peace
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    What up? The SKS/PowerBoy is back up in this biyatch. The rumors are not true; I haven't really been locked up and I didn't elope with a mentally handicapped box girl named Cricket. No, instead I've spent many hours starring at the walls, binge drinking and taking fistfulls of vicodins and percodans. So you could say I've been engaged in quality, life enriching activities. Beyond that, I've just been chilling and hanging with my peeps (not those disgusting pink marshmellow abominations that come out around Easter).
    Yes: it's speculation that we missed getting ICP on MTV by 26 votes. SO ALL Y'ALL need to vote. It can't be mentioned enough that downforlife has a tight script which allows you to vote automatically every 3 seconds.
    Milenko500 is the str8 up bomb because we've always maintained our vision: FJBJ- FOR JUGGALOS BY JUGGALOS. Other sites (which shall remain nameless) have caved in from preasure before and dropped content because it conflicted with certain individuals (who again shall remain nameless) desires. To which I give a big FUCK THAT. We're all juggalos who work on this site. We all are down with the Psychopathic family. I'd double fist stroke off J and Shaggy if I met them. I love ICP, Twiztid, Blaze and Myzery. But, when it comes down to it...jugalinko owns the Milenko500. No one else has their fingers in this cookie jar. This is his site, not Psychopathics. It's his site, not Island Records. This is ultimately Jugalinko's site, and not mine, headcase's, Rat's, Softcoremike's® , Clown E Love's, D3dBdyM4n's or any of ours. If he wanted to switch the subject matter on the site to Catholic School Girl Naked Dodgeball...shit, it'd be his perogative. But, like I mentioned earlier...he made the site for YOU JUGGALOS AND JUGGALETTES. So, my ultimate point is that we don't necissarily need the ego strokes some other sites have gotten. We're the true underground, bend to no authority ICP fansite. "To be told we're independant is not enough; We should strive for autonomous thoughts."
    this is no joke, if you're having problems...please click here

    D3dBdyM4n 12/2/00 Disclaimer:To those who read this and don't like it FUCK OFF I don't give a fuck what you think. Go fly and fuck yourself I'm tired and I'm sick and tired of someshit so it's time to vent. What up ninjas. This is your Homie Ricky giving you all some opinionated shit that's been twirling around my brain and culminating and festering like a puss bubble needing taken care of but been ignored. I've been up right now for 45 hours racking my brain on alot of shit plus having to call and try to set up job interviews in my personal life. Juggalos I want to address MTV. MTV is some down ass ninjas and I know you guys are pretty pissed off about the fact of we sent at least half a million if not more votes to MTV last night. I voted myself 10,000 times. That's alot of voting going on. Even though we did not make TRL it really isn't a time to give up. Juggalos straight stay and fight till the last one is dead. Alot of things have been bothering me lately and that's the lack of fucking respect for this site that alot of juggalos have. Sure we may not be the fanciest fucking hi tech piece of flash anyones ever seen on the face of the planet. We may not be the most dr! awn out site and sure we have a few broken links that are being worked on. But Damn it all of us here try to bring you the latest fucking news. We get hated on we get pushed around and talked about. Me and Headcase have been in the insaneclownposse.com chat constantly. Seeing all kinds of hating on ICP, Hating on other juggalos, and mostly hating on us and other sites as well as the seeds. It's pretty sickening if you ask me. I've given you juggalos a solid month and a half of nothing but MY life. When I should have been out looking for a job I was with my family of juggalos. When I should have been earning loot I was with my family of juggalos taking care of your needs. When I should have been sleeping I stay up so I can talk to you juggalos about your problems and the things you see wrong. I get e-mails everyday from haters from people who hate our site. Hell our site is hated all over dal-net it's in the topic of #Icp. Lack of respect for me is one thing but lack of respect! for what I do for you is another. I am coming real close to losing the 1 thing I charish in this life. The one thing that keeps me happy and that's the love of my life my girl. I've sat on my ass doing things for people that I wouldn't normally do on here. I sit here and starve with no food in the house the rents due because I do it for you juggalos not cuz I'm a lazy slob or because I want some people to know who the fuck I am. I do it cuz of the juggalos. Cuz you guys ask for someone to help you with information problems. Juggalos ask me all the time "Are you a seed? Do you know any seeds?" and I'm like ok WTF?! My answer is NO noone at this site was chosen to be a seed. Are we jealous? NO! Are we upset that noone from our site was chosen to represent our site? A tad. What is a seed? Just another juggalo like you and me noone special. They just got a job to do with psychopathic and that's to maintain the funds of the charities to make sure that Psychopathic isn't pocketing ! money which they wouldn't and no offence to anyone who reads that wrong. That's what a seed is. They were chosen to do that and Only that. To speak to J and Shaggy about the upcoming problems as well. That's it no other special shit. Now I have alot of respect for the seeds and I'm not hating on them. I just don't see where they are any more special then you me and the rest of the crew. They are just normal juggalos living juggalo lives. To put it in blantant Milenko500 is not a Seeds Site. We're Uedited, Uncescored, Uncut, and fucking uncontrollable and we plan to keep it that way. Until then MCL And keep your heads up juggalos cuz I still care about each and everyone of you. Erase the hate. ONE LUV
    12/01/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
    Whats Up Juggalos!! click here to vote for ICP thousands of times........ this script is the shit. Just follow the instructions and bamph!! watch the votes go!

    Incase you didnt find out......... icp didnt get on trl. yall have been working your juggalo painted asses off all day to get icp on trl and for them charitys. and I'm shure your all as pissed as I am..... what i see here is MTV not letting that video get on MTV but, whats gotta be done is this.......... they expect us to just go away and stop voting eventually. They want us to lay down........ but do juggalos lay down?!?!? hell no!! do juggalos fukin go away woithout a fight........ hell no!! keep voting show them what the fuck were about!! this just reminds me of the gathering concert when Violent J yelled out "juggalos rule the world!!" and in a world that hates us so much.... I never got chills like I did when I heard that. now we have the chance...... to rule the world. Make ICp number one on TRL!! for those charitys and for the dark carnivals message!! a message that can save the world.

    aight, ICp has issued a challenge to eminem. 2 dope VS feminem one on one in the boxing ring. To be aired on MTV for the whole world too see what a lil bitch eminem is. Now..... who knows if MTv will even air the interview where ICP issues the challenge? ya know............. but fuk it!! go to every possible eminem site ya can find and hit up them message boards and chatrooms and guestbooks.. let them little faggots know there leader is being called on. let them know of the challenge........... now we can finally see if he really can back his shit up. which we all know he cant, and he will find some excuse to back out. all we can do is make shure he knows whats up.

    Written by Jesse McCann. Story By Jumpsteady. Penciled by Jerry Beck. Inked by Sandu Florea. Colored by Colorgraphix. Cover by Jerry Beck, Curtis Arnold and Colorgraphix. "Pendulum's Promise." Fresh after getting their butts kicked in a sneak attack, ICP and the healing priest Jesus are at the mercy of the fierce shadow-warriors known as Twiztid. As if that wasn't bad enough, there are other players on the chessboard just itching to get their hands on our homeboys. The Stress Team is hiding in the bush with formidable weapons aimed at the Wicked Clownz. A new figure is on the rise as well - someone who could be as powerful and dangerous as the demon Killnor! Who is this shadowed beast from the Netherworld? Stand tall Juggalos! It's a grit-crunching, finger-munching, panties-bunching, balls-out battle-brawl, y'all!


    On january 12th 2001 a new pendelum comic #7 will be released called "pendelums Promise" featuring three new songs, the first song is a 20 minute song called "Public Broadcast Announcement" , then two new Psychopathic rydas songs called "what rydas do for money" and "I dont wanna die." So make shure yall get your hands on that shit!!
    (message) if ya dont like my opinions or anything I say as headcase the ugly dead your milenko500 psychopathic news reporter.. I will continue in any way and every way I see fit to voice my mind as an open minded, opinionated juggalo. Unedited, uncensored, milenko500!! dont ever let anybody tell you what to say or how to say something. (message).... peace and mcl to all of you down with our shit and to the haters........ ya all can lineup single file and lick these nutz. everylast one of you!
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    Rat 12/1:
    Whoa, jugga-lugga-loes, check this shit, Im back up in this mother fucker! No, I wasnt back in Calli for my psycho evaluation, thats not till the new year! Speakin of which, God damn this mother fuckin year went by so fast! I mean, God damn, it seems like yesterday I was D.J.ing for a end of the world bash in my town , gettin drunk with the hill-billes, and wakin up in a puddle of my own vomit on the bar-room floor... but hey, this year has been the year of 1,000,000 juggalos! We rocked the year and will rock more years to come if ya no what Im sayin. So basically what IM sayin, if it hasnt already been said, we need 4 big fuckin new years eve bashes for the juggalos. One for the south, one for the north, one for the east, and one for the west (or just one big mother fuckin party in Detroit, but thats to hard for most juggalos to get to)! So if all ya'll havin some new years eve bashes for juggalos only, send up to lokie_bates@yahoo.com and I'll post them up for ya ASAP!

    Not much goin down.. Oh wait, yeah there is! Mother fuckin TRL as we all know! Man, it is a fuckin fact that We be gettin ICP on TRL before the new year, no lies! Call them mother fuckers at TRL and bitch they ears off! Write them suckas and y ou tell them who runnin shit... the mother fuckin juggalos! Tell them its time for ICP to jump on with the Wagon and its time to Spear Britney and its time to send the evil Marliyn Manson back to just bein Brian Bitch ASs Warner cryin in the corner, scared of the clowns and the wicked shit they bringin! ITs go time between the LT and the Underground and we sure as fuck aint goin down, we run it! Anyways, Im done preachin and sorry its been so long but my computer has been in the shop and I finally gots it back. So in the time being, why dont all yall check out Sees Of The Lotus cuz its a pretty damn good page and maybe day one of us will be up on that shit! later juggalos, Im out. DONT FORGET TO VOTE FOR ICP ON TRL!

  • Juggalos these are the Pics of Me and my homie's in Santa Cruze Cali. doing it up backstage sluts style. We got this Striper at 2:00 am to come out to our house for only 40$. We got such lunch meat as Olive Loaf, Bolgnia, Ham, and Salimi and went to work on this striper. If you havent Seen Backstage Sluts I hightly Recomend picking it up as shaggy n j do somthing real simular to what we did here. E-Mail the Man with the Idea to do this Dylan at Dillydog@caliglass.com and give him props. He owns an up and coming Online Head Shop for hooking up Phat Bongs! Check it out here. California Glass. And to answer your question Yes! THAT STRIPER IS HELY NASTY but only 40$.
  • Im a juggalo. Im a juggalo because im an Open Minded Person. For instance, ICP doesent Like Eminem, well thats cool but Its not gona make me think the way i feel bout him or his music, Marshal Mathers is a bitch no matter what ICP says. If icp tells me DONT LISTEN TO MTV or THE RADIO THERE WHACK, im not going to stop lisenting to the radio or stop watching a certin channel. I think that when ICP says do this or that, its not DEMANDING IT there suggesting it, and you being a Juggalo (open minded individual) are to take that how ever you want. Not YOU DO IT OR YOUR NOT A JUGGALO!! HELL NO!! When ICP said FUCK THE BEASTIE BOYS AND THE DAHLI LAMA your not supposed to stop lisenting to the beastie's. In fact J even said that FUCK DUCKS in that song are you gona fuck a duck? Fuck No! Do you HATE DUCKS???? Maybe but cause J told you too?? I think not. J even says FUck Rocky Miavia? When asked whats your beef with him he said "it just rymed with the song, i have no beef with him." Violent J. All the Waco Juggalos can testifiy that when Some one tells you what to do, your not supposed to just go ok and do it, be open minded to what is said and THINK. If you just do what ever some one tells you to do, your Parents and friends will find you laying on your back wearing black Nike's in a house full of dead suicide victums (Heavens Gate). ICP isnt David Corresh or Charles Manson There WICKED CLOWNS there funny as hell and they make the best music ever put on wax. They do run an army though, they run the Juggalo Army. And I feel they respect the juggalos and there power enough to let you make your own decisions and not be stupid. Dont even consider lableing your self a juggalo if your willing to sell out and stop listing to THE MOST INSANE MUSIC ever, over how ICP decides to promote, here is basicly why Juggalo = Open Minded Person.
  • 1. Milenko 500 Mail Box Service Status.
    We are having a schedule upgrade to our EMC storage system and our Oracle database on Wednesday, November 29th. This upgrade will increase overall performance and stability of Milenko500s Mailbox's email architecture.
    During the past couple of months Milenko500 has added some new features to the system including spell check and the ability to customize your color schemes based on the hexi-decimal numbering system. This will allow you to make Hi Def emails.
    11/30/00 [Photo] [Info]
    Whats Up Juggalos!! If You Live anywhere near new York City get your ass to Time square tommorow outside the MTV building During TRL. Where rudeboy and Tom Dubb will be giving out free shit to every juggalo that shows up In clown make up and a ICP sign!!! Talking about fukin Jerseys and them fukin candles and some fukin action figures. show get your ass there and take that bitch over............... show the whole fukin world what the fuck!! its about!! so show up between 1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m tomorrow juggaloZ!!!

    (TOURNEWS)The trenton B/B show has been cancelled so if your plannin on attendin that show........ apparently you wont be. I have no Idea why it was cancelled, But as always I'm shure they'll make up for it. and buffalo new york juggalos Icp will be at the showplace theater on 12/03/00............... cause that other bitch burnt down. aight thats all for now ninjas..... be back tommorow.
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    SoFtCoReMiKe® 11/29/00
    WHAT UP NINJA"S this is sofecoremike, back from the dead, first, let's have a moment of silence for OL'DIRTY BASTARD who just got arrested for the 9th time in 13 months, he's not just a rapper he's an urban legend. now back to bussiness, ok it's like this. After thanksgiving i went to my boy mayfeilds annual thanksgiving day party, he got a keg of some poisen called eye of the hawk, it tastes like nyquil and it's 8% alcohol an i'm pretty sure it's 20% steroids cuz it was nonstop fights from begininning to end, first 2 lil lightweight kids start some slap an tickle baby fight and when we realized that nobody knew either of them we decided to jump in, so we're kickin an throwing blows on both of um when one of um gets up crying an takes off running, the other mark gets up an say's " am i down now!?" like we're where jumpin him in or sum shit, so i said not yet, right then i knew he was a hound dog, if he was on my dick any tighter he'd be one of my nuts, an we made him the keg bitch, meaning he has to get everyones drink for the whole night. After awhile i'm tired of drinkin this dressed up ol'english crap an take the kid to ralphs ( cali supermarket) an have him five finger discount me a bottle of bacardi some coke and a payday. so where back at the party with stolen rum filling my system when another fight broke out, this tyme between my brother an his best friend, my bro's bitch ass girlfriend was trying to get him in fights all night, so i put him in the garage an kicked her ass out. then i around midnight after things settled down an the real drunken shit talkin began things got interesting, trev's girlfriend dannelle was drunk an pissed at him so she started talkin about all the guys she's cheated on him with an how she likes to take 3 in the mouth at one tyme, basicly being her whorey self, this makes trev snap, so he starts chokeing her like a psyco, so her 2 cousins stepp in an proceed to beat him severly, so the keg bitch decides to get some balls an yells " THIS IS OUTTA CONTROL, SOMBODY STOP THIS!" before he can finish his sentace he gets sock'd in the mouth by i don't know who, spins a 360 an hits the ground, so me an SKS pick his limp body up an put him in the chicken coop in mayfeilds backyard an lock the door, right then the cops show up, the party's officailly over an we all take off, so the next day mayfeild gets up early to the sceams of this fool that we forgot in ih back yard, he'd bin in there for 6 hours,. the moral of the stoy is if your a mark, keep your bitch mouth shut. o0ne more thing, threw alot of hard work an phone calls i finnally got an exclusive interview with brittney spears check it out. ok i'm out MCL
    Check out this Hot Juggalette's Car says icp in the Plates.
    Cool car but whare's the Phil-atio?
    11/29/00 [Photo] [Info]
    whats up juggalos aight check this

    I will be adding a new section to milenko500 called "Juggalo Promotions" It's a place to display all your madd talents and skillZ!! shit...... even if you suck, your juggalo right!?!? hell yeah! so ya got our support!! Now if you wanna get your shit on the page ya need to email me a pic, a bio (about a paragraph long), a link to your offical website, and anything else you want added to your shit. so send that shit in asap!!

    Michigan juggalos!! get your ass to the Viper Club in Saginaw Michigan This Friday 12/01/00 and check the wicked shit of BEDLAM. You might have seen Bedlam tear shit up at the gathering on the open mic.... remember ninjas chanting "Bedlam, Redrum!!" hell yeah cause there the shit! so get your ass there friday night. If I can get a show time I will post that up asap. so go check out Madness, Staples, and Prozak.... BEDLAM!

    Okay Juggalos Friday is the offical get ICP on TRL day........ so thursday night or friday Mourning (whatever you wanna fukin call it) start voting..... call 1-800-DIAL-MTV and vote online!! Till you get phone cancer or some shit..... keep fukin calling. and make shure you disable your cookies in your browser to vote over and over and over and over and over again............ Juggalos check out the Seeds OF the Lotus Offical site NOW! and other than there aint shit...... but that shity..... this has been headcase The ugly fukin DeaD, Milenko500 family woo woo!! We gives no fuk!! and I'm out like ya never saw me
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    D3dBdyM4n 11/29/00 Disclaimer:Fuck a disclaimer I have more important issues. JUGGALOS I'm Back to hit you with some news. If you are the owner of an Insane clown posse related chat and you are experiencing what's commonly known as juggalo pride envy (haters in other words) Alex Abbiss our good friend at psychopathic has a cure. Any IRC type chat experiencing haters hatin on ICP and tryng to sway other juggalos away from voting are to kick and ban them on site. I've experienced some haters on all the ICP Chats on DAl-net so I'm telling you ninjas do not go there cuz the operators/mods of the channel are a bunch of hating bitches. So stay away from Dal-net cuz they own the channel and they don't even like ICP and don't understand the Dark Carnival. For this ninjas if ICP makes it on the TRL polls the Big Balla X-mas party will be Free to all juggalos who show up. That's right FREE NO CHARGE FREE ICP CONCERT MAKE ICP HIT THE POLLS AND GET OFF YOUR ASSES TURN YOUR FUCKING COOKIES OFF GRAB YER MOUSE PULL IT OUT YOUR ASS AND FUCKING VOTE 4000000 TIME! S IN ONE NIGHT WE GOTTA ALL DO THIS TOGETHER DO YOU HERE ME?! OBVIOUSLY NOT CUZ THE MESSAGE WAS NEVER SENT CUZ OF HATERS. FUCK THE HATERS WE'RE FAMILY. TELL THE HATERS TO SLIDE OVER TO EMINEMS CHAT CUZ THAT'S WHERE THEY FUCKING BELONG! SO VOTE AND STAY OFF OF DAL-NET UNTIL THEN... this is D3dBdym4n saying ROCK THE FUCKING VOTE!!!!!M C L ONE LOVE!
  • Yoooo, this be jugalinko reporting for Clown E Love. I put up the rest of the Knots Pics. Peep em out. Click to enlarge.
  • Mike W. M500 Family has lost his mind. He is selling the most off the hook autographed shit iv seen. He is crazy. Mike's Bio can be seen here. Mike has put these Signed 2 DOpe and Signed Violent J Items up on EBAY so click HERE TO SEE IT.

  • 11/28/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
    Whats up Juggaloz!!! just a qucik update to remind ya again To VOTE!!!!! damn it VOTE!!! VOTE!!!!!! VOTE!!!!!!!! VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR ICP ON TRL!!!!! VOTE!!!!!!!!!
    Make "lets go all the way" #1........... Now get in the pit and try to kill someone!!!!!!!!!
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    Clown E Love 11/27/00

    Whut up muthafackos....this be Clown E...still recovering from whut went down here in Souther Cali this past Saturday. Me and a bunch juggalos went to a theme park called Knotts Berry Farm. The park was kinda stale but tha fact that madd juggalos = (Knottsgrp1) showed up. It was dope....we went on a ride called Ghost Rider and that muthafacko was fast as hell...made me cry actually...yes thats right Clown E cried like a newborn woman...anywayz....heres a pic of mah homie Spiderman = (Spidey) now ya'll know why we call his azz Spiderman. We met up with Hooty the Pollution Owl = (hooty2) and that gay ass muthafacko grabbed my azz. So after i got molested by an owl i was kinda in tha mood ya know...whuts a muthfacko to do i when a muthafuckin owl grabs ur azz!?!?! Anyway i was gonna start mackin and see if I could get some skinz from this juggalette named Melody =(clowne5) so i start talkin her into maybe breakin off from tha group and maybe go get busy in a bathroom..so next thing i remember is something smackin me upside mah head..then i blacked out....when i came to i was sittin in some fuckin kiddie ride =(clowne1) with mah shorts half off and mah head was hurtin like a BITCH.....so im guessing i didnt score...anyway i told all tha juggalos that to all who showed up i was gonna have a surprise for them and it was none other than Ry Ry 2 Slow = (ryry2) from Psycho Juggalos Hotline/Psychopathic Records..(my cusion)...his azz was in town for Turkey Day and he showed up to chill with the rest of the West Coast juggalos and urs truly Clown E Love..it was kind of a Psycho Juggalos reunion cuz i havent seem him in months since he's been on the Bizzar Bizaar promo tour. All in all tha day was madd fresh....i suggest all you juggalos out there get together with sime juggalos in ur area and do shit. If u dont know any hit me up on tha hotline and represent where ur callin from and i'll shout you out...who knows you might be living right next to one and not know it...imma have some more pics of our trip on our site so peep those out later....till then this is Clown E saying FUCK YOU IM STILL PAID...hahaha MCL ninjaz!

    D3dBdyM4n 11/27/00 Disclaimer:Those who know me will always remember me those who don't well that's your fault! NINJAS, JUGGALOS, AND BITCHES ALIKE! This is D3dBdyM4n back to hit you with a fucking helly cool update. Today at 5 o clock EST ICP will be throwing one of the first 2 dollar shows. Get to Cleveland Ohio in the Agora Theatre by 5 o'clock! That's right!. 2 dollars to see your 2 favorite serial killaz on stage floating faygo in your eyeballs and shit so get there. Another thing ninjas For personal reasons D3dBdyM4n is now fixin to be employed! That's right I'm going to be working somewhere in my city really soon. Where I might pop up in radcliff is a mystery. But if you see me there.... be forewarned I'll spread the words of the Dark Carnival up on that ass. Until then ninjas I wanna say I love you to the one girl who has been by me 110% and all the way since I lost my last job at Target. Deloris I love you and always will and I will strive to keep you happy sweetie. Ninjas never will you find a woman so able to put up with my punk ass as her. She pretty much put her family life on the line just to be with me and I'd like to thank her and her family for having to put up with my crazy antics of throwing faygo at houses and paintballing things as well as helping me move out. I would like to thank Big Vic and Trish Hardy (Yah don't you wish) for being there for me and giving me insite and for giving me the mad clown love and things that you do. I want to thank my brother for putting up with me everyday of not having a job and me sitting on my ass helping bring the ninjas the freshness. But most of all I want to thank the God and The Dark Carnival for actually bringing good karma my way. Deloris I just want to say I love you sooo damned much:) Juggalos I love you too! Just not as much as I love her...Until then Ninjas stay up. Headcase y0 momma can suck the chrome off a trailor hitch if need be! She also mentioned somthing bout "the closer to "kin" the deeper it goes in?"
    MOOSE 11/27
    Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with anyone, I'm poor, and not worth suing, AKA, I'm not with the WWF, WcW or ECW or anybody like that so BACK THE FUCK UP! We got some news tonight, as you may or may not know WCW's ppv MAYHEM was last night, and it was...ehhh. Anyway Lemme get down to the news. WWF NEWS and Rumors: Federation Officials are rather pleased with Molly Holly. Her recent showing of this was last Thursday against Trish Stratus. There's talk of her being Women's Champion in the future. As you Ninjas may or may not know, Lita is FUCKING HOT! Amy Dumas better known as "Lita" has been spending more than just quality time with the Hardy Boyz as of late. The strong rumor is that Amy is dating Matt Hardy...-Sorry Ninja's She's off the market. *Note to self* Quit stalking her, and find out Trish Stratus' addy...muahahahahahah. Rumor has it that Tazz maybe slowly converted into a full fledge commentator and only wrestle when needed. As it stands Tazz is in a fued with Juggalo Warrior and one of my heroes...Raven. Its reported that Triple H will be at Raw is War to comment about the Austin car accident issue that occured at Survivor Series. WcW NEWS and Rumors: Goldberg recently released his new book "I'm Next" which was co-written with his brother Steve. Goldberg talks about himself as well as "Stone Cold", The Rock, Mick Foley and his imfamous run in with Triple H.
    Crusiereweight Title match: Kwee Wee vs Mike Sanders (c) --W. Mike Sanders (c) still champion.
    3 Way Tag Team Dance: Jung Dragons vs. 3 Count vs. Evan Karaigas and Jamie Knoble. --No Decision.
    Jimmy Hart vs. Mancow *the radio dude* --W. Mancow via cast to head of Jimmy Hart.
    Hardcore Title Match: Crowbar (c) vs. Reno vs. Big Vito --W. Crowbar via chair shot to Reno.
    Filthy Animals vs. Alex Wright and Kronik --W. Alex Wright and Kronik via chokeslam to Rey Mysterio Jr.
    The Cat vs. The Franchise Shane Douglas --W. The Cat via Feliner Kick.
    Sergeant AWOL vs. Bam Bam Bigelow --W. Bam Bam. via Greetings from Asbury Park.
    US Title: Lance Storm (c) vs. General Rection --W. And NEW champion: General Rection via MoonSault.
    Jeff Jarrett vs Buff Bagwell --W. Jeff Jarrett via Guitar shot to Bagwell followed by pin.
    Tag Titles: DDP and Kevin Nash vs. The Perfect Event (c) --W. And NEW Champs: DDP and Kevin Nash via Diamond Cutter and Powerbomb.
    Goldberg vs. Lex Luger --W. Goldberg *you knew he'd win. he's on a damn stupid streak angle*
    World Title Match: Booker T. (c) vs. Big Poppa Pump. --W. And NEW Champ. Big Poppa Pump via Steiner Recliner.
    ECW NEWS and Rumors:
    -The Dudley Boyz *WWF* make a "one Night Only" appearance on December 21st at the Elks Lodge, no idea as to who they'd face. *My guess, the F.B.I*
    -ECW in attempts to raise intrests of the USA Network will be airing a different match during their shows. This week was the re-airing of EZ Money vs. Kid Kash. and Finally...
    -Tommy Dreamer has made it clear that he is no longer intrested with the World Title hunt, rather Dreamer has stated he'd like to work with the younger talent.

    That Ninjas and Juggalos and all you sick fucks who were just stumbling on here looking for free porn is my wrestling report. Before i crash *its like 2 in the am. and I got school* MCL to D3aD Body M4n. *anytime you wanna try and school my on WWF trivial lemme know.* and to my dawg Rich. Aight muthafuckos. MOOSE is out this bitch. Email me or something. and if you're gonna send me porn i like red heads with big tits. PEACE THE FUCK OUT!
  • Ok so you liked Rehab's Storm Chaser Well check this out. This is dope as hell its called more like you. This is some dope flavor.
    More Like You mp3 3,357 k

    D3dBdyM4n 11/26/00 Disclaimer: Metaphrase 11:13 States thereof if D3dBdyM4n were to say If or The in any sentence is covered by paraphrase 7 sentence 8 and if D3dBdyM4n were to say slanderous remarks look at Section 1:1 in the Constitution of the United States there of "Freedom Of Speach" Minus the clause in case Homer Simpson vs the Supreme Court, Minus Brain Activity in Clause 8:1 in the medical dictionary clause #Austin 3:16 which means i just Whipped your ass vs Rock 3:16= I just layed the smackdown on your candy ass due to public Hi Fidelity minus the fact that D3dBdyM4n is Crazy. What up my ninjas it's me the one who is the one who brings you news. lagging off a night full of nothing but sittin on my ass doing nothing pondering what the hell is gonna happen in my life. Well I thought I'd add some freshness instead of letting the webpage be a bit dull without my sayings on a Sunday. Time for me to get philisophical on that ass. To all you ninjas who just jumped on the carny wagons I'm going to open up some freshness on what it's like to be a juggalo. The dark Carnival is one of the most unknown dementions on the face of the planet. Those of you who have just been touched by it let me tell you welcome to the greatest show. To be a juggalo means to be a follower of the dark carnival. To listen to it's messages given to us by the two prophets of the dark carnival Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. Are they above us juggalos? No they are just like us but they hear the Dark Carnival more Clearly then most. Who are J and 2 Dope? Average everyday Joes like y! ou and me. Just there on the same key as the dark carnival. Are there other people who have had the carnival touch them? Yes. Jaime Madrox and the Monoxide Child. Alex Abbiss, Billy Bill. My list can go on forever even ninjas I've never met in Buttlick arkansas. Many juggalos wonder what in essence is Shangri-la. Well to translate Shangri-la into a different language Shangri-la means Heaven in Thailand language. So to go to shangri-la you would need to lead the path of a good life. To explain each jokers card in detail would be to actually open your eyes into the world of the Dark Carnival. Let me start with the first Jokers card. The Carnival of Carnage. COC is the world in a broad spectrum. Hatred, Bigotry, Wife beating, love, lust, everything this whole world is the carnival of Carnage in which both you and I were born into. The Next Jokers Card being the Ringmaster. You as a person are your own Ringmaster in this Carnival of Carnage. You make you decision on weather you go! to heaven or hell in which God gave his greatest Creation the ultimate gift... Free will. Forks up Forks down. Heaven or Hell you choose your own destiny. You the Ringmaster choose your own Fate in this world weather you do evil or good. The Next Jokers Card Riddlebox. To put the Riddlebox in an essence of the bible would be St. Peter. The man at the pearly Gates of heaven who reads off all the good things and all the bad things. You walk up to the Riddlebox and turn the crank it pops up good you go into Shangri-la however it pops up bad. Welcome to hell. Thus St. Peter Judges your sins when you are in purgatory on weather or not you go to heaven or hell. The 4th Jokers Card. The Great Milenko represents the hidden illusions in ones life. At one moment you could be a great man but behind the scenes your nothing but a two bit piece of trash beating your wife and molesting your kids. The Great Milenko is also the lusts in life that are an illusion that could steer you off the p! ath of Shangri-la into the world of hell. The 5th and latest Jokers Cards. Jake and Jack Jeckel. Every person in this world has two sides of them. More of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. You have your loving caring sensitive side which is represented by Jake Jeckel. Then you have your hating destructive violent Side represented by Jack Jeckel. Which won rules more in your life Jake or Jack? We have the both of them inside of us. The tattoo of Jack Jeckel on my ribcage which is near my heart has meaning to me. Jack Jeckel is Negativity hate and all the bad things and I keep it close to my heart that way I know what it's like and know never to forget who the Jeckel brother are inside of me. That ninjas is my indepth adaptation of the Jokers Cards. Before I go I would like to welcome Moose to the Milenko500 crew. Even though yer the wrestling guy I would like to know I can school your ass on just about anything having to do with the WWF.:P MCL MOOSE Until then this is D3dBdyM4n saying. ! Y0 momma so ugly your parents had to tie a steak to her neck to get the dogs to play with her. MCL MCL. ONE LOVE..... YOU JUGGALOS.
    11.26.00 I am a complete and utter asshole. The other night Jugalinko popped his head into my room and asked me why I didn't add Clown E. Love to the image map I had made....my only answer is that I'm a total dumbass and just forgot. So, I updated the pic to make it official and proper. Mad crazy apologizes to Clown E. Love. I was too busy patting myself on the back to realize that a integral part of the Milenko500 family was missing from the image. MCL and Peace.
  • Clown E. Love and the West Coast Juggalos are currently at Knotts Representing the Juggalos. I herd there's quite a turn out for this event, Ry Ry 2 Slow even took off a lil time from the Bizarr Bizzar Street Team to go.
  • I want to introduce a Rap Group Called REHAB to you all. There Dope as all fuck and have a very Twiztid Sound. The M500 Crew saw them open up for KMK. I didnt realize how good they were cause they had Two Stripers on Stage Showen it all. Dressed up as Nurses. Any ways Rehab is Two White Guys one is short and looks like Headcase, the other guy wears an orange jump suite and has Twiztid Style Antena Hair. I have a track for you by REHAB called Storm Chaser. Now ill tell you this song is off the hook.
    Storm Chaser mp3 3,357 k
    If you all like REHAB enough ill put up another Track Tommorow that is just as phat as Storm Chaser. Peace. Jugalinko

    D3dBdyM4n the Unemployed 11/25/00 Disclaimer: If you are reading this I'm not responsible for any speculation going on here damn it so straight fuck off if you don't like it. I've had a rough night and stuff so I dunno go away. What up juggalos this is Everyones D3dBdyM4n. Well Peep Game ninjas. We're at a dawn of a new Era in being juggalos. Check Http://www.insaneclownposse.com for the special message from the 10 things ICP's doing for u juggalos. It also has some news on the rerelease of Dogbeats and Mutilation Mix on cd and Tape. Rowdy Roddy Piper in Big Money Rustlas and a few other things. On another note visit http://www.seedsofthelotus.com/~heavyclown/ that's where http://www.rydas.com is for right now cuz their server is down.:(. Well ninjas I have a question for the juggalettes now? Why do you leave guys in their time of need when they need you the most and you promise things to other people knowing well your love is suffering for it? Well E-mail me the answers until then MCL MDL. D3dBdyM4n
    11/25/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
    JuggaloZ!! december 22nd in mexo city, JCW........ thats right JC fukin W!! Juggalo championSHIT Wrestling..... the next offical taping in mexico city!!!! Stay tuned for more on that good shit!!!

    Lots more flavor comein from psychopathic in the next few months, ICp's new video "behind the paint" comin out january next year. The script for big money rustlas has been completed, and In big money rustlas you will see Twiztid, vampiro, and Rowdy Roddy Piper. The movie will be directed by ICP's long time homey Paul anderson. also on the B/B tour the merch booth will be off the hook with rare shit like. Dog beats on cassette and CD, Evene the ultra fukin rare, recordings Known as Intelligence andViolence on CD!!!! thats the shit and a 60 minute long exclusive shoot interview with ICP on CD. Plus they have just opened up a Studio for juggalos with bands to record shit in. the studio is in Farmington Hills, MI. it cost 50 bucks an hour....... which aint bad at all. If ya want to to record at "the lotus pod" (the studio) contact Steve and book your session at 248-426-800. thats a Ton of flavor going on juggalos!! Plus some suprise dates on the B/B tour wil only cost two bucks!! two fukin dollars thats all. but for more detail on all of these things check out J's latest letter to the juggalos by clickin here
    and thats it for me today, peace and MCL juggaloS!!
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    D3dBdyM4n 11/24/00 Disclaimer: Anything Said by Me in this update is purely speculation. If you find this offensive and want to sue me well tough cuz I'll say this wasn't the same D3dBdyM4n but another D3dBdyM4n who hacked my password and knew HTML. So get over it. Wussup juggalos this is D3dBdyM4n Updating on Juggalo Turkey day where all of you ninjas gotta get drunk and eat alot of food. Well this is a special update because last night I was online and I met the most whorish Hater on the face of the planet. I've known her from another IRC server in which I'm not gonna name but I hate this bitch with a passion. So I made a remix of Ain't nuttin but a bitch thang so I'm gonna post the lyrics for you ninjas to Enjoy. When they are done I'll hook u up with some news. Mala Ain't Nuttin But A Bitch By D3dBdyM4n Straight outta TN bitch you's a joke sucking so much dick your fucking lips smoke with your ugly ass face u got the clap mean muggin a thugin sittin on aj's lap Talk shit about alliree knowing you's a slut u shakin fumblin nervous stumbling so damned stupid you should shoot yourself U listen to pretty boy rap with your slutty smile got yerself working the streets of 35 mile Callin juggalos fake little bitch I'll slam my dick through the back of your neck You might have aj sucking your tit but the juggalos ain't even buying your tricks Run your ass back to Aj and get fucked little groupie ass bitch Get fucked! Dumb ass whore ass trick ass wack ass BIOTCH Mala aint' nuttin but a bitch Mala aint' nuttin but a bitch Wait a minute done run what's up with that I just wanna give yer 300 bux back that I pimped you at a show you little freaky ass ho. Look at you gettin layed all over the map 3 dicks 2 dildos cuz yer a slut like that you like to do it alone sometimes with about 3 and aj fux your butt like a pussy Everytime I see you your sucking dick now your in #teen sucking dick you'll be sucking dick for eternity look at your mouth it looks like a pussy When I think of your future kids it's makes me sad they'll have a dumb ass father and a whore ass mom. Dumb ass freak ass trick ass biotch Mala Ain't nuttin but a bitch *bitch* Mala Ain't Nuttin but a bitch *bitch* Well juggalos Voting on the phones is gonna suck for us juggalos cuz well we can't ever get through to MTV's line which always is gonna blow. Tuesday is gonna be fresh though cuz finally TRL is gonna sport ICP at #1. Keep the voting up ninjas. I'm still waiting for my interview by Missy. And as always Stay down and come to the Insaneclownposse.com chat it's mad fresh and full of ninjas down with the clown. Until then Head Case Y0 momma so fat the bitch got her own hemisphere. MCL MDL Dark Carnival For eva ONE LOVE!!!
    MOOSE 11/22/00 Ok, I HATE SUBWAY lol sorry bro. I know its a small intro. but because of work and thanksgiving. I haven't had alot of time over the last week. Here is my little intro. I'll do a news update soon then send it to you. *I don't know how to to make a banner. I'm pathetic. but hey dammit lol webtv is a bitch.*
    DisClaimer: I am not appart of the WWF, WcW, ECW or any of the feds, I'm mad poor so if you try and sue me...don't lol please i'm working off a WebTV, does that tell you anything? ALSO my rants and raves that I will have from time to time about random shit that pisses me off are ONLY MINE AND MINE ALONE. Milenko500.com is in no way responisible for my mouth muthafucko. So if you don't like wrestling or the way I speak my sick FUCKING mind then you can all take turns giving me a slow wet B.J. till I nut in your momma's faces. AIGHT?! WHAT THE FUCK IS UP NINJA's AND JUGGALO's this is The Juggalo MooSe Mikey (Violent)J. Fox, I'm new here at Milenko500.com, I'm gonna be doing the Wrestling section, you know writing the news and rumors, WITH my own personal rants and raves about shit. These are my own personal opinions and my own comments. The news is brought to you in part by...where ever the fuck I get my sources from *like i'ma tell you* Any'Fuckin' Way. Lemme get down to biznizz so y'all can get to know the newest fuckin' memeber. My Name: You can call me "The Wicked MooSe" Mikey (Violent) J. Fox. Age: 18 *that's right juggalettes I'm legal and shit* Where I live: In the small corner of the cellar of my fuckin' house that's where heh. *Southside of Massachusetts* My favorite ICP cd(s): I have 3 Great Milenko, Psychopathics from Outer Space and Bizaar. My favorite wrestlers: Well he don't wrestle anymore but I still gotta give him props. "The Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels, And Mad clown Luv. and respect to Vampiro and Raven. Person other than Slim Anus I'd love to PIMP SMACK the hell out of: AL GORE FOR DRAGGING ON THIS DAMN RECOUNT SHIT! My column will be done: I wanna say twice a week simply because I work and am a Senior in highschool so I have alot of shit I need to get done before I can play online. If ya don't like it, y'all can Suck IT! Mad ProPS to the Milenko500 family for takin' me in and to Jugalinko for show'n me da luv to tell me I can write for all you muthafuckos and a Shout out to my homie Steve Azulay for bein' down. ----This is my introduction. Thanks again Ninja for hooking me up again
    D3dBdyM4n the Unemployed 11/22/00 Disclaimer: Even though I haven't been updating lately doesn't mean I'm dead. I'm very well alive. I've just been busy so if you will hold still a second so I can grab your neck I'll be straight. Don't sue me if I do cuz it's not my fault. Wussup Juggalos It' D3dBdyM4n the Unemployed coming to hit you back up with some news. Well not really news just some words of advice and shit since there's alot going on and everyone and their brother has it straight up covered. Well the Insane Clown Posse.com chat room is in full effect which is pretty fresh. MTV won't be putting ICP on TRL till next tuesday which I know you ninjas are pissed off about it but still I'm sorry there's nothing I can do but sit back and watch cuz if I was the CEO of MTV it wouldn't be MTV no more it would be PmTV (Psychopathic Music Television) I've been out lately with the death of my roommates Grandmother as well as applying for jobs wherever I possibly can so I'll have a job and freshness on top of that. I've got an interview coming up with Violent J as well as I've had an interview with Missy from Big Money Hustlas so when she e-mails me her reply's to my questions I'll hook you ninjas with the dealio. Alot of ninjas feel that I fell! off the map here cuz I've not done an update but don't worry I'm still around. I want to thank the ninjas at thesixth.com, rydas.com, and icp4ever.com for becoming a part of the Juggalo Network family. Right now Rydas.com is down for a bit till they can get the server problems fixed. Well not that the I'm out section of the ending of d3dbdym4n's update is over I have a new one Check this out Headcase y0 momma got a wooden leg and uses Minwax as lotion to get rid of the ash on her knees. Dizamn. Until then Ninjas MCL and Dark Carnvial For Eva. Hopefull I'll get a job soon or I'm gonna have to pimp myself on the streets. MCL D3dBdyM4n MDL
    11/22/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
    What up JuggaloZ!!! Haystacks On jerry springer today and hopefully ICP on TRL!!! Big motherfukin Day!! check this we want to know if any of ya juggalos that check our shit would be down with some milenko500.com gear. so If Your down Fuking Vote and say HELL YEA!! .

    Milwaukee juggalos Check this shit!! some tight fuking wrestling shit going on
    Rebels of Wrestling presents The Brawl! You may have seen this crazy shit on Cable Access, here in Milwaukee, soon to be picked up by TV58. The Brawl will be at Johnny's Yellow Rose, on 16th and Lincoln, December 1st. Bell time is 7:00pm Come check us out!!! Ladies, Gorgeous Gregory Frost will be there, if you havent seen him, you should stop by and check him out! You've seen the Hardy Boys on WWF? Well, Mr.Frost makes them look just like their name says, BOYS!! Email juggalomop for more info on that

    JUGGaloZ I know you prolly a lil pissed cause I know a ton of ya have been voting online all week............. please just have patience and fuking get on the phone and dial 1- 800-dial-mtv NOW!!! and next tuesday we can tear it up with the online votes.

    check back for polls regulary, if you have a good idea for a poll please email me and let me know. other than that I'm out like ya never saw me......... peace!! and McL!!! stay down!
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
  • If you like the ABC"s song check this out. Its funny as fuck. CLICK HERE
  • And props to Dereck at PsychopathicHQ.com for hookin up us with a link and Peep this Phat Pic of Lets Go All the Way HERE.
  • Juggalos Lots of stuff going on! Im show you this. My Boy Mike W. aka mikenicp on aol. Here is Mikes Official M500 page. But Peep his pics from Hallowicked here by clickin. Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 (Pic5 tits) (Pic6 tits) Pic7 Pic8 Pic9 Pic10. This is my Favorite Pic of em all HERE. Mike Representing Milenko 500 with his White Juggalo T.
  • Much love goes out to these ninjas in the Juggalo Web Site Family: Icp4Ever, TheSixth, RYDAS.
    Music Videos
    Stuck her with my Wang
    My kind of bitch
    Cotton Candy 56k or DSL

    Clown E Love 11/21/00
    Wasssszzzup muthafackos!?!?! Its ur favorite deadbody lover Clown E....ok well maybe not ur favorite but im in tha top 10.......20?....100?!?! Aight West Coast Juggalos...check nutz.... a bunch of us ninjaz are headin down to Knotts Berry Farm Theme Park THIS Saturday. So if ur down to go email me and let me know and i'll hit u back wit tha info. We got a nice posse organized so far and we lookin for more soldiers. We're gonna take over tha bitch!! Also dont forget to vote on TRL (click link on top of page) for "Lets Go All the Way" by the Insane Clown Posse. Tha video is off tha fuckin hook...i've seen it a couple times and it jes blew mah fuckin wig back each time! Couple things b4 i get back to watchin my new favorite porn Insane Clown Pussy (thanx Clover!!) Imma have the rest of whut went down tha day of tha signing here in LA and some *New* pics up here on Milenko500 later today. Dont forget to call tha Psycho Juggalos hotline cuz we gotta contest going on for a copy of Stranglemania 2 so call us up for more info...and all u muthafackos give my boyz here on Milenko500 madd props for having one of tha tightest sites on tha net!! Whut WHut??!! Yeaaaah!! Aight im done...MCL to all you ninjaz....im out like whut? BaBy WHuT?!?!
    Rat 11/21:
    WHAT THE FUCK UP, JUGGA-LUGGA-LOES? Nothin much with me, just keepin it real. Well, hope none of all ya'll made the same mistake as me and ended up sittin through the wackest hour of tv ever without seein ICP cause I DID! Man, do you think id watch that fuckin show if I knew ICP wasnt gonna be on that shit? Fuck that, they dont even show all the videos (but sometimes thats a good thing ahem... eminem videos>)! Anyway ninjas, if ya check up on the official ICP page, its now WEDENSDAY you are supposed to vote. Im not sure when the video will be played cause I dont no the days TRL is on so you'll have to find that shit out by yo'self. Special shout out to SILENT J for bringin that to my attention. Not to much else goin down in the underworld... but, if ya got some time and napster, why dont you download the most horide song in the world "shit on you" by eminem if you are a Whitey (everlast) fan you can peep out his Eminems little diss towards him and hear how fuckin wack that shit truely is! I was just too damn curious to not listen to the shit... sorry, juggalos, I had to! Ok ninjas, im outtie like Dres sperm comin outta Slims ass, ya no what IM sayiN? Peace out an Much LovE!
    11.20.00 whaddup juggalos? I'm just popping in real quick to let you know that I made a Milenko500 crew image map with our pics and links to our stash/info pages; and I also consolidated all of softcoremike's updates onto one page too. I've been busy as fuck at work and haven't had time nor energy to do a damn thing to this site or suburbanpimp.com...so until I get some more time or energy...MCL and Peace.
    whats Up JuggAloS!! Today is that fukin day!! the day For The carnival to take its thrown high above the world!! If You wanna vote more than once............. I belive it will work if ya delete your Cookies after every vote. So go do that shit now!!
    check out this letter from juggalomop

    How 'bout it Juggalos, Juggalettes, Ninjas, and STR8 UP PSYCHOPATHIC
    Muthafakos! I've been talkin ta HEADCASE, that ugly dead ninja you all might be familliar wit on Milenko500, who actually was gonna be at my release party for Bizaar/Bizzar/FreekShow, but got ta go ta Hallowicked instead, MAD PHAT PROPS NINJA, and we came up wit an IDEA (it took two of us) and we wanna have a JUGGALO X-MAS EXCHANGE! Thats right! A bunch of Juggalos an shit getting together ta celebrate the X-mas tradition together! And doin it Wicked Clown Style! What we wanna do is have it, like the weekend before X-mas, like tha 15th, 16th, or 17th. Now we wuz gonna rent a hall or sum shit, but niether one of us has tha cashflow right now ta do dat! Now we both basically live in Milwaukee,WI and we wuz wonderin, if any Juggalo would or COULD hold some shit like this at their own house? Now bein Wisconsin an all, tha land of cowshit an beerfarts, there should be SOMEONE out there that could possibally pull this shit off! We dont have ta do dis right inside Milwaukee, it can be within the surrounding Counties too! If you can do dis, E-mail me, JuggaloMop, or HEADCASE. Now if dis shit goes off, theres sum, well I guess you callem RULES that need ta be followed;
    First off, everybody buys a gift! WHO you buy for iz determined AT the X-change. And, for those who need ta be told,just like captain condomn says,"WRAP THAT RASCLE"b The gift!!! Dont really wear a condomn!! To the party.....well never mind!! You get tha message!! I HOPE! Second, the gift cost range, should be between $20-$30 (If Juggalos think thats too expensive let us know!) Whether its just one gift, or more than one, iz up to you!
    Third, this gift/gifts must be Psychopathic related!! Or have ICP/Twiztid on or in them. For example the new "Take a Bite Outta Rhyme" CD has ICP redoing "Posse on Broadway" from Sir Mix-a-lot, or Triple 6 Mafia has ICP in a song too!! Theres more shit out there but I'm sportin a hang over an cant think right now!
    Fourth, If this goes down at a house, RESPECT that Juggalos Shit!!FAYGO iz like impossible to wash off the wall! ASK MY OLD LADY!! We had ta PAINT over that shit TWICE!! And if you get tha right light, you can still see where it bleeds through. BUT we did use cheap paint..... Well Juggalos thats tha "Rulz" which I think arent too bad ta follow! Now lets tell ya quick about whats gonna go down. There will be ME dressed as Jolly St.J givin shit away outta my bag o'goodies! If you saw my Big Baby Sweets costume at the release party you know I'll look THA SHIT!!! And I'll have The best prize for the most deserving Muthafako! What that'll be iz known only to me! We also will have a "Tell Me What You Want For X-mas" chair for tha Juggalettes an Juggalos ta sit on a lap an tell us what you want most for X-mas! Thought up by my Homie HEADCASE! If theres room enough, I can have people from The Dungen in Kenosha,WI ta come help us, an sell shit at this thing, for those LAST minute shoppers like me! Imma try an get them ta do an exchange policy, just incase you get something you already got, but thats not final yet! Theres more ta tell, but this letter iz hella long so imma wrap it up. If you Juggalos can think up a Dark Carnival X-mas story parody(you know a story based on a REAL X-mas story, but make it a Dark Carnival story in your own words) or a parody X-mas carol/song do it an send it to us!JuggaloMop, or HEADCASE!! We just might tell yer story or get the Juggalos together an sing tha shit! All while on Video tape, just so we can post it ta show everybody OUR clown love!!! So, like Eminem, after he screwed Dre for tha 3rd time in 10 minutes, Im out!! PEACE MCL J4L
    Email juggalomop for more on that.

    and one more thing check this letter from Choko about ICP and MTV by clicking here and check this updates Juggalette J0diE here and here
    and again I'm out like you never saw me
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    D3dBdyM4n 11/20/00 Disclaimer: FxckFace is pissed cuz I jacked his so I'm gonna do it some more till I get an answer from him.:) If your reading this don't masturbate in the dark you'll go blind and grow hair on your palms. Thank you -Surgeon General What up juggalos this is me D3dBdym4n chillin here at the crib. Well Me and my homie from Realjuggalos.com Delusional came up with a funny thing. Top 10 Things Juggalos say to their Girlfriends Parents. There' really no news except in the chat room people being punk bitches and acting like Violent J. You think it's funny but you'll get your ass banned for it. Anyways here we Go: TOP 10 THINGS JUGGALOS SAY TO THEIR GIRLFRIENDS PARENTS THE FIRST TIME THEY MEET-By D3dBdyM4n and Delusional. 10. Gee, Pops, you're not nearly as big an asshole as your daughter said you are. 9. Wazzzaaaaap! 8. The water in your toilet tastes funny. 7. You got a spoon and a lighter I can borrow? I left mine at home. 6. No... No... It's OK. I kinda like it when your dog humps my leg. 5. Your daughter is attractive, but have you seen the tits on her friend Joanne? 4. Hi, Mr. Jones. I'm Bob. This is Chuck, George, Steve and the midget is Sam. Is Sally ready? 3. (While honking horn in driveway) Hey! I'm waiting out hear! Send the bitch out! 2. You should be proud, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, you've raised a good girl. I can't get her to blow me no matter what I say. And the number 1 thing Juggalos say to their girlfriends parents after meeting them the first time IS..... 1. Man, living under the same roof with a piece of ass like that, I bet you wish you were anyone else but her father. now that's some freshness right there ninjas. Anyways Me and Delusional at the next gathering will be in a wrestling match against each other. I'm gonna dress up like Hulk Hogan and He's gonna dress up like Andre the Giant and we're gonna go to battle in a loser spreads butter on his butt-cheeks and then puts himself through a table match. My vote goes on Delusional so I've got the butter ready. I just gotta find a break away table. So next gathering check that freshness out. Until then I'm out like River Phoenix. MCL MDL 11/23/00
    ThIs WeEkenD Has BrOuGhT UpOn ManY hearinGs and VisIoNs Of ThE ClOud~~~I have many things to offer you and your site I f U agReE ToO~~~~I HavE received manY ComMenTs, qUestioNs, and ManY CoNcerNS~~~~NorMalLY I wouldn't do ThIs BUT tHerE ArE So mAnY ThInGs That YoUR sItE Can pUT aTTEnCIoN InTo~~~~~Now That IcP Is OFFIcially An MtV GroUp The CarnIval has Come Yo LiFe~~~~ThEre HavE bEen InCrEdiBLe Issues wiTh Mad jUggALos~~~SiTEs HavE called Them Haters, JuggaHoes, eTc. ThE TrUTh Is TheY are NoT hatErS They are ConCErned AbOUt lOsiNG TheiR RolE Models And HerOes whiCh are ShAggY 2 DoPe And ViolEnT J~~~~Now The VisiOns Shall bE ShARed~~~BuT FiRst The ThOughT~~The ClOuD ReLeasEd So MuCh EnErGY That IT hAs uNLeashEd mAnY hoRRoRs BuT hAs AlSo Has mADe ITSelF WeAk~~~MoRE CloUd FOLLoWeRS AND BelIeverS BriNG LIFe iNTo ThE CloUd~~~I have doNe MY best To PublIciZe Its CoMing~~bUt nOw We NeeD yoUR helP~~NoW lIsten As The ClOUD spEaks~~~~
  • Click Here to Read Violent J on TRL and MTV on Monday. This is From today the 18th. Click HERE
    D3dBdyM4n 11/18/00 Disclaimer: Even though I jacked FxckFace's Disclaimer it's still my own and it's more fresh than his. So if you don't like it go read his. I'm not responsible for anything I say because if you call the cops and I go to jail I'm pleading temporary insanity. So naaaaayh mutha fakoz. Wussup ninjas this is everyones favorite D3dBdyM4n hitting you back up with another update. It seems like I'm having e-mail problems and I can't seem to get an update on here. Hopefully this one will go through. Remember ninjas the Insaneclownposse.com chat is up and running and it's on the same server we're on. So peep that out. Me and Headcase are always in that bitch cuz we help moderate it. Also vote for "Let's go All the Way" Monday on Trl and show MTV what the ninjas is about. I want to thank the people at Rydas.com for helping us out and giving us props and shit for helping out with the seeds. Well ninjas I'm out like a fat bitch in a thong MCL Much Delo Love and I will update again as soon as I can. MCL 11/23/00
  • Juggalo Hoodies® are now in stock. Click Here to Order. No pic yet but its the same design as the black juggalo shirt only its a High Quality Hanes Pull Over Long Sleeve Hoodie Perfect for Cold ass Days and Chillen. Ill get a pic of the Blue Juggalo t-shirts® up to but there dope as hell there like the blue C.O.C. T shirt style with white Front and back Juggalo Logo® in white.
  • Vampiro Is Leaving WCW
  • This could be a Rumor but its from a Vegas Juggalo : My dad works for metro (the police department out here) and they got a tip off that ICP is playin here, and the cops and venues have no idea where and when theyll be playin, itll be anounced the day before
    D3dBdyM4n 11/17/00 Disclaimer: Even though it looks like I'm jacking FxckFaces Disclaimer thing I'm really not. Nor is this ment to demean FxckFace cuz well he knows his disclaimers will never be as good as mine. Me and FxckFace are friends. He got pissed when he saw it and asked me if I was dissing him. Well Mr. FxckFace. Fxck OFF:) MCL brandon. WHAT IS UP MY JUGGALOS NINJAS AND WICKED SERIAL SLAUGHTERS!!! Well alot has been going on and I've been doing alot of work online. (Wish I was working for money at a job but this will have to do) Anyways ninjas. It's long overdue but it has finally happened. All 3 of the major Chat rooms have combined to bring you the freshest Juggalo chat there is. Realjuggalos.com chat, Milenko500.com chat and now Insaneclownposse.com chat are linked together as 1 whole entity. That's right ninjas. 1 whole chat. Me Noodlenugget, Delusional, Sabreguy, headcase, Gimpie, and James-BC and the rest of the wonderful staff at rj.com, Insaneclownposse.com, and bytecenter.com servers have been working on this chat. Now right now the java client is pretty stale but when we're done with it you will not want to get off of it. Now allow us to reiterate some rules for the chat. No dissing ICP, No Flooding. and Have FUN. Sounds pretty easy to me. Now this server is also accessible by mIRC. it's th! e same server milenko500.com chat is on. I want to give a shout out to Rydas.com for mentioning how dilliegentally we are supporting the seeds of the lotus. Remember to vote on monday on TRL for Let's Go All the Way by Insane Clown Posse. I also want to thank Heavy Clown from rydas for acknowledging our undying support as well as KrÅzY ^Ƴ, and Kurupt from rydas.com. One day I hope we can all combine together to make a super site for you juggalos out there. I also want to give thanks to thesixth.com for acknowledging our crusade to bring all the juggalos together. I want to address one thing though that really irks me. Juggalos who go to these websites and ours. We are no higher then you. At the most we are at your level. We deserve props yah but we're not Gods among mortals. We work hard everyday. I've had many juggalos come up on the chat and hound dogg me. We also don't place ourselves on pedistals. We're all easy going and fun to be around in chat. So Get in the chat room! and CHAT DAMN IT. Until then. This is D3dBdyM4n saying Michael Jackson got burnt by pepsi and Richard Pryor got burnt by coke.WOOOOO!!!CUZ IT'S A THRILLAA!!! Oh uhm until then, I'm out like a fat bitch in a thong. 11/23/00 MCL MDL.

    Clown E Love 11/17/00
    Juggalos in the Southern California area.....not this coming Saturday...but next..which is 11/25....a bunch of us ninjaz are gonna go ride horses and roller coasters and shit at Knotts Berry Farm theme park in Orange County!! Its gonna be a bunch of juggaloz hangin out and jes chillin and shit so u dont wanna be left tha fuck out. Hit me up on tha email tip if ur down to go...hotline@milenko500.com or give me call on tha hotline (310)842-5005.Some of mah homies from Milenko500 should be rollin with us so it should be tha shit. Props to Jeanette and Mike for planning this shit. Aight im out juggaloz....like whut?!?! BaBy Whut?? MCL
    ThIs Is THe FinaL WaRnInG oF The CloUD~~~~~
    Now That Lets Go all The Way wILL Be aIrEd On Mtv on MonDay The CloUd's PoweR That Has BeeN Held In All thIs TiMe WILL Be UnLeaShed In OnE bIg shOck~~~~AloNg WItH THe ClOuD ThE DarK CarNivAl"s ShaDow Shall BE sPreadIng all Over ColleCtiNg MoRe JuggaLos~~~~MoNDAY WILL BE A DAY NEVER TO FORGET ANd Will Be WorTh It The ClOuds MessAgEs Will Be In FuLL ConStanT SeNt, but To Only The Sites That Have HAd The ChancE To RecievE It and ArE tRulY BelIevinG My PaSt EMaILs~~~~My WarNiNg Is That To Be PrePared FoR tHe cOmInG Of The sIlenT beast kNown as thE Cloud~~~~We NeEd YoUr HelP Too ThOUgh ALL sites GoInG TO BeLIeve The JuggaLo PhenOMEnOn Must Post WArNInGS LiKe ThIS AbOuT mOnDAy and The CarNiVal CollEctiNg JuGgaLoS And The ComInG Of The cLoUd~~~~~So Far RyDAs.COm Is The #1 BelIever And They TrUlY UndERstanD The TruTh~~~~WaRnInG Has Been ForeToLd By>ClOuDKiLLA> AlSo AnY OThEr JuGgALoS That May gEt TheIr HAnDs oN ThIs if iT Is poSted On A siTe TheN YoU Too Can BecoMe OnE Of The CloUdlIngs EmAiL me FoR The InFo On That>>>BELIEVING SITES PLEEZ POST THIS EXACT MESSAGE OR ONE SIMILIAR TOO IT>>ThanKYoU SoOn to Be CloUdLinGs
    11/16/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
    Whats up I got some quick news for ya, Your favorite JCW wrestler HAystacks A.K.A Hornswagglin Hillbilly will be on none other than the JERRY SPRINGER SHOW On the 22nd Next wednesday!! so make shure check that good shit out motherfukooooooo!!

    ThIs Is THe FinaL WaRnInG oF The CloUD~~~~~ Now That Lets Go all The Way wILL Be aIrEd On Mtv on MonDay The CloUd's PoweR That Has BeeN Held In All thIs TiMe WILL Be UnLeaShed In OnE bIg shOck~~~~AloNg WItH THe ClOuD ThE DarK CarNivAl"s ShaDow Shall BE sPreadIng all Over ColleCtiNg MoRe JuggaLos!!!

    NEWYORK JUGGALOS get your ass to MTV on monday, bring your juggalo painted balls down to time square with a shit load of faygo and some fat bitches and tear that place up.
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD

    what up every other Lotus seed member and my boy at THA SIXTH....TRAVNOR MUCH LUV MY NIGGAH! i just wanna say what ICP is doing is the absolute shit i DONT think ICP will ever sell out. There just doing whats right and if so called juggalos are gonna hate on them im sayin there a disgrace to us REAL JUGGALOS. fuck that if ICP is on MTV its well mutha fuckin deserved ICP been bustin dat ass for so long i could give a fuck less about MTV i dont watch that bullshit any mutha fuckin way but damn that if ICP is gonna be on that bitch imma watch it.Me personally i got so much luv for Psychopathic an Rydas.com, THESIXTH, Downforlife,RealJuggalos,MILENKO500 and every other fuckin site out in this bitch. All im sayin is my boy from a well known Clown Town who has been down for the longest time and he is one of the most downest juggalos ive ever met or youll ever meet needs to chill with saying ICP is SELL OUT HOES cuz thats not the case at all ICP is the absolute shit! MTV sold the fuck out to ICP fuck what any other bitch ass so called "juggalo" wants to say about ICP but i know where there comming from by thinking ICP sold out but EVERY REAL JUGGALO knows ICP wont ever sell out think about it like J said in his letter about MTV they have been busting there asses for us juggalos for 10 years and some bitches wanna hate? but them HATERS came to a qwick ass bullshit conclusion about ICP. Now im wondering along wit u an every other juggalo what happend to those juggalos who had much clown luv i dont fuckin know dont HATE on ICP for doing the bomb ass thing for charity screw that. i wanna say one more thing: THE LOTUS SEED shit is the bomb and i agree with all of you Lotus Seeds to ICP is the absolute shit for doin it not for the MTV bullshit either for helpin tha fuckin charities of course and always will be ALL THE HATERS CAN EAT A DICK!!!!! cuz i been down since 1992 and always will be like ICP says "IMMA BE DOWN IMMA BE DOWN DOWN WITH THE CLOWN TILL IM DEAD IN THE GROUND" AND THATS FUCKIN TRUE U BETTA BELIEVE DAT SHIT

    Brian Gories ACW
    TONIGHT!! TONIGHT!! TONIGHT!! Alternative Championship Wrestling debuts TONIGHT, Friday, November 17th at the Inkster Recreaton Complex (2025 Middlebelt Road) in Inkster, Michigan. Bell time is 8pm, doors open at 7pm. All tickets can be purchased at the door, and are just $12, or $11 with 2 canned food items to donate to our Thanksgiving Food Drive. Former JCW promoter and booker Brian Gorie debuts his new wrestling promotion tonight, and has brought many of the JCW stars back to Detroit, as well as several other top young independent wrestlers from around the country! The first Alternative Champion will be crowned as fans will witness three qualifying matches on the undercard this evening, with the winners of those matches doing battle in a THREE WAY DANCE main event. The winner of that match will be awarded the title. The qualifying matches are as follows... Former JCW competitor HY-ZAYA --VS.-- IWA Mid-South Sweet Science Sixteen Tournament winner CHRIS HERO One of the top high flyers in pro wrestling today THE SUICIDE KID makes his Detroit debut --VS.-- "X-Rated" JASON KRONAN Arguably the top young prospect on the independent circuit, "Scrap Iron" ADAM PEARCE returns to Detroit --VS.-- Rookie sensation C.M. PUNK Plus, also on the card... Former JCW Heavyweight Champion BREYER WELLINGTON --VS. YUKON BRAXTON THE AMERICAN KICKBOXER --VS.-- BIG FLAME (w/ The Rainbow Coalition) In a ***STAPLE GUN DEATH MATCH!!***, it will be a battle of former JCW competitors, and current Big Japan Pro Wrestling superstars pitting MAD MAN PONDO --VS.-- "Mean" MITCH PAGE Plus much more... Tickets are just $12. Tonight at the Inkster Rec Center! To get to the venue, take 94 to Middlebelt Road. Head north on Middlebelt, just past Michigan Avenue, and the building will be on your right hand side, between Michigan Avenue and Avondale. The address is 2025 Middlebelt Road. Doors open at 7pm. Fans are encouraged to bring 2 canned food items to donate to Alternative Championship Wrestling's Thanksgiving Food Drive, to help those who need it most this Thanksgiving. You will save $1 off your ticket if you bring 2 canned food items to this evening's event. Call the PRO WRESTLING INSIDER Hotline at 313-438-1415 for further information on tonight's event. Visit Alternative Championship Wrestling on the internet at http://www.alternativewrestling.net/ We will see you TONIGHT at the Inkster Recreation Complex for the debut event of Alternative Championship Wrestling!
  • Alright yall strap on your seat belts cause its starting. I spoted a Juggalo/Ninja on TRL with Carson Daily and Maralin Manson. He was sporting a Psychopathic Charm, Great Milenko Beenie and a C.O.C Hockey Jersey. Get ready cause this monday you will be able to see our army of juggalos represented on MTV Via Music Video. These videos are so Good and OFF the HOOk that they will blow up the music video world. Yes these video's on mtv will probobly cause alot of band wagon type juggalos to start turning up. Ninja's at the same time alot of scrubs and juggalo type people have never been exposed to the very music that represents them so well. This will move the juggalo nation and juggalo army to a Juggalo Empire! I can only speek for my self so I say this BOTTOM LINE FOR ME IS THIS: Im a Juggalo 4 Life and I support the Insane Clown Posse 110% on any thing they do. PERIOD
    May all our Juggalo Pride grow and make it even more of an honer to be labled JUGGALO!
  • I got the damn flu and im Reporting from my Lab Top in my Sick Bed. Damn it I hate being sick it fuckin sux. Any ways I got more news bout myzery from stephanie aka FAYGOgiRL@aol.com here is what she said
    he's workin on a new cd "desperado" and he wants me and my BF to come hang out with him!!!
    He is just chillen takin a break from his crazy ass life ya know? and i just wanna show him mad respect! its only right! but anyways myzery is still cool he's workin on his next album" desperado" peace ya'll ! MCL-stephanie
  • Clown E love discuses some seriouse topics on the Psycho Juggalos Hotline so be sure to take some time out, kick back, hit the chronic and listen to the Psycho Juggalos Hotline! Click HERE
  • Ok Juggalos the E-Mails have been pouring in bout the New Merchindise avalible on my site, and yes its true that I work with Psychopathic Records Directly, but understand this, In no way are they my compatition, but my allies as we work togather. Meaning you might find things here that you would never see there. Bottom line is this "We Be Servin The World Click Right"
  • Be on the Look Out for New Juggalo Hoodies Coming this week so check back and ill have pics and Ill make it avalible with all 4 major credit cards so I can get em out FAST>> to you! Much Clown Love to all Juggalos Even the Bitchy ones and Un Patient ones, I stil got love fo ya!
    11/15/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
    JUGGALOS!! In my update yesterday I forgot to mention something really important, To join Original Juggalos You must send YOUR real full name
    YOuR CarniVaL NAME
    and Your home address and telephone number. YA only got about two weeks, so start emailing OJ@insaneclownposse.com with all your info NOW!! and if your juggalo freinds dont have the internet make shure ya get them signed up as well.

    Omaha , Nebraska Juggalo!! the psychopathic street team will be representing at the Toy, coin, and Card convention this weekend. November 19th from 10am - 4pm at the Holiday Inn off of I-80 on 72nd Street. The official address for the Holiday Inn is 3321 South 72nd Street. So get your ass there and check the new Bizzar/Bizaar and freekshow merch. And also recive all kinds of fresh Promo shit!

    Juggalos Apparently the ICP video will not be on MTV till next Monday. and most likely any votes before Monday will be discarded. BUT on monday We Need to Drop a juggalo carnival Bomb on that bitch with votes!! We gotta vote so much that who ever has to count the votes gets stressed out and gets all postal and starts shooting up MTV employees!!

    NEW YORK CITY Juggalos! If ICP videos makes it On TRL get Your ass down To Time Square with ya faces painted and faygos in ya hands, and fuk some shit up!! Take that Bitch OVER!!! and Before I go i wanna give a graveyard holla to my homie juggalo ninja killa Violetblood (tony)!!!
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    Clown E Love 11/14/00
    Sup ninjaz! This be one half of the Psycho Juggalos up in this bitch! Aight check it out...by now you should've heard all about whuts going on with Psychopathic and tha Dark Carnival..if you havent quit skimming through tha updates and peep the ones down below by Headcase and D3dbdym4n....anywayz..im up on here with an official report on whut went down this past Saturday. As you know ICP and Twiztid have been doing instores and they were scheduled to be in LA this past Saturday. Me and mah homie Fear were debating on whether or not to roll through. We knew ICP wasnt gonna be there cuz of a fallen homie of theirs...and it was up in the air whether or not Twiztid was still gonna show. I didnt really care though so i said fuck it lets go. I wanted to see if any ninjaz were down enough to show up knowing that they might get tha bone. I was expecting to find like a small group of scrubby ninjaz and i was gonna see if i could get hound dogged. I was meeting a group of juggalettes there (Melody, Raquel, Jeneatte) so i figured i'd look like tha shit when i rolled up. Man was i surprised when we rolled up to see a bunch of ninjaz waiting outside tha record store. It blew mah wig back. I had my ghetto camera with me and i was mad hound dogging THEM cuz i was fuckin thrilled to see madd juggalos there. I'll have those pics up on here tomorrow. Its was dope...i pulled up mah juggaryde and started bumpin some Twiztid and ICP for tha crowd They showed me madd clown love. So it wuz basically jes a bunch of ninjaz jes chillin in a parkin lot and hanging out Met a bunch of callers that call tha hotline....like the Universal Juggalo, Victor, and some ninjaz from Modesto, CA So time goes by and we're all jes fuckin hanging out when some bitch who works for tha store announces that for sure Twiztid wasnt gonna roll through and that we had to leave. Honestly nobody gave a fuck...and i was having a good time chillin with mah new homies so i wasnt going anywhere....i think she said something about callin tha cops but then some old ass security guard who looked like that dude on tha Uncle Bens Rice box said we could chill there till 6 to see if Twiztid might show up so i gave him props for sayin that shit....actually tha only ninja that got upset about Twiztid and ICP not showing wuz some dude in a wrestling mask wearing a gold Milenko Hockey Jersey..which when he later took off his mask while he was walking away turned out to be drummer Lou Dog from tha KottonMouth Kings By now we got a good 20+ juggalos jes all chillin in one spot..talking bout wrestling and all kinds of shit...jes being ourselves when i noticed my good homie Mike Wood pulling up in his car...in case u ninjaz dont know Mike is tha booking agent for ICP...he's on Shockumentary..anywayz he pulls up and tells me he cant believe all tha ninjaz that showed up and got tha bone...so he goes back in his car and tells me and mah homie Fear to help him pass out free shit to ALL the ninjaz that showed up..and im not talking bout JCW stickers...im talkin bout BOTH Bizzar albums...Twiztids Freekshow, rare ICP and Twiztid posters, videotapes of both the Tilt-A-Whirl video and We Don't Die....Twiztid backstage passes...all kinds of madd flava...and we made sure everyone got something....it was tight...madd props to Mike Wood for hookin us up!!! I got some more flava on whut went down that day but i dont wanna blow my load all on one update...so check back tomorrow for tha pics and for the rest of whut went down.....till then MCL to all u nutty ninjaz our there and stay down 4 life...Im out like whut?!? BaBY Whut??
    11/14/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
    Juggalos! The dark storm cloud of the carnival has made its way to MTV and through such large media it will spread like a forest fire through the ears of many, your confronted now with a choice to run and a choice to prosper and take the ride. few might leave, but thousand to millions will join. The insane Clown posse, Psychopathic Records, Twiztid, Blaze, Juggalos and all that belong will stand on the pedistol made for them by the power of the carnival. then as we all stand equal on our pedistol. the darkcarnival will lift us to shangri-la. Right now The carnival winds are sweeping through our streets helping those in need, those ignored by your so called leaders and elected officals. Through the consumption of ICPs bizaar sounds the carnival is able to feed the hungry and heal the abused. The traveling feekshow of juggalos, the dark carnival and everything it stands for will now be seen by the world we hate so much. soaked in the hope that maybe the world will change its rotation and see where its goin with all of its hate and its audacity to let its people suffer. Juggalos!!! as much as you hate the media known as mtv through which the dark carnival will reach millions. Look hard at what your seein and you will find that the desicion made is the right one. All that I ask of you is to sacrifice your your hate for mtv to save people by the thousands. and Stay right here with all of us, your family........................ and contribute to the goodwill of the carnival!!! GET YOUR ASS TO MTV AND VOTE FOR LETS GO ALL THE WAY BY ICP AND SHOW YOUR LOVE!!!

    aiGht juggalos The Bizaar/Bizzar tour is gonna be the shit. Instead of the recorded music in the background they will have a D.J. and LEGS DIAMOND will be playing with them live on stage. Thats gonna be the shit!!

    juggalos!!!! email OJ@insaneclownposse.com NOW!! right fukin NOW!!! and sign up for the ORIGINAL JUGGALOS!! its all for you the ninjas that been down since day one, or whenever. Ya got two weeks to sign up for that. From it ya will get all kinds of cool discounts and shit. ya gotta do it!! so fukin Do it!! I couldnt stress that enough!! but other than that I must throw an ugly dead scream like WHAT UP!! to My cherry pie. yea byatch ya know who ya are, and more importantly you know who i am. Just playin. peace ninjas and remember DOWN FOR LIFE................. BOTTOMLINE!!!
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
  • Ever wondered what happened to Myzery! Its Rumored that he lives in Arizona with his wife and Kids (his wife was the girl Green Willy stole from in Big Money Hustlas. Well stephanie aka FAYGOgiRL@aol.com lives in AZ and sent me this email. Check it. i live in Mesa, AZ and I know this osunds weird but i didnt believe it at first ethier. but i heard that myzery lives in AZ. AND HE DOES!!!! i started a new job today earlier, and i saw this guy who looked liek myzery and i asked him if he has ever been called that. AND IT WAS HIM!!! he looks like a pimp. he was with his GF. anyways i didnt wanna step on his toes or swing from his nuts by asking him questions, so i thought maybe you could tell me. thanks juggalo-stephanie

    D3dBdyM4n 11/14/00 Disclaimer: Forget a Disclaimer. What up ninjas well this is everyones favorite D3dBdyM4n me. I'm sitting here watching Big Money Hustlas and I got this Idea in my head. Why don't I do an update about you juggalos and what you feel on the ICP MTV situation. So here we go. On the Realjuggalos chat server here's some of the replys I got.
    BADMUTHAFUCXKAZ: if muthafucxkaz iz gonna bail on psycopathic now , get o bitcxhiez or stay down , you kno whutz up,. if they out now , they waznt neva down 2 strt with (juggalos.)
    seedsoflotus: My opion check diss ICP has not sold out. we are just growing a large family. and we are useing MTV like a hooker to get a large army and no one can stop us!
    Gimpie: if you dont like it stop listenin to ICP and stop being a little bitch and whining about it. On the Undernet Server:
    zigmo: they chose to go on there right then let them do its there choice. if they thinks its ok then its cool with me. orangina: i think it's cool, why not? i hope they diss mtv :) i mean.. exposure is exposure every group can use some. The next update I'll do the Dal-nets feelings and then go to the e-mails that I may get. Juggalos reading this E-mail me and tell me what you think about this and how you honestly feel about the MTV move ICP made. I think it's gonna work out for the best to make our army bigger and better. Until then this is everyones favorite D3dGuy D3dBdyM4n. I'm out like a fat chick on a moped. MCL 11/23.
    SoFtCoReMiKe® 11/13/00
    What up ninja's, ok it's like this, i'm at my boy chuy's house for his 23rd b-day party, an he introduces me to one of the biggest marks i've ever met, his name is matt jersitch if anyone's met him, buy we called him screetch cuz he looks juss like the fool from saved by the bell. Anyway, this kid was all drunk an talkin madd shit about the show jackass on MTV an said he'd do anything for money, so we decided to test him, first chuy gave him $3 an poured lemon juice in his eye, that didn't phase him to much, so we gave him some shots of bacardi with a fago chaser (jugalinko's got a fago hookup) so i handed him 5 buck's an gave him a turbo boosted, off the top ropes, after burners on full kick to the nuts, an of couse he hits the ground like an asian bussiness man on an 11 year old girl. but after about 10 min he's back at it drinkin an talkin shit, so SKS pull's his brilliance an say's " hey here's 5 bucks pound the rest of this" an hands him a half full bottle of my puerto rican favorite, of couse this get's pounded an now he's out of control. so i notice a watermelon on the table, so i tell jugalinko to get his video camera an say " i'll give you $10 if you fuck that melon" this freak didn't even think twice. i gets a knife, cuts a nedden into this poor fruit, whips himself out an starts jackhammer fuckin it. So now i'm commpletely disgusted but it's like a car wreak an i can't stop watching it. so after a about 3 or 4 min i guess he busted cuz he stopped, an about 10 min later this fool had puked an passed out, so we take back all the money we gave him pluss the $30 he had in his wallet, drag him out to the back yard an take turns pissing on him an he doesn't even move, so we get back to partyin, get more bottles of fuck'd up, an about 3AM this gymp stumples back into the house after pukeing a couple tymes asking for a glass of water, chuy shoves his piss soaked body outside again and thanks to his quick thinkin skills, hands him the watermelon an says " here, you can have all you want" an this fool ate almost the whole thing. so in the moring ( more like around 2pm when we woke up) we see that he musta took off home cuz all we found was the rind. so we gave the tape to chuy, he said he'd put it in matt's mom's mail box. Thas wass 2 days ago, i'l let you know what happen'd, but the moral of the story is NEVER DO WHAT I SAY! ok i'm out MCL
    what Up JuggaloZ!! aight last night I left the radio playin while I was chillin on my puter and out of nowhere "lets go all the way" comes on. And this is exciting to me considering Ive never ever heard ICP on the radio. So i have to give a shout out to the station that played it Rock 102.1 in Milwaukee, wi, cause thats the shit!! I know your all worried about who from the family has passed away. Theres a lot of rumors goin around, and none of which I'll mention. Cause I dont wanna add to it. all I gotta say is that I think I'm speaking for all juggalos when I say that it simply doesnot matter who it is. even if its the fukin janitor at the office. we are 100% with you on this. our hearts are with you. were a family right?!?! damn right!!

    But on a brighter note I wanna say whats up to my juggalette freind who shaggy refered to as "sweet tits" at the instore in chicago. McL to ya!!!! you psychopathic byatch!
    and check out my micheal myers vs jason page I'm all yoda up in that shit, and you'll see what I mean.
    jelly Belly from rydas.com will be doing a phone interview with Alex Abiss tommorow Tuesday the 14th on there hotline so call 513-588-9838 to check that good shit out!! and look for an Interview with perpetual Hype engine (by none other than the ugly dead himself) up here in a few days.
    aiGht now if you didnt hear already ICP will be getting airplay for there video on MTV starting today. I know some of you are running talking about how ICP sold out. wrong, ICP didnt sell out. Dont ya see whats happening the world is sellling out to us. check the definition of "selling out" selling out means going agianst everything you stand for, changing your sound, just to be accepted by the mainstream, radio, and MTV. ICP didnt change shit. MTV is changing for us. Radio stations everywhere our changing for us. Imagine watching TRL and seeing all them juggalos out in time square covering everyone in faygo. Thats the shit!! Juggalos, We got the world in our hands and all we gotta do is SQUEEZE that bitch!! OUR juggalo army is gonna be huge!! So stop drinkin your hatorade, youve had too much hatercise. Just chill and watch the carnival take over the world. This has been the ugly dead and the milenko500 family, again with the wicked shit To fill your heads with. and there aint shit but that shit so I'm out like ya never saw me, I'm running with the dead, in a graveyard track meet . DOWN FOR LIFE................. BOTTOMLINE!!!
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    D3dBdyM4n 11/6/00 Disclaimer: There isn't one today cuz I dont care what you hate. Wussup juggalos. Record Breaking news from Psychopathic records. This is phenominal news to my ears. ICP will be on MTV with their Video Lets Go All The Way. I know you guys are prolly screaming "Sell Outs" But allow me to allow you to retort. Naw Fuck that you ain't retorting shit. Understand this. ICP is not a sell out and if you say they are Fuck you. They are doing this for the juggalos to make our army bigger by spreading the word of The Dark Carnival. In Violent J's own words "We're gonna use MTV like a whore" which is the truth and to prove to you ninjas ICP isnt' selling out they are now donating all Bizzar Bizaar cd sells to 3 charity groups. And to prove that they arent pocketing any money they took 18 juggalos from some of the other main sites. STEVEN CABRERA THESIXTH.COM, GEORGE CHAPLIN RYDAS.COM (HeavyClown), JON DAWSON RYDAS.COM, BRANDON HAGEDORN REALJUGGALOS.COM (FxckFace) , ZACKARY MUNOZ THESIXTH.COM,DAVE BOHNER THESIXTH.COM, CHAS PERCODANI ICP4EVER.COM, JARED TRIPTOWN ICP4EVER.COM, KEITH DIGNAN REALJUGGALOS.COM (WVM), PHILIP SHIRLEY RYDAS.COM, JOHN WALLACE THESIXTH.COM, NICOLE WALLACE THESIXTH.COM, BARRY ENDERS THESIXTH.COM, RAYMOND HENSON RYDAS.COM, JON FRIDEN DARKLOTUS.NET, BRAIN GLICK REALJUGGALOS.COM (Delusional), CHRIS ROSE THESIXTH.COM, JOHN LEISURE DOWNFORLIFE.COM. The Name of this group of elite ninjas named by Rob Bruce (Jumpsteady) is Seeds of the Lotus. Even though none of us from Milenko500.com made the cut I'm not even the least bit jealous. Nor am I gonna hate on these juggalos. I'm very proud of them because of what they have accomplished and the footsteps they are going to leave in the Dark Carnival. We here at Milenko500.com are going to support Seeds of the Lotus 110%. The names of the Charities they are going to give the skrilla from the album sales From Tuesday on are NATIONAL ALLIANCE TO END HOMELESSNESS, FAMILY VIOLENCE PREVENTION FUND, and FREEDOM FROM HUNGER. This to me makes myself even more proud to call myself a juggalo. Juggalos On Tuesday blow up MTV's lines for this video, Mail them, E-mail them, knock up on the directors door and tell them you want to see this video. If you have any questions about this e-mail me and I'll answer them. I feel like I'm your voice. I know some of the juggalos in attendance at this meeting and I can ask them questions give them hints for the juggalos cuz they are in charge of the future for the Dark Carnival. From this day forth not only will I consider myself a juggalo but I will be your voice on the issues of the Dark Carnival for this site. Blow up the radio stations with your calls for the songs as well this is our time to flex every muscle in our bodies to show the world what we're all about. Until then Ninjas I'm out like Jamestown. MCL D3dBdyM4n and Much Delo Love. D3dBdyM4n
    Rat 11/13:
    Aiight, juggalos, whats goin on here? Nadda damn thing goin on here cept some news that some of all ya'll feel is aiight and some of all ya'll feel its a load of bull-shit and heres how it is: ICP has decided once and for all that they music videos will be on MTV. WTF? Its for charity matho faucko, so simmah down naw!! Now, lots of ninjas are all like, "What the fuck? ICP is sellin the FUCK OUT!" ICP aint sellin out cuz they doin this for some charitie bennefits and shit... Im guessin what they doin is more than likely charity for that bone marrow cancer shit that kills so many that one of they homies had back in the day (if all ya'll remember correctly they had a huge ass sell on e-bay that went off good but too late to do any thing of significant use... like savein him) or it could possibly be simply for the homeless but I am not to sure but you can write mackin_down_tha_chicken@yahoo.com and ask his ass what the fuck is up cuz he sent me the shit!
    so I bet alot of you ninjas are sayin... WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? Well, all ya'll ninjas who know me might be askin yo'self, RAT MAN, YOU AIIGHT OR STILL FUCKIN INSANE? Well, to answer them both, IM Rat, motha fucko and second, YESM I am still as nuttier than eminems mouth but its all good cuz IM IN THE MOTHA FUCKIN HAUGH!!!! I just gotsta (got to) take it easy for a while, ya no what im sayin? Ok, last in my news bit right here, I found it too damn tempting to just let all four of my alternative press magazines with ICP on them sit there with they faces just waitin to be put together... so as ya guessed, I cut every fuckin peice in half, stuck em' together, and hung tha mother fuckers on my wall (in case ya dont no what the fuck im talkin bout, im talkin bout the four issues where ya can make it so ICP has they make-up off but you can only get the full faces if ya stupid like me and cut tha mother fucker to shit and re-paste them together) Well, I'll tells ya what juggalos, so you dont end up ruining the value (juggalo value, sucka) of these fine issues of alternative press, Im a scan my copies of Violent J and Shaggy un-masked and put it up on the damn page, K? SO DONT GO AND RUIN ALL 4 OF UR DAMN COPIES JUST TO SEE WHAT THEY ALL LOOK LIKE, AIIGH? IMA HOOK YA UP!
    ok, well thats it for yo' boy rat, but I got more stories that I aint gonna put on the page cuz they take too damn long. If any one wants to no bout my crazy weekend, let me know and I'll send it to ya but make sure ya gots some free time on yo' hands cuz its all long an' shit! Addie be: Lokie_bates@yahoo.com. And if ya want my password, its what you everyone fears most! Later ninjas, stay down and out cuz they no rest for the wicked~
    (twiztid too)
  • I just got off the phone with the Wherehouse on sunset and lebra in Hollywood and they told me that Neither I.C.P. or TWIZTID is going to be signing autographs. Call the Wharhouse and check for your self or just call and check to let them know how many people wanted to see ICP or TWIZTID or at least Billy Bill!!! 1 323 874 2332. Hidi is the lady there. So they skipped us in the west coast agin. The Island Records Site has posted ICP tour dates untill 02/17/01 and there is not one FUCKING CALI DATE!!!!! We should protest. Strike or some shit. Show them that we got mad clown love in Cali and there Fans need them to bring the wicked shit this way! This is the official site's main man jellynuts@insaneclownposse.com.
  • My site looks like shit in netscape navagator. If you checking it in netscape. Check it out in Enternet Explorer. It way tighter.
  • Psycho Juggalos Hotline. Email Clown E Love.
  • Check out www.suburbanpimp.com its Powerboys site. Check it out and if you got any suggestions for him or comments Email Power Boy and let me know.
  • My Homie Wicked Carl also has a DOPE AS HELL SITE! Its HARD xxx ADULT PORNO! ITs called WIQID at www.thegrid.net/wiqid Carl has a very easy way with the ladies. He gets em to do what ever. He should be called Carl The Mack! E-mail him suggestions bout his site at WICKED CARL's EMAIL.
  • Headcase re-did the Violent J page. Peep it here. Thanx dog you do an awsome job Promoting and Reporting.
  • And here is a site The Milenko500 is Affiliated with and Backs 100%. www.rockartpictureshow.com I helped build this rock art empire.
    11/08 [ [ [
  • Ok Cali Ninja's me,sksPOWERBOY and Wicked Carl will be meeting up with clown e love to hit the Hollywood Instore. The only thing is that where you might find ICP you will find Twiztid cause icp had a loss in the family.
  • Psychojuggalos Updated there Hotline check it.
    Juggalos, I got some very disturbing, very shocking news. On the icp hotline yesterday they said that someone from psychopathic records has passed away. They didnt say who or how it happened. I dont know if they ever will. I dont know what to say about this. but pray for them and I hope that everbody at psychopathic can keep at least some of their sanity through the whole thing.

    some of you asked me about the address I gave to send your shit in for the "juggalo Journal" so here it is. I forgot tp put st. or ave.

    Pimperess De Juggalette
    8110 DAle st.
    Dearborn hgts Mi 48127

    that address to send your info about being a juggalo along with a pic to for the "juggalo Journals" I forgot to put st. or ave. so uhhhhhh there ya go and shit.
    aight that will be all for today so I'm out like ya never saw me
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    Tha Sugar Plum Fairy 11/10/00 Disclaimer: Anything Said by Tha Sugar Plum Fairy is that of his own stuff. He does eons of research and makes ninjettes feel comfortable around him. He's in love with D3dBdym4ns Ex Delo so don't mess with him he's wierd. Thanx Mngmnt Hello all you juggalos out there. This is D3dBdyM4n's Alter Ego the Sugar Plum Fairy. here to hit you up with some sweet news. Other than floating around acting like a fairy I also do things and make everyone feel sooo special so today Juggalos I'm going to make you feel special. Today in the history of everyband I was searching the wonderful web and found that your buddies and my buddy Moon Glorious had made the top 100 bands of all time on Rollingstone.com. Now isn't that special? As for Other news? I don't have any but that's the stuff right there Until then I'm off to sprinkle some fiary dust with Moon Glorious. MCL P.S. Delo I love you snooky cuffs.
    D3dBdyM4n 11/9/00 [ [ Question of the Day: Why does your anus swell up after you poop? What the hell is up juggalos. I want to congratulate ICP and Twiztid for busting that ass on the billboards. ICP has taken 20th and 21st and is soon to go up probably to #1 because their album sales are as followed. Insane Clown Posse: Bizaar Psychopathic/Island | 548174 Insane Clown Posse: Bizzar Psychopathic/Island | 548175 Twiztid: Freek Show Psychopathic/Island | 548179 so Our boys at Psychopathic should pick up the #1 spot on this piece. Cuz Jay Z sold like 300 less albums then both of them which should knock him out of the #1 spot. Until then Juggalos I'm out like Jay-Z's #1 spot to the Psychopathic Records boys. MCL 11/23/00
    D3dBdyM4n 11/9/00 [ [ Question of the Day: Why don't they make Diet Beer? Well Ninjas it's the D3dBdyM4n back to hit you up with some flow. As you have heard or already have not We know have a Bushy Dick in office. That's right Dickless Cheney and George Wang-n Bush won the presidential Election. Which pretty much means higher taxes and lower wages. As for Nader. He got the bone like us juggalos always get by the populace and came in 3rd place behind The Al "The Bore" Gore. As Jugalinko said earlier J has that new message out and I think it's pretty deep considering some of you juggalos are hating on them for doing what comes natural. ICP has not sold out to the world. The World Sold out to ICP. I think anyone hating on ICP or any of the radio stations who play ICP is a juggaho and that's all there is to it. I mean come on guys I get hyped up when I hear "Dirtball, Fuck the World, Another Love Song, and Lets Go All The Way" Come on the radio cuz it tells me that the song programmers are juggalos. Like Tyler Durden said in "Fight Club" We are! the people who cook for you, we are the workers who fix your roads, protect your streets. Being a juggalo means being myself. I'm a very expressive person if you ever meet me in person. I used to be closed minded before I saw the wagons coming from atop of the hills. I opened my eyes and saw the world in a new perspective. I proudly wear the title Juggalo. So does Softcore Mike, So does Jugalinko, Headcase, Rat, DjDogbeats, Clown E Love, Serial Killer Scott, Hardcore Mike, WVM, DjLoke, Delusional,Juggalo Joe, FxckFace, the crew at thesixth.com, Jellynutz, NoodleNugget, Shaggy 2 Dope, Violent J, Monoxide Child, Jamie Madrox, and Blaze. We strive and spend countless hours online to find the freshest news not because we want to be famous or because we want our names up in the lime-light. It's because we care about you juggalos. Without you Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Milenko500.com, Realjuggalos.com, and thesixth.com are nothing but a fixation of an imaginization. To hate on so! mething like this means to hate on yourself. You hate on yourself by dissing what we do by dissing radio cuts by ICP. Everything you stand for in being a juggalo you pretty much spit at. Until then Juggalos who are dissing all these things. Think about what you say before you say it cuz it's like a House of Mirrors you go in and make faces into the mirror and it reflects back at you everything you do and say reflects back at you. Before I go I want to give a quick shout out to MrXXX at Http://www.arkansasjuggalos.com for posting that shit and giving me props on his site. You juggalos should visit it sometime. His site is pretty good. Until then I'm out like Suge Kjight in a few months. 11/23/00 baby! w0000.
    Rat>FUCK-THERAPY 11/08:
    Fuckin A, juggalos, rat back up in this peice with the juggal masta juggalinko, the decayin, dead-party rockin, masta of decapatayin motha fucka him self Dead Body Man, and the lucious sac of cilicoan beuaty Twiztid Princess!! Now you gotta hear this shit cuz its fuckin wack as hell, man! I went to my first therapy session and this bitch I had seemed allright (nice titties an all) but she seemed like she had more screws loose than I did! Anyway, after the third or fourth session, this bitch has the nerve to ask me if I like "those nasty clowns" after seein my jersey that said Juggalo (tha fresh ass motha fuckin base-ball jersey!). Well, Im all like, "yea, whats ur fuckin point, bitch?" And she sais that that it all makes sense and it may be that ICP is the fuckin problem. I all stood up and screamed "the fuck you talkin bout, bitch? ICP is one of the very few reasons I never put the bullet in the back of my head, swallowed the pills, and barried the hatchit, if ya know what Im sayin'." She sais, "thats exactly what Im talking about, your filthy vocabulary which shows that you have no intelect what-so-ever and cleary shows that you have no intermostality (that aint the word she used, but it started with an I and ended with an ality. I was like, "bitch, jus cuz Im a juggalo aint no reason to go all 8 sylable on my ass an shit, back off! When Im depressed, ICP is the only thing that can bring me up from down, ya no what IM sayin?" Then the stupid bitch said somethin i could NOT beleive worth a damn. She has the nerve to come out and say "What about Eminem? He may be filthy, but at least he is honest." God damn, I didnt even want to explain to that bitch! I stormed up out of there and headed back to my brothas appartment. I called my mom and told her what went down and she got me a ticket and sent my ass home (she fully supports ICP's message and thinks that it helps me cope so shes down for the ride and supports everything to the bone. Hence; Juggalomama!!). So here I am, still depressed as fuck but ya no what? Its all good cuz its just how I am! So im back with all yall , my brothas and sistaz! Well, FUCK it, i got some school work and shit to catch up on but not till I get my ass somewheres to listen to some of my boys cuz I acidentally left all my icp shit at home and fuck was I pissed! You never seen a mother fucker more depressed when he forgets his clownz at home, ya no what IM sayin? Ok, well I'll be back up in here tomarrow to drop ya'll with some more of the wicked shit. Till then, Im in yo'mamas ass!
  • The Milenko 500 Psychopathic Records Store has a new FACE Peep it HERE!
  • Juggalos Planning on Attending any Instore Signing Events should pick up the ICP PROMO Glossies so you get a phat item to frame and keep.

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  • Instore Signing Dates
    November 1, 2000 - New York, NY Sam Goody (Village) 390 Avenue of the Americas (In the Village) New York, NY (212) 674-7131
    November 3, 2000 - Boston, Massachusetts Tower (Burlington) 101 Middlesex Turnpike Burlington, MA (761) 272-1007
    November 4, 2000 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania National Record Mart Hillcrest Shopping Center, Romm 195 Braeburg (Millingan Town) Lower Burrel, PA (724) 334-0441
    November 6, 2000 - Chicago, Illinois WHEREHOUSE 75th Street & Lemont Road 1202 75th Street, Bldg. G Downers Grove, IL 60516 (630) 719-1177
    November 7, 2000 - St. Louis, Missouri Streetside 13661 Manchester Road Manchester, MO 63011 636-394-0240
    November 9, 2000 - Denver, Colorado Wherehouse 1235 E. Evans Denver, CO 80210 303-778-0320
    November 10, 2000 Phoenix, Arizona Zia 807 W. Indian School Road (7th & Indian School) Phoenix, AZ (602) 241-0313
    November 11, 2000 - Los Angeles, California Wherehouse 7127 W. Sunset Blvd. (Corner of Sunet & LaBrea) Los Angeles, CA (323) 874-2332
    November 13, 2000 - Anchorage, Alaska Mammath Music 300 E. Diamond Blvd. Anchorage, Alaska (909) 258-3555
    ALSO, SEE ICP LIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ALASKA: November 14, 2000 Club Millenium call for details at (907) 277-1428
  • Bizzar Bizaar Tour Dates (100% Confirmed)
    Wendsday, November 29, 2000 Boston, MA Avalon
    Saturday, December 2, 2000 New York, NY Hammerstein Ballroom
    Sunday, December 3, 2000 Scranton, PA Scranton Cultural Center
    Tuesday, December 5, 2000 Trenton, NJ Sovereign Bank Arena
    Friday, December 8, 2000 Fort Wayne, IN Fort Wayne Colliseum
    Saturday, December 9, 2000 Grand Rapids, MI Delta Plex
    Friday, December 15, 2000 Dayton, OH Hara Arena
    Saturday, December 16, 2000 Chicago, IL Aragon Ballroom
    Sunday, December 17, 2000 St. Louis, MO Pageant Theatre
    Tuesday, December 19, 2000 Louisville, KY Louisville Gardens
    What Happened to the L.A. Date? What the fuck?
  • Radio Hatin Juggalos! Click Here to see what Violent J has to say bout "Lets Go All The Way" being played on the radio. CREDIT
  • Just a reminder The latest and freshest video from ICP, Tilt-A-Whirl is on The Box video network! It is selection #199, so make sure to hook that up in your crib!

  • 11/07/00
    whats up juggalos, aight this juggalette is putting together a juggalo journal and book. which will possibly be getting published. I am asking you to send your shit to her to make this book fukin huge. just write down your expience as a juggalo and send a pic to : Pimperess De Juggalette
    8110 DAle
    Dearborn hgts Mi 48127
    make shure to includ all your possible info.

    check out this email I got from PJ Sir_2_Dope@go.com "Yo whut up ninja? I fuckin figured out Code BIzaar. Here it is: D - ahhh - sick - ththth - (why did the chicken cross the road?) - his and HERS! - _________ Board Box - Bill, William, or just Will - B. Brian Blair and Jumping Jim Brunzel... the Killer _________'s - the 1st of all 26 - DON'T BREAK IT!!! THAT'S 7 LONG ONES OF BAD LUCK! - Who? You! That's Who! Boo! - Natas, Life After ________ Biggie Smalls, Life After ________ - the word More but the M tags with Y - Last heartbeat, breath,smile, kiss, what's left? Da sixth/ joke/ hers /card /will /bee/ a/ mirror/of/my/death/and/your/death Dere ya go ninjas. Thats pretty much the answer. 1 or 2 things will prolly be wrong but for the most part, THATS WATCHA GOT!!" thats good shit. If yall didnt figure out the b/b hotline number yet. I'm not gonna tell you, so figure it out. and whoever sent me the pic of a clown chick sucking dick, please send that again so I can post it. I lost the fukin email. And I'm working on a Jason and Micheal Myers section that should pretty phat. I think it will be to your likeing. you will definatley be informed when the page is up but till then i'm out like mike tysons spedda spedda spe spe speach impedemeant. stay down rydas!! what up sugar tits!!
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    D3dBdyM4n SPECIAL UPDATE MOFOS[ Disclaimer: Anything Done or said by D3dBdyM4n is purely speculation and you will not remember a thing in the morning so get over it. What up ninjas. Well this is everyones favorite D3dBdyM4n here to end some speculation about the Bizzar Bizaar Sampler having some image of the sixth jokers card in it. I have an image I want for you guys to see it's right here [CLick ME ]it has a picture of what's in the B/b Sampler. I want to give shouts out to all the homies who gave me a hand. |Hydroponiks_Juggala|, Horror, D3Former, Big Vic, if I missed you I'm sorry but this is some exciting shit. CHeck that out Until then I'm out like the speculation that's going down on other websites. 11/23/00 e-mail me juggalos and tell me what you see.
    Clown E Love 11/6 [Pic] [ [ Attention Cali juggalos....im gonna be all sad and shit if i dont see you west coast Cali juggalos at the Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid Instore THIS Saturday (11/11) here in Los Angeles. l'll see all you muthafackos there bright and muthafuckin early. Forget watching Saturday mornin cartoons and get a ride to 7127 W. Sunset Blvd. (Corner of Sunset & La Brea) The signing I believe starts at 6pm so that means all you mofos gotta show up before then and get in line. I know some of you that I met at the Kottonmouth Kings concert are gonna be there and im hoping to see a shitload more juggalettes errr i mean juggalos there!! ICP and Twiztid will be signing shit left and right BUT they're only gonna sign one item of yours and thats only so they can make sure every juggalo there gets some flava. So dont be coming there with a bag of goodies for them to sign cuz you jes might get tossed the fuck out for holding up tha line. All you ninjaz sport ur make up and that includes you sexy juggalettes....i wanna take madd pics of tha instore and put some pics up on here on Milenko500 so all you muthafackos can represent the west coast juggalos!!! Woooo Wooooo!! Props to tha following ninjaz that helped make my Hallowicked tha muthafuckin ATOM BOMB.....Jugalinko, Serial Killa Scott, Wiqid CarL, Softcore Mike, Violent Helm, Clover, JoJo, Wicked and his lovely wife, RingMaster Ry, Dustin and the CC juggalos, Universal Juggalo, Joel...and of course the lovely SoCal Juggalette !!. Oh yea....Dayum girl thats all i gotta say! Aight mah ninjaz im out like WhuT?!? BaBy Whut?!?! MCL
    11/07 [
    Juggalos Check out Milenko500's Homie [MIKEnICP®], He did up a Phat Review of Hallowicked in Michagan with ICP. Click Here to Peep that shit out.
    D3dBdyM4n 11/7/00 Disclaimer:Anything said by D3dBdyM4n is simply a disturbed picture of an alcoholic childhood. Anything you find offensive and Degrading just skip and come back another day when you feel that you can stomach it. Thanks Mngmnt.11/23/00 LADIES AND GENTLEMEN BOYS AND GIRL JUGGALOS OF ALL AGES D3DBDYM4N PROUDLY PRESENTS TO YOU the news. Well Guess what ninjas I was doing some research like I always do I gotta keep the flavor I guess and I found an article of the review of b/b from some place called Wall of Sound practically hating all over ICP's new and Improved Album well Juggalos here it is in the flesh I'll post that shit up for you. Insane Clown Posse: Bizzar Bizaar (Psychopathic/Island) by: Roberta Penn (Insert Fist Here) Two Insane Clown Posse CDs at the same time might just drive the music censors over the edge, though that wouldn't faze Violent J or Shaggy 2 Dope one iota. This group of mayhem-makers has extended its three-ring circus from the wrestling arena to the masses, and no one, not even Al Gore or George Bush, can rain on its parade now. In the past, this clown-faced pair of rapping rockers has been accused of contributing to the degeneration of the social fabric. This time around, if the double whammy of Bizaar and Bizzar is any indication, Detroit's Insane Clown Posse has a different target in mind: Instead of devastating the establishment, it's taking aim squarely at pop culture On "Fearless," from Bizaar, the Posse's imagery is vividly absurd. Against infectious beats peppered with weird sounds, the two MCs rap about sharing a needle with Courtney Love and becoming the Unibomber's pen pal. On "Rainbows and Stuff," the group parodies the schlock on the pop charts by pouring on more corny syrup than the Backstreet Boys could stomach. For "Still Stabbin,'" the Posse attacks the Lilith Fair, though its knives aren't sharp enough to touch Beth Orton or Me'Shell NdegeOcello. The material on the accompanying Bizzar includes a sendup of the heavy sex in rap songs, "Cherry Pie (I Need a Freak)"; a musical version of Saturday Night Live's "Deep Thoughts" skits, "Questions"; and a very funny story song about a band doing just about anything to have a hit, "Radio Stars." As on Bizaar, some of the pictures the Posse paints are grim and gross, but most of them are cartoon versions of real life and impossible to take seriously. And if you consider how feces-smeared artwork shook up New York religious and political leaders or the impact Bruce Springsteen's take on police violence had on law enforcement, this Posse is indeed nothing more than a couple of guys clowning around. In fact, if you look beyond the ludicrous lyrics, you almost come to respect them as pop barometers. The music draws on everything from alternative rock to funk, but the result is not a melee of sounds but rather well-crafted syntheses. In reflecting on the most bizarre aspects of today's pop culture, nothing is sacred to the Posse, not even itself. Well ninjas that's some hating going on there obviously she has no clue what the Dark Carnival Represents to her. I'm still waiting on the Billboard Ratings for b/b but when I get that you better believe I'm going to hook u ninjas up. Until then I'm off to find some reviews on Freekshow. Ninjas who enjoyed b/b go to yahoo and rate that cuz Bizaar got a 4.2/5 an Bizzar got a 3.8/5 so make them 5's ninjas flex your muscles and show the music industry that you don't care what anyone else has to say even these people here. Until then This is D3dBdyM4n saying I'm out like Mister Sinisters two fingers. MCL 11/23/00.
    AiGht juggalos Today is Jamie Madrox's birthday So call up there hotline and say happy birthday or someshit. Show him some clown love.

    That Bitch feminem Thinks he's horrorcore now, recently he took some pictures for Source magazine wearing a jason/hockey mask and holding a chainsaw. I belive he is also coming out on stage like this now too. click here to check that shit out. Thats like your little sister dressin up as Jason for halloween, its just fukin hilarious. but anyway This updates juggalette is one that really hooks it up for our hotline ninja Clown E. so click here and here to check her out and Chi Town Juggalos remeber to get ya ass to the instore on monday if ya dont know where it is then I's tell ya.

    75th Street & Lemont Road
    1202 75th Street, Bldg. G
    Downers Grove, IL 60516

    Also if you remember sharon osbournes bet she made with ICP on the Howard stern show way back. she BET them $50,000 that they wouldnt sell even 200, 000 copies of their next album and that there label (island records) would drop them. well I dont know if they sold that many yet but I'm shure they will and ya know Island wont drop them. so BITCH!! pay the FUCK UP!! and check my info page, I updated it a bit. peace, I'm out like rage against the machine
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    D3dBdyM4n 11/6/00 [ [ Disclaimer: Anything said by the D3dBdyM4n is souley his own mind playin tricks on him. Right now he's hyped up on crack and herione and really don't care what you have to say. Any Questions, Comments, Gripes an such reply via e-mail if not go away we don't want you no more. >>> What up ninjas nothing really to update about. I brought you ninjas some freshness. The list of release dates sorta. They don't have exact dates but they are of somethings Psychopathic MIGHT release within a time frame. It's pretty interesting if you think about it. So here they are ninjas. Pendulum Comic #6 November
  • Shaggy Action Figure November
  • J Action Figure November
  • JCW Vol. 2 Mid-December
  • Twiztid Documentary December
  • Hallowicked '99 Video 2000
  • Gathering of the Juggalos Video February 2001
  • Dark Lotus's "Tales from the Lotus Pod" Mid-2001
  • Blaze's "One Less G in the Hood" 2001
  • JCW Vol. 3 2001
  • ICP Shockumentary 2 2001
  • The Shaggy Show 2001
  • The 6th Joker's Card 2002 Now that's some freshness for the juggalos. And Check these sites out while you can [Http://www.psychopathic-underground.com]ran by Kuntagious and [http://www.icpt50.com].until then I'm out like every job I've had.
    11/04 [ [ [
    Yo Yo. Lil Intro change to the site. Peep it. I also added a lil Better Pics of the Psychopathic Charms we sell. Check to the Right.

    KMK West Coast Hallowicked Report
    by Violent Helm (Cali Juggalo)
    Whut up muthafackos! Violent Helm up in this bitch! Just letting all you serial killas know what you missed at the KMK show (west-coast Hallowicked). Me and my homie, Ringmaster Ry packed in my black truck, muther fuck, and hauled ass to Hollywood. Painted up like clowns, smoking some fresh ass chron and pounding beers the whole way we got to Hollywood at about 8. Parked the jugga-ride and got in a long ass line. Saw some crazy juggalos in line and lots of freaks cruising the streets. Finally got our ass in there and Rehab was busting out their set on stage. They pretty much sucked but had some hoochie dancers on stage with them that were showing their titties so it was fresh. SX-10 came next. They were alright and so was the next dude (i forgot his name). At this point, me and Ry were getting restless so we wanted to get our smoke on but I forgot the pipe in the truck because I'm stupid like that. We rolled up to a crew of juggalos and hooked up with them. It just so happened to be Juggalinko, Softcore Mike, Wiquid Carl, SKS, DJ Leasure, and Hollywood Brian. ( sorry if I forgot anybody). The full Milenko 500 crew was in effect! These juggalos showed much clown luv to us. Hooked us up with a pipe and hung out with them for a while. Smoked mad bizowls and they even introduced us to Clown E Love. Totally hooked us up. These ninjas are the shit! Juggalos are the shit! Next came Linkin Park, they were pretty fucking good. Put on a good set and SoFtCoReMiKe liked it cuz he was straight destroying peeps the pit. Throwing bodies out left and right! Corprate Avenger was next. They were kinda whacked. One of their singers jumped of the stacks, about 20 feet (no shit) right into the pit! Other than that, thier music was too "political" for me. Finally, the Kottonmouth Kings came out and everything was all good. They tore it up! Totally worth the wait. Smoked the rest of my sack and just enjoyed the show. They put on a great show! If they're ever in your town, go see 'em! They're the bomb! I just wanted to give a big ass shout out to all the Milenko 500 juggalos, Clown E, and all the other juggalos who showed up. The juggalo army is everywhere! West coast juggalos are the shit! Hope to see them all again on the 11th at the instore in Hollywood. That's all for me...I'm out! Peace......MCL Violent
    Props to Gilberto Solano. Up in the KMK show he Represented The Cali Juggalos with Full Paint and a Ring Master Jersey, hittin chron like "what!". Peep his Rap Group Here.
    D3dBdyM4n 11/4/00 [ [ DisClaimer: Any of you reading this may not want your children to see it so grab the keyboard away and begin masturbating in your own fecies.Thanks D3dBdyM4n. 11/23 >>> What up juggalos. This is everyones favorite Corpse D3dBdyM4n Coming at you with some not so good flavor. Well as you heard or prolly already have heard Our homie and Dear Friend Violent J had a panic attack at an instore. Big Baby Get better w00 w00 I got some clown luv for you might even send you a card or something. Amongst that I haven't gotten any e-mails from anybody except this one chick who said that J should give the thing back to slim anus and look like a hero. That's a bunch of bullshit if you ask me. J would break that mother fucker in half and burn it in front of his ho trick ass. I had a great night last night I was with 6 of Kentucky's finest fucking juggalos last night including myself. Trish , BigDaddy Vic, Eric the fucking maniac killa, Que,and Joe "I don't need no mother fucking introduction pass me the mother fucking wild turkey" Glick. It was the shit. We all got outside of my apartment and was singing We don't die while Eric was bumpin that shi! t on his 2 15's then we started singing Magic ninjas off of big money hustlas. It was the shit. but enough about hanging out with other juggalos if you're a juggalo and you know any of these mofos give them a call we can get together and throw the biggest fucking party Radcliff has ever seen for any juggalos. Another thing is Illest a guy from the chat room asked me what the number 17 symbliphies for ICP because they have 17 dead and 17 is on the inside of B/b. Well if you got anyquestions click the e-mail button and write me until then. I'm D3dBdyM4n and I'm out like Manouto. MCL .
    11.3.00 [ [ [
    Here's my abridged version of the KMK show. Right before we left, we called the hotel we made reservations at to get directions but the mutha fuckers said they didn't have any rooms. I personally didn't get too worried cause I knew there had to be mad hotels in Hotel...even if we had to rent the room by the hour and pay for "company." Jugalinko rented a tight little minivan to cruise down to Hollywood in and we all (Softcore, WiqidCarl, DJ Leasure, Hollywood Brian, Jugalinko and myself) all hit the road. Many budweisers and bowls were partaken of in the van. At some point Carl took over driving and almost killed us all with his wack ass driving, but we made it too a hotel (the same Motel 6 Carl, Jugalinko and I stayed at for the Wicked Clown from Outer Space show at the Key Club). We got into our rooms kinda late so we had to rush to throw on the make-up. We all (except Brian who just wore vampire teeth and Carl who put on some Shaggy flava without the white clown cream) applied the Twiztid make-up, tossed back some Jack D. and Coke and bailed to the Palace for the show. In the line, we met up with Clown E. Love and some juggalos and a juggalette ("socaljuggalette" ?-sorry if I got that wrong). Some dude was cruising up and down scoping the line and Softcore yelled at him "Hey it's Sir Mix A Lot... Chief Bootknocka!" Unbeknownst to loudmouth mike, this was MELLOW MAN ACE; who joined SX-10 on stage later in the night. Rehab was on the stage when we got there. They were alright, but nothing much to speak of...EXCEPT the two stripper/nurses on the stage with the full CT action and tittie exposure. Next up was SX-10 (Senn Dog's group). Honestly, I can't say I was that impressed and they could have been better if they had strippers too. Too Rude did an accoustic set after this. I wasn't impressed again and spent the time burning bowls and starring at this hot ass firme hina with little black wings...If it would have been socially acceptable I would have stroked myself off onto her right leg. After that Linkin Park came out and fucking rocked. That show made me an instant fan...Linkin Park is the bomb!!! Up next was Corporate Avenger...which was alright, but I didn't care for the Jesus is a homo song or the song about the Bible, Koran, and Bhagavad Gita...but hey, to each their own. That mutha fucking crack smoking pinhead is crazy though. He jumped at least 20 feet into the pit from atop a stack of speakers. Finally KMK performed and they met every expectation that I had. I can't believe that I've never tried to go to one of their shows before. They were flawless and delivered the music with abundant energy. Pakelika's little popping solo was the bomb. After the show we went back to our rooms and got some shitty pizza from Greco's pizza (DON'T, I REPEAT, DON'T EVER EAT THERE). The only names I remember of the juggalos I talked to were Violent Helm and the R.O.B....sorry to all of you I forgot. Phat props to Clown E. Love and Rekker and the 421 crew. Peace.
    Linkin Park was a band that opened for KMK the other night. I want yall check out the demo.
    Linkin Park Demo mp3
    E-Mail SKS and tell him what you think of Linkin Park.

    > 11/03/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
    what up juggalos, I couldnt thank thank psychopathic enough for listing us under fansites in b/b. Thats the shit, and I couldnt thank juggalinko enough for letting be apart of this site. and all the juggalos that hit this site up, your all the shit. everytime I update now I wanna post a pic of a juggalette. so all you juggalettes start sending me them pics so I can display you. and ya know you wanna be displayed, you want the ugly dead to be the one displaying. so send that shit. click here for lisa and check that shit.
    aight that fagget bitchboy feminem lost his fagget ass pink bitch diary with all of his lyrics for for his side project D-12 ( thats a dozen faggets rappin all at once, pretty mind boggling hay?) and if you know anything about it your supposed to call this number 1-888-311-4343 or email found@eminem.com and let them know. aigHt chECk tHis, If you have his pretty pink diary with the rainbows and shit on it (his notebook with all the lyrics) send that shit to psychopathic NOW!! i'm sure they'll make great use of it. and yES i know Fuckface said the same thing on realjuggalos. so if you even once talk about me ripping off realjuggalos for news I'll rip your face off. anyway to all of the juggalos in wisconsin who went to the mianstreem on 27th street in greenfield for a psychopathic cd release party. the person you wanna kill is the GENE the owner. he said he was gonna do it then backed out like a bitch at the last minute.
    B/B is the shit and freekshow is the shit. and I realize that some juggalos have been disapointed with the new albums wether its because theres more rock involved or its just completely different from anything theyve done. I dont think your "hearing" the album. you want hip hop and hear guitars and dont even bother to take it in and give it a chance. I think you need to open your mind and just let it in. B/B and freekshow are by far the most creative and original albums to ever come out of psychopathic. to have ever come out period. and too all of you that are lovin the new shit, nothin but clown love to ya. and again I wanna say thanx to psychopathic for listing this site in B/B and to jugalinko for letting my dead ugly ass on this site. watch as they change and mutate into a freeskhow, twiztid serial killin juggalos!! Oh and vote for us on the icptop50and I'm out like nicole simpson
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    D3dBdyM4n 11/03/00 Disclaimer: D3dBdyM4n is evil. Do not pay attention to him he will warp you fragile little minds. Questions, Gripes, Bitches, nakid pics of fly ass juggalettes, Genital wart Problems=D3dBdyM4n@milenko500.com anything else address me on the milenko500.com chat. Well Ninjas it's the D3dBdyM4n Back to bring you some fucking mother fucking horror hardcore funknutting freshness. Well it seems as if my last update didn't quite get all the way onto here cuz my fucking HTML eats more dick then Kween Juggalinballz in a hardcore gangbang. I was searching the web for some wicked shit the other day and I came across mtv.com cuz they always got to say some negative shit about ICP. Well guess what I found out. It seems that Slim Anus lost his little notebook full of Lyrics from D-12's upcoming stupid ass album. Well juggalos he put up some sorta thing saying if you found it you would get a reward and be able to hang around his punk ass. So juggalos find that shit take his money and punch his neck. Or you can return the lyrics to Psychopathic Records. I'm sure that J or Shaggy would love to meet his little weasly bitch ass. This is what the notebook looks like. It has Britanny Spears on it. Nuff Said on that. Other then that Check out Ht! tp://www.psychopathic-underground.com cuz like Shuana 2 Dope is a wicked webmaster and I wanna bang her box out Come on baby give a serial killer a chance, and Go to General Lee's Studio in Radcliff, Ky for your ICP tattoos. Until then I'm out like detroitjuggalos.com MCL ninjas. .
    11/02 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
  • First off! Its a big deal for me so check it. The Milenko500.com made Psychopathic Records History. Check the inside of your Bizar Bizaar Cd's and look for THIS PART HERE (click here to peep it). This is a True Honer and Mad Clown Love to who ever hooked me up. Thanx Nate, Jeff and AA!
    Damn what up. Juggalos The Kotton Mouth Kings were the shit. We got there at the show met up with Clown E. Love. My Crew was Wicked Carl, Dj,Brian, SoFtCoReMiKe, SKS, and me Jugalinko. There was about 4-5 opening bands like, Rehab, Corperate Avenger, Sen Dogs band (From Cypres hill) and Linkin Park who id recomend checking out HERE as there pretty dope. (i got the demo). Let me tell all you east coast juggalos who probobly haven't seen the Kotton Mouth Kings what its like. They Rap fast as hell and you can understand everword. Pakalika the Visual Assin at one point goes into a solo rage by himself on stage doing pro popping and break dancing for a few sets. Its amazing how that 7 foot skinny mummy lookin guy moves. He also smoked more weed than any one i have ever seen in such a short amount of time. He had bout 5 glass pipes on him and was constantly smoking weed the entire time. (bout n ounce) The back drop for the KMK show was actual Green Bud Plants. The dude from Corprate avenger jumped from like a 2 -3 story speeker to the cround and dived into a pit of kmk juggalos. That mo fuka was crazy. Looked like hell rasier on crack.
    Any juggalos who were there can protest to this. SoFtCoReMiKe fucked shit up in the pit. He looked like a mexican Billy Bill. SoFtCoReMiKe being 6'5 370 and helthy as fuck went as Moon Glorious. That in itself is the shit!! The milenko500 crew met mad juggalos and any of you all that I met up with Contact me and send me a report on the show. Also I met the Juggalo who Put out The Great Milenko on Hollywood records (disney) this is the guy who got it through the loops. Your views. Shouts to Clown E Love, and whoompty whoomp to the 421 crew.
    11.2.00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
    WHADDUP JUGGALOS!!!! I just got back from a therapy session (mainly me mad dogging my therapist and telling him to shut the fuck up when he asks personal questions; that and me threatening to kill his family and pet goldfish if he doesn't increase my dose of Zoloft and Paxil) and I'm ready to kick down a quick update. I just wanted to say that the KMK show was the fucking bomb, and I'll have my official version of the events that transpired soon. FIRST OFF i'd like to give phat props to every Juggalo at the Kottonmouth Kings show. We definately were a presence there. I also wanted to add, a disclaimer: if you came up to me and I seemed like I wasn't really into talking and was being quiet...that's sort of just how I am. THC and not being able to hear a word anyone said also contributed to any silence on my part. Everyone of you that came up and gave us props are the fucking shiznit and a half. I'll summon up the names in my offical KMK show report. Beyond that; BIZZAR BIZARE and FREEKSHOW are out in the stores if you've been unaware and/or ignorant...SO GO BUY THOSE ALBUMS IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. I don't care if you gotta sell crack to school children!!! GO OUT AND BUY THEM; AND TAKE SPECIAL NOTE TO THE MILENKO500 being mentioned under the list of online fansites. Peace, MCL and LAte.
    11/02/00 [Mail] [Photo] [Info]
    what up juggalos!! hallowicked was the shit!! aiGht First it started when Psychopathic Rydas came out and tore that shit up. Then Blaze and Anybody Killa came on and they went to work of course. Then Twiztid came out as batman (jamie) and Robin (monoxide) and for the next hour or so they kept switching off with ICP. doing songs together such as redneck hoe and hound dogs. and then Esham took the stage and fukin rocked it. then icp came back out and continued to switch off with twiztid. Icp was playing a lot of old school shit like shit off COC and Ridllebox. Plus they did the original version of chicken hunting from ringmaster. they did "aint nuthin but a bitch thang" and ya know that was the shit. The show was like 4 hours long and it was the best fukin psychopathic show ever. the Bitches at the venue took our fukin glow sticks cause ninjas were throwing them all over the place. juggalettes were showin there tits at call as usuall and it was all the shit and worth the trip. But now I'm tired as fuck so the ugly dead must sleep SO Much clown Love and stay down
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    D3dBdyM4n SPECIAL UPDATE>> .
    >> D3dBdyM4n 11/02/Year of the Wang Disclaimer: It's all D3dBdyM4n's Fault... Questions Comments= D3dBdyM4n@hotmail.com >> What up ninjas. This is D3dBdyM4n Speakin wif you juggalos head to head nugget to nugget. NEWS NEWS NEWS. Http://www.twiztid.com has a new mp3 for you ninjas off of Lil Shanks upcoming solo album called THE GAME AIN'T GOT NO LOVE. It's pretty fresh. TheBox has came up with the ratings. Twiztid is at #7 beating out Blink 182 but just a bit under Limp Noodle. Check that shit out when you get a chance ninjas and Vote for Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid. As well ICP has another video up on there. The Chicken Huntin Video is on there so you can vote for that as well ninjas Until then I'm out like Jenna Jamesons real breasts. 11/23 baby.
    D3dBdyM4n 11/01/00 w00 w00 October is finally over yayayah! >> Disclaimer: Anyone reading this is awesome. We love you at milenko500.com. Anyone offended by this material can hit the X button in the corner and not read this. Thank you D3dBdyM4n What up ninjas this is everyones favorite D3dGuy D3dBdyM4n coming back to hit you with a little newz. I've talked to alot of juggalos in person and on the net and they have told me that B/B and Freekshow were the best albums ever made. And the turnover rate on the cd was great too alot of places have actually sold out of the cd. I myself being the poor boy that I am haven't gotten it yet but give me a few days. I'm still checking the billboards to see if ICP and Twiztid have made #1 on sales. When I get the news I will update for you all again. Until then MCL I'm out like The iron Sheeks belly button.
    TwztdPrincess81@aol.com"Twiztid Princess Oct 31th
    Sup Juggalos! Just wanted to let you all know about a new site that's been created by a Juggalo from Connecticut.... This site has news updates, info and pics of ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, KMK, Halfbreed, F R EEZE, and other juggalos and juggalettes. So check out * InSAne*N*tWiZtiD * today.... And, Strawberrie's had their midnight sale last night... i went with like 10 other juggalos and that about all that showed up... it kinda sucked cuz they only had 3 copies of FreekShow available, but like a million copies of Bizzar and Bizaar.... Oh well, I got em all and they are Fresh. Eventhough all of FreekShow has been available on napster and on that InSAne N tWiZtiD site for like tha past week, i! t was still phat to buy em for myself... well thats all for now, ill get back with some more news lata... PeAcE JuGGalos!! ~MCL~ Hey, the issue of Murder Dog with Too $hort on the cover has some pics of ICP and Twiztid inside as well as an article on the Gathering Of The Juggalos. It also has some info about Blaze and Halfbreed. So be sure to pick it up! If u cant get it at a store near u, you can prolly order it through the link below. Also Murder Dog has a readers poll that you can vote on best artist and all that shit. So click here to vote and check it out:: Murder Dog Magazine
    >> D3dBdyM4n 10/31/Who cares it's Hallowicked baby >>Disclaimer: Anything said by D3dBdyM4n is that of his own so anything you've got to say about it you might as well keep your mouth shut if you have any questions or comments about anything I have to say please e-mail them to d3dbdym4n@milenko500.com. If you want to hear the wicked shit keep reading if not go read Rat or Headcases shit they are just as bad as me but still. What up ninjas This is everyones favorite deadguy again chillin in his apartment. Not much news because well there is none juggalos I hope you are having one wicked time at Hallowicked in the mideast and the west coast ninjas. For some news though I was checking out billboard.com for the latest info to find out how our ninjas at psychopathic records are doing but the day hasn't ended so we won't find out tomorrow so I'll keep u ninjas up on that. The news is out about the double cd it's not a double cd after all I figured it was but they are trying to get off of Island records so they sold 2 cd's seperate pretty ingenious. On the top 40 records of this week at #35 a juggalo by name Natas is up on there with his hit cd Mans Ruin. So that's pretty good. This juggalo is pretty tired even though it's like 10:20 in the morning and I just got up and stuff. But there's nothing stopping me from staying awake except my bed. Well ninjas be safe at both Hallowickeds. MCL I'm out ! like my emotions. 11/23 baby w00 w00 .
    Rat 10/31:
    AHHHH YIH, JUGGALOS! ITS MOTHER FUCKIN HALLOWEEN! Well, I just had to come and say bye cuz I be leavin for a while. For Hallowicked? no... for the KMK West Coast Halloween bash? no... I sort of need a little help so Im goin to live wit my brother for a while and see a psychyatrist or however you spell that shit. It aint so bad, though, I'll be gettin the help I need. Ya see, someone near to me has just passed on (yea, dead, stupid ass) and I just cant really cope with it and to top that shit off my girl is fuckin my dogg an he thinks its cuz I didnt treat her right... Nah, I treat her right and as a matter of fact, Im bout to go over and smack her make-up off cuz I care bout her so damn much... Oh well, I'll be back soon... hopefully! Remember ya'll, keepit in yo clique an fuck the outsiders... peace out cuz im outtie...
    Clown E Love 10/30
    Well well well...Devils night is upon us juggalos....to all you muthafackos going to tonights Hallowicked make sure you raise the fuckin roof off of Saint Andrews Hall!! The Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid are entering a whole fuckin new era of new wicked shit and we owe it to them to go out tomorrow and support them by buying tha new shit. Jes so you know Bizaar Bizzar is 2 SEPARATE cd's...and no its not cuz ICP needs more money..its basically so they can hurry up the process of getting the fuck off Island Records who fuck with them all the time. Aight now you West Coast Juggalos I hope to see a whole bunch of you sick ass ninjaz at the West Coast Hallowicked here in LA featuring none other than the Bong tokin Alcoholics ..the KottonMouth Kings. I will hopefully be updating tha hotline and maybe get some juggalos or juggalettes (preferably) on tha hotline. I will be meeting up with the M500 crew and who knows whut kind of shit will go down at the KMK show. Speculation is we're all gonna end up in jail for starting a few harmless riots....but thats only speculation. Aight muthafackos...im out like whut.....if any of you juggalos see RyRy at either one of the Hallowicked nights tell him Clown E said WHUT UP!?! I hope all you ninjaz have jes the bomb ass Halloween and lets all fuckin throw up a huge middle finger to tha world tomorrow when they check nutz and fuckin realize the power of the fuckin Juggalo Nation!! Oh yea one last thing....i wanna say whut up to 2cool who was a down ass ninja i met in tha m500 chat room.....aight im out like whut...BaBY Whut!?!?!?
    D3dBdyM4n 10/30/00 >> Disclaimer: Anyone Reading this is a bafoon. HAHA HAHA MERRY FUCKING HALLOWICKED BITCHES!! CLOWN LUV! What up ninjas this is the dead body man here to bring you the twiztid tour dates.Fri. Dec 1st, 2000 - Toledo, OH @ Main Event
    Sat. Dec. 2nd, 2000 - Cleveland,OH @ The Odeon
    Sun. Dec. 3rd, 2000 - Williamsville, NY @ Runway 4
    Tue. Dec. 5th, 2000 - Philidelphia, PA @ Trocadero
    Wed. Dec. 6th, 2000 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
    Thu. Dec. 7th, 2000 - Virginia Beach, VA @ The Abyss
    Fri. Dec. 8th, 2000 - Richmond, VA @ Mulligans
    Sat. Dec. 9th, 2000 - Salem, NC @ Ziggy's
    Wed. Dec. 13th, 2000 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
    Fri. Dec. 15th, 2000 - Knoxville, TN @ ?
    Sat. Dec. 16th, 2000 - Birmingham, AL @ 5 Points South
    Sun. Dec. 17th, 2000 - Memphis, TN @ New Daisy Theater
    All I have to say is GODDAMN IT WHY AREN'T THEY COMING TO KY! oh yah it was that shit with the police. anyways ninjas in other news. I would not fuck with softcoremike. He's fucking scary and looks like he might just be able to fold you into a pretzel and rub you across his ass. MCL Love to you OH SHIT HERE COMES SOFTCORE AND HE's got an AXE!!!! J/k Mike have fun at the kmk concert I won't be there cuz I'm in fucking in ky I'll be representing with some Aftershock and loud ass serial killer music. MCL I'm out like that faggots face softcore belted .
    10/30/00 Whats Up I got some more b/b-freekshow cd release partys. aiGHt the first one is at the mainstreem on 27th st. in greenfeild,wi and that starts @ 10:00P.M. monday niGht, and the next one is in noridge, ill. at Rolling Stones, the cds go on sale at 11:30pm.
    and some B/B news for ya. One of the cds will be packeged with a board game, and the other will be packeged with a 3D insert w/ psychopathic 3D glasses. and i'm leaving for detroit mondaynight, i can fuking wait. this has been the ugly drunk juggalo headcase and I'm signing off
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    10/29 [Mail] [Photo]
    Violen J on love line part 3 has just been uploaded. This is where J talkes about Fucking in the Ass and Shaving muffs. Click here to download or click here to streem. Clown E. Love updated the Psycho Juggalos Hotline. Check that out in Streeming real player or Download it in Real Player by Clicking HERE. He be workin the world click like "what!"?!!
    Dont got the BOX Music Network? Want to see Twiztids new video but cant?? Well now you can with Mpeg's. Download these in part 1 2 and 3 and see Twiztis's "WE Dont DIE!!"
    Freak Show Music Video
    "We Dont Die"
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • SoFtCoReMiKe 10 29 00 xxx adult action 4 Life
    Rare SoFtCoReMiKe Photo's
    Pic #1 (SoFtCoReMike)
    Pic #2 (Mike N Scott (power boy)SKS)
    WHAT UP NINJA"S!!?? hey last time I said i never met a black juggalo, well they bin writein me an i even got some pics from a black juggalette Check her out ( Black Juggalett 1 and Black Juggalett 2), she was sweet on AIM so i won't give her name out but once i saw her i blocked her like a dental damm, Ok well any juggalettes who wanna send me there pics i say hell yea, but if you look like this girl don't bother. Anyway my lil brother was over at my house last night an brought some lame ass lil kids he was sk8in with came over tryin to get me to buy for um ( BEER, you know what i mean) i buy for um, a 12 pack of budwieser for $20 , the goin rate for minors. they drink that in about 10 min an want to get fuck'd up, so i convinced um that if you eat a whole bunch of parsley, it fucks you up, bein retarded they belived me an hit up central market to buy some. about an hour later i got 4 half drunk fools throwin up parsly an beer in the lot behind my house an i'm laffin my ass of at these idiots. So now there all pissed at me for makin um sick so one of these fools thought he was casper from kids an tries to hit my with his board, the difference between him an casper was that caspers friends where down to brawl, and in the movie casper didn't get a size 13 to the nut sack an hit the ground cryin. ok so he slowly recovers an takes off at light speed, so his frineds an my bro cruz back inside an i felt kinda bad for messin um up, so i pack um a bowl of the worst mex i've ever seen, i think it was juss brick'd seeds ( i've bin savin it for marks like these) an when they where done, one of these marks asks if he could buy the rest off me, i told him it was alomst an OZ an would be $80 ( it only cost me 20 an was a 1/2 oz) an this ritche pulls out a stack of $20's big enuff to plug choko's asshole, he told me that he juss sold his go-ped but i knew his parents gave him all that money. ya'll know how much i h8 ritches, but because of this mark i have enuff $ to see the bizzare show in LA coming up. the moral of this story is learn from my example, if riches come your way take there money anyway you can, but have fun doin it. MCL
    D3dBdyM4n 10/29/I don't know what year it is. >> DISCLAIMER: Anything said or actions done by D3dBdyM4n are only those done by him. Noone on this joint or any other website is responsible for the crackrock being sold by or the mad shit said by D3dBdyM4n. Those of you who are insulted or get noxious by reading this please see that you don't. If you're going to press law suits or anything said by D3dBdyM4n you can go fly and fuck yourself. Wussup juggalos this is everyones favorite D3dBdyM4n. I cchecked on speculation on the billboards about the twiztid and ICP alredy being up there well they was wrong. It's not up there yet. Alot of internet juggalos are arguing that ICP is gonna be #1 or Twiztid is gonna be #1. Well let me tell you from my b/b experience and my freekshow experience it's gonna be a close ass race they'll both be #1 so forget it. This ninja is working on a chatroom for you ninjas it's called #m500loveline. It's on the same server that the realjuggalos chat and the milenko500.com chat is on. I'll be in all 3 rooms ninja. I remember a few months ago that J said that 90% of their music is a bunch of wicked shit and 10% has mad meaning. but let me tell you 90% of b/b is the dead up truth about life. It's all true basically if you can encode it into your heads. The cd is the shiznittle biz bam boom. When you get it juggalos you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll go out and stab people. So save up your allo! wance money or your welfare or whatever your income is and straight up buy that shit. If you have any questions gripes complaints e-mail me at D3dBdyM4n@hotmail.com or you can write me in the pin. MCL Luff you Delo. I love you too juggalos. -D3dBdyM4n Oh yah Kween Juggalinballz if you like eminem so much dye your fucking hair blonde and become a ho oh shit my bad too late. .
    DJ D.B.
    Hey juggalos--This is your halloween lovin ninja dj dogbeats86 here with some fresh news. Anyways, the bizarre bizzare tour is coming up here and a town EXTREMELY close to me is gonna have it (maybe, the dates still arent all confirmed). BUT!! I have some fresh news. Im working at a haunted house this weekend and they are gonna let me dress up as Jamie Madrox. FRESH!!!!!!Ill send jugalinko some pics to post. If anyone knows who exactly is speculated to be on the b/b tour, PLEASE E-mail me and let me know. One more thing..the gathering of the juggalos was featured in Spin magazine recently, so ill try to find that article. Thanks ninjas...
    10/27 [Mail] [Photo]
    Ok like I said I got the Love Line With Violent J recorded. But I said I wasent gona put it on Real Player. Well i lied. Ill be putting it up in sections. Starting with Part 2 of 4 because part 2 has the song "lets go all the way" in full version off bizar bizaar.

    Love Line With Violent J (part 2) STREEMING

    Love Line With Violent J (part 2) DOWNLOAD

    10/27/00 whats Up!! aiGht check This I made a mistake in my last update. That Ninja I was telling yall about, the one with the wicked raps. his name is Defekt Not Defektive. so look for him at hallowicked. Next off the Psychopathic farmclub episode with ICP and twiztid has been cancelled. You might notice the that the line up for icp's b/b tour keeps changing. hope fully there will be an offical line up set very soon. last Time I heard that "suicidal tendencies" are supposed to be on that shit. Which too me kicks ass. I just hope to see kmk and three six up on that shit. But who knows? anyway on halloween the BOX is haveing a special, if you order number 164 icp's "lets go all the way" you get twiztids new video for "we dont die" for free. Also Twiztids Freek show video has been number one on the box for the past two weeks so Keep that good shit up. Also all You juggalos have got to do your best to buy the new albums the day they come out on the 31st. cause if you do that your gonna put icp and twiztid way up on them billboard charts. call the iCP hotline check out J's message to M.T.V. if its still up @ 734-480-3910 and check out the latest psycho juggalos hotline and I'll be back soon
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    D3dBdyM4n 10/27/00 >> Wussup juggalos this is everyones favorite dead guy reverbing the milenko500.com. now as you have noticed J was on Love line last night and his shit was on point. I couldn't stop laughing. I'm a regular listener of Loveline as you may or may not know and I will have to say with an unbiast voice that that was the funniest I've ever heard. He was crackin on that bitch about how she got raped and then she started crying. One kid even was talking about masturbating and stuff and J busted him out too. It was some funny shit. If you didn't get to listen then you didnt' hear the radio edits of Tilt a Whirl and That other song he played I can't remember right now cuz I'm so tired. Right now as I speak I'm attempting to read my mail but it seems that hotsnail.com is down as usual damn hackers Anyways, If u got any particular gripes questions comments e-mail me at D3dBdyM4n@hotmail.com I'll answer anything you got to say about anything. Even some personal advice cuz well that! 's one thing I can do is give out advice. I can't give myself any but you guys I can come up with some wierd shit. So From now on I'm going to be doing the Milenko500.com loveline portion. So e-mail me with your problems and I'll get back to them. If they are good enough I'll even do a Milenko500 Loveline question over online so I can tell you your personal problems and if the juggalos are having the same troubles I'll hook u up with the same advice Until then I'm out like David Carruso's career. MCL NINJAS.
    TwztdPrincess81@aol.com"Twiztid Princess Oct 27th fri
    ok for all those CT juggalos that live in the New Haven Area or for anyone that lives near a Strawberries music store... they will having a midnight sale on Monday October 30th from 12-1am, thats right, no lines or anything, the doors will open and u can be the first ones to purchase Bizzar Bizaar and FreekShow. So check it out and be there!
    10/26 [Mail] [Photo]
    Last night I herd the funniest thing I have ever herd in probobly my whole life. Violent J on Love Line. Violent J took over. Saying things the whole time like. How's your nipples or stick it in the ass!!! J even had a caller call in and say "hi i have a 3 inch penis is that normal cause my girl says its small" J's like "She says its small!! Well stick it in her ASS!!" he then goes on to say "She wont be saying its small when its up her ass!!" There was 2 hrs of this Foul Shit. It was so fuckin awsome. Phat Props to Violent J for that, I think that was epic. I recorded the whole thing. And I belive that im one of the only people that did. So look for the MILENKO 500 J on love Line CD comeing soon. Id do it on real player but its 2 hrs long. Way to big of a file.
    "The Insane Clown Posse 2001 calendar has been cancelled. This has been talked about for months and was nothing but talk. but Chaos is realesing the new dolls next month so get your skrill together for those. Pick up the latest issue of WCW Magazine (Major Gunns cover), ICP is on page 13.
    Juggalos check out this new track called MR. Happy! Off bizar bizaar.
    Mr. Happy! mp3 download
    The latest and freshest new video from ICP, Tilt-A-Whirl is now in rotation on The Box video network! It is selection #199, so make sure you if you have the box you check it out!
    Remember the Sir Mix Alot, "Posse on Broadway"? Of course you do, bitch, you and your homies used to jam that shit every day back in 1989! Well, get ready to enjoy a new version... On the new CD, "Take a Bite Out of Rhyme", Insane Clown Posse create their own wicked take on the song! But instead of being about the Mix-Alot Posse in Seattle, it is about the Psychopathic Posse in Southwest Detroit. So all you Juggalos, Juggahoes, and Sir Mix-Alot fans better get out to your local record store and pick that CD up now! (official site cridit)
    10/25/00 whats Up NinjAs! AiGHt Check this......... I just wanna give a shout out to Defektive this rapper with the wicked shit will be at hallowicked on the 31st sellin his new Maxi single and ready to fuk shit up at the show. check out his site and download some of his songs cause there phat fukin phat!! If Your into the wicked shit like Bedlam then your gonna love this ninjas shit. you might have seen him tear it up on the open mic at the gathering.
    make shure you check out Insaneclownposse.com all this week for the new song from b/b "Mr. Happy"
    I need some help theres an instore at "desirable Discs" in the detroit area on the 31st. now since I'm gonna be intown that day anyway for hallowicked I wanna get to that shit. BUTTTTT theres one problem theres like three different "desirable Discs" so if anybody knows the location of the one its at PLEASE EMAIL Me asap.
    -HEaDCasE Da UglY FukiN DEaD
    D3dBdyM4n 10/25/Year of the Freekshow >> Wussup ninjas well this is everyones favorite D3dBdyM4n bringing you the news. Well I stayed up till like 6:00 in the morning to get freekshow from a few hookups but I got it. I'll have to say........IT'S MORE FRESH THEN MOSTASTELESS! GRAB THAT CD NINJAS. Vampiro is on the cd (not rapping just busting out shit) 3-6 Mafia, Blaze, ICP on several songs it's the shit. I again want to plug for my boy QUE GO GET YER TATZ FROM HIM. If any juggalo has any questions comments, basic gripes e-mail me at D3dBdyM4n@hotmail.com . I wanna say hello honey I miss you hope your jaw gets better:( Well juggalos stay up and outta as much trouble as you can before Hallowicked until then I'm out like Boy Georges career.
    D3dBdyM4n 10/I think it's the 24th/Year of the trials and tribulations of this juggalo. >> Wussup juggalos. I want to give mad shouts out to Big Vic and Trish at Sears for the job hook ups. Today in the news it seems as if Block Alternatives will be making the Kottonmouth Kings jerseys slated for sometime this year. So it is official. Today in the news St. Lucifers will not be produced so all you juggalos who were wondering about the movie with ICP being in it can put your hopes down it seems as if the mofos who were producing the movie couldn't come up with the Skrilla to pay for it. If you were at like East Coast WWF like sometime next month or so ICP will be slated to be there because they signed an agreement with the WWF. Not to wrestle but to perform. Kentucky Juggalos, Turn your radio stations to 100.5 the fox at 10:00 Wednesday to listen to Loveline because ICP will be on the show. Now to plug some stuff. Juggalos who want ICP tattoos. I've plugged it before and this time I'll plug it again. Que from General Lee's will be guest artistin' at Big Dad! dy's Studio in Radcliff, Ky. Hook the Ninja up he's fucking cool as hell and he needs some skrilla so go get your ICP tattoos from him he does really good work at a reasonable price. So dig out of your pocket books go get your tatz from the bald white tattooed guy. I want to appologize to you juggalos about not being able to update but again The Rick has been having mad problems again. I just can't wait till November 23rd when I get to see my baby again. Love ya hun. anyways. Juggalos I dont' want to hog all the news but tonight I'm going to get to get Freekshow mp3's so I can listen to the freshness until then I'm out like Sony Bono's freestyle Skiing carrer and remember NADER NADER NADER NADER NADER NADER NADER 2000!!!!!.
    SoFtCoReMiKe 10/24/00
    WHAT UP JUGGALO'S, SOFTCORE"S back up in this bitch, as you may have heard I've bin reacently incarcerated due to my brutal beating of some clown hatein fags, ok it's like this, me an juggalinko where the bar chillen an i've havein a one man drinkin contest an i'm winnin, when 2 fags walk in holding hands, i pay um no mind an get back to gettin tore back when they come up to the bar are read my jersey an say's " Juggalo? whoever made your shirt is illiterate, what the hell is a juggalo?" then he tap's his boyfriend on the sholder an they both start giggleing they got an ass full of ben-wa balls, so i tell um " SHUT THE FUCK UP AN DON"T TALK TO ME!" then his bitch ass say's " ooohh scary, this cat has claws." so me bein all loopy drunk i get up an yell " SUP BITCH YOU GOT SUMTHIN TO SAY!" so they start walkin out but i ain't lettin these haters go so i follow um out an get the pepper spray outta jugalinko's car spray the bitch in his face an get to swingin fists to his chin, he's out for the count while his boyfriend juss hop's in his truck an takes off bailin on his man. SO the cops show up an things don't look good for softcore, they wanna charge be with 1st degree assault an add a hate crime charge to it witch would gimmie around 2 years locked up, thank big baby jesus that jugalinko was friends with the bartender, he told the cops that they tried to hit me with a bottle first, so no charges where filed but i did have to spend a week locked up for a probation violation. So i'm in county pimpin my orange suit, when some lil black guy gets put in wit me, he's tryin to act all hardcore being loud yell " 237's back at home! ya'll dealing wit strokey doe now!" i was bored and wanted to fuck with him so yell "SHUT THE FUCK UP, GIMMIE UH CIGGARETTE BITCH" ( they don't let you smoke in county i know he ain't got any) an he frezzes like a deer in head lites an he starts sweatin an he's like " chill son i ain;t lookin for stress" an he starts backin away, when the hole cell started bustin up laffin, ( 5 of us) so i laff to, an i tell him " this is county not real jail, don't come in here all loud an shit." he starts relaxin but i knew he thought was gonna rape him. so i'm talkin to him cuz every one else in there is either an old drunk or some fake ass gansta, an i'm tellin him about this site an he say's "oh shit, you softcoremike? sup ninja i'ma juggalo." ( i never met a black juggalo b4) so this makes life not so boreing for awhile, so he goes into his shoe an pulls sumthin out, an say's " here ya go ninja, we ain't got nuthin else to do." an gives me 5 taps of acid he was hidein from the cops, so we split it up an i go fuckin crazy, it's like i'm DMX i juss start freestyleing an everyones freakin out, they think i'm gonna snap, it was all good for the first hour, 8 hours later i'm on one side of the cell an everyone else includeing my boy stroky doe, is on the otherside juss starein at me an not sayin nuthin, a word of advice, jail is no place to take acid. OK I"M OUT, LOOK FOR THE WHOLE MILENKO500 CREW AT THE KMK SHOW HOLLOWEEN NIGHT! MCL
    CLown E Love - 10/24 Whut is up mah serial killin muthafackos!?!? This is the deadboy lover back up in this bitch! Im so fuckin dead right now cause i was out late last night with some homies causing trouble at a local Denny's..but thats purely speculation...anywayz im up on here for a couple reasons....first...jes wanna remind all you west coast juggalos that imma be at the KottonMouth Kings show on Halloween in Hollyweird....so if your going to that shit make sure you say whut to me so i dont feel lonely since all mah homies (including Ry Ry 2 Slow) are leaving me here in LA to hold the fort so they could go to Hallowicked in Detroit but its all good im not bitter imma be stoked to fuckin meet madd juggalos from all around...shit im more lookin forward to meeting juggalos than the actual show! Anywayz email me and let me know if your going. And all you juggalos going to Hallowicked ..fuckin tear tha shit UP!!! Yea! Aight second I wanna talk about LOVELINE. Supposedly Violent J and Rudeboy will be on the radio version of Loveline tonight. So check your local radio stations around 10pm west coast time for that shit....they will discuss such topics as how to fuck a toxic waste barrel without pissing pink foam from your junk tha next day. Oh yea one more thing before i go back to lookin up porn on tha net....Ry Ry 2 Slow and the Bizzar Bizaar street team are currently in Sac Town...aka Sacramento....they've got the NEW Twiztid Samplers!! So all you Sac Town Juggalos be on the lookout for the decked out black Bizzar Bizaar vans!! Aight thats it for now mah ninjas...email the Psycho Juggalos at hotline@milenko500.com or give us a call (310)842-5005 and show some clown luv..yea.....Im out like Whut?? BaBy Whut!?!?
    10/22 [Mail] [Photo]
    Freak Show Sampler Mp3
    I did up the new banner for hallowicked them action. Like it!? Any ways Check out Clown E Love's Psycho Juggalo Hotline. Also Check out the Twiztid Page for a few changes. Very Few but looks cooler.
    The Lyrics to Let a Killer are here at the Monixide Child Page witch is updated too!
    Juggalo T shirts Red Black and White are still avalible Here. We will be having a few more shirts and NEW COC BLUE SHIRT style, Juggalo T shirt's Comming soon.