Alright, I know I gave you guys a flood of Horror Icon interviews this past halloween season, but for me the season never ends. With that said, I'd like to announce my newest interview with veteran actor SID HAIG. I'm sure you will remember SID from his latest standout role in ROB ZOMBIE's "HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES". His hollywood pressence goes far deeper than that though. For over 40 years now we've seen SID captivate the big screen with roles in such movies and shows as- "SPIDER BABY", "KILL BILL 2", "JACKIE BROWN", "DUKES OF HAZARD", "MISSION IMPOSSILE", "CHARLIES ANGELS", "BATMAN", "THE A- TEAM", "FANTASY ISLAND", and much more. And his acting resume isn't finalized yet. Infact, his ever popular role as Captain Spaulding(HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES) will have a new chapter added in 2005 when SPAULDING returns in the highly anticipated sequel titled "THE DEVIL'S REJECTS". The trailers for the film can be seen in theatres now, and is creating a much bigger buzz than anyone expected. Well, now that I've caught you up to date on some of the accomplishments that have given SID HAIG his acting longevity, lets get on with the interview. Enjoy- HODGE

HODGE- Welcome Sid!

HODGE- I believe the most recent film I watched you in was Quentin Tarantinoís Kill Bill Vol. 2. This isnít the first Tarantino film youíve been in. You also played the role of the Judge in his 1997 film Jackie Brown. Iím guessing he was a big fan of your previous work. Rumor has it that Quentin even offered you the role of Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction. Any truth to this rumor?

SID HAIG- Thatís not right. I was offered Marcellus Wallace. Things just didnít work out.

HODGE- Besides over 40 years worth of acting on the big screen, youíve maintained a demanding T.V. work schedule as well. Some of your most recognizable roles have been on such shows as- Charlieís Angels, Mission Impossible, Batman, Star Trek, Gunsmoke, Fantasy Island, The Dukes of Hazard, The A-Team, and too many more to mention. Do you have any new T.V. show appearances to look forward to in the near future?

SID HAIG- No, I donít, and Iím not real anxious to get back into television except to perhaps do a series.

HODGE- Alright, letís get to the topic thatís on the minds of many horror fans The Devilís Rejects (the House of 1000 Corpses sequel). Iíve spoken to Kane Hodder recently and he informed me that he did some stunt work on the film and that the movie is now finished. When can we expect to see the film hit theatres? You arenít expecting any delays like the first one had right?

SID HAIG- The film is slated to be released on August 12, 2005. No delays for the reasons that delayed House of 1000 Corpses. Lionís Gate is totally 100% behind this; theyíre sinking a lot of money into it. Theyíve told us that itís going to be their biggest release ever in the history of the company 2,500 3,000 screens. So, watch out! This will show in every theatre. Itíll be on your bathroom wall.

HODGE- Iíve heard a lot of speculation about a few familiar horror actors that will be appearing in the sequel. Can you fill us in on who we can expect to see in The Devilís Rejects?

SID HAIG- God, I hope I donít forget anybody Sheri Moon, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Ginger Lynn Allen, Danny Trejo, Bill Moseley, Michael Berryman, Ken Foree, Matt McGrory, EG Daily, P.J. Soles, Leslie Easterbrook, Rosario Dawson, Diamond Dallas Page, William Forsythe, Tyler Mane, Priscilla Barnes, Steve Railsback and Mary Woronov. Sorry if I missed anyone.

HODGE- The first Rob Zombie film had a very successful line of merchandise ranging from- Shirts, character masks, posters, action figures, stickers, etc. One piece of Merchandise Iíd love to see them make for the franchise is a video game. Kinda like they did with the Evil Dead video games. Has their ever been any talk of producing a video game based on the Rob Zombie movies?

SID HAIG- Yes there has, and a company actually started on the game. Rob didnít like the direction it was taking, and basically stopped the whole thing in mid-stream.

HODGE- Which of the two Rob Zombie films do you favor the most?

SID HAIG- Well Which on of your children do you favour the most?

HODGE- No children yet SID, LOL. But I see what you mean.

HODGE- The special introduction you did on the House of 1000 Corpses DVD was probably the most talked about DVD extra in the horror community that year. Can fans expect another hilarious Captain Spaulding warm welcome when Devilís Rejectís gets released on DVD?

SID HAIG- I doubt that very seriously. First of all because The Devilís Rejects isnít laced as liberally with humour as the first one was. There is humour in it, but it isnít a primary element in the picture. Secondly, because Rob doesnít like to do the same thing twice. So the DVD I donít know what to expect there. I never know what to expect. We all just get together and say, Letís do this! and we do it.

HODGE- Switching topics a bit, who are some of your closest friends in the movie industry?

SID HAIG- I donít want to answer that question

HODGE- Aside from being an accomplished actor, I hear youíre skilled at putting people to sleep and manipulating their brains, lol. Are you still a licensed Hypnotherapist?

SID HAIG- In the state of California, Hypnotherapists are certified not licensed, because we donít have a licensing board. Theyíre too damn cheap to spend the money. Yes, I still do hypnotize people, and I donít make them do anything that they normally wouldnít do anyway. As a matter of fact, I donít make them do anything. I help them to do what it is they want accomplished.

HODGE- Iíve also read that you were once a drummer for the late 50ís band The T-Birds, who released the hit single Fullhouse. What prompted you to switch professions from a musician to an actor?

SID HAIG- Because, at that point in time, the music business was full of crooks, robbers, thieves and nefarious people of ill repute. I basically didnít make any money. I was busting my ass and really wasnít seeing anything so I got out.

HODGE- While on the topic of music, you were recently a guest at the first ever Rock & Shock Horror and Music convention(featuring ICP, MISFITS, ETC). What did you think of the bands who performed that weekend?

SID HAIG- I thought they were great! Good energy, a lot of fun and the fans had a good time. It was something that makes me look forward to next year.

HODGE- Throughout your elaborate career as an actor, youíve appeared in numerous action movies. Did you ever sustain any injuries while on the set?

SID HAIG- Hell yes! Iíve sprained shit and broken stuff and gotten stabbed by a coconut and just about anything else that you can think of. Iím a wreck!

HODGE- I know that many people ask you what was your favorite horror film you worked on. They probably ask of your favorite horror film because some of your most popular work was in horror films like House of 1000 Corpses and Spider Baby. However, youíve landed roles in nearly every movie genre. Out of all the films youíve appeared in, which one are you the most fond of?

SID HAIG- I donít like to say Iím most fond of this or Iím most fond of that. Itís like having a best friend that means all of your other friends are crap. A film that I had a lot of fun on because it was a childhood dream of mine to be as a kid was The Swashbuckler with Robert Shaw and James Earl Jones.

HODGE- Well, that about does it for my questions man. I really appreciate this opportunity to interview you! Iíve been a fan of your work for many years now. I canít wait to see The Devilís Rejects and all of your future roles. Thanks again Sid!

SID HAIG- Cool. See you at the movies, man!